Woke & Stupid Sports, BLM grifting & Potus biding his time Under the Fedora

I was driving home after my Monday midnight shift when I heard on sports talk radio about some situation at a college football program that a coach was getting grief over. During the time I had it on nobody mentioned what said coach had done. Now I find out that it’s because he wore an OAN shirt on a fishing trip. The next night every sports program was talking woke shit and I had enough, I put on a classical station and plan on leaving it there.

I simply don’t care if sports comes back anymore.

You know I half think that all of this looting and rioting and burning is all about bringing down property values so that someone can swoop in and make a killing. I would not be surprised if a rather wealthy fellow or two picked up some prime city spaces across the nation cheap

I find it interesting that there are protests in Germany over this, it’s very revealing when you consider the history or lack thereof here, but that would only matter if this was an actual protest about the state of black lives rather than a leftist grift conning the gullible into financing them.

Speaking of that I do see why the whole BLM business is about funneling money to the Biden campaign. I mean seriously who would knowingly invest money in that venture otherwise.

I think the NFL is reading it’s fanbase wrong again and I suspect people the reactions in the stadiums to the kneeling, particularly among ticker holders is not going to be pretty. But then again NFL players who have a short window to make their six and seven figures didn’t really want to local endorsement deals anyways did they?

That’s why I’m also mad at MLB. They had a chance to be the only sport in play and to revive interest in the greatest game ever invented, instead you have millionaires arguing with billionaires on how to divide up more cash then most fans will ever see. Someone needs to tell them that it isn’t 1968 anymore and they should stop acting like they’re oppressed.

Finally one of the reasons why I think Potus will let the blue cities commit suicide for now rather than jumping in to save them is he wants to see if the people there will decide they had enough and vote accordingly in local elections come November.

If they don’t elect responsible people who will take care of these issues I suspect that’s when POTUS will do it for them for the sake of the few sane people still living in these enclaves.

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