Pats Pick up a Bargain Cam

On my way back from Pastime Pinball in Manchester VT today (more on that tomorrow) my son took a peek at his phone and suddenly anounced that the Patriots had signed Cam Newton to a one year deal:

Newton has been a shell of himself for most of the past two seasons. First a shoulder injury, followed by surgery. Then a foot injury, followed by surgery that sabotaged his 2019 season and led to new Panthers coach Matt Rhule releasing him in April.

It is an incentive-laden deal worth up to $7.5 million and Newton will have all the incentive in the world to prove he can return an elite level and secure a monster free-agent contract for 2021 and beyond.

Here is what Giants cornerback James Bradberry told me in April about his former Panthers quarterback: “He’ll have a bigger chip on his shoulder than anybody in the league, I feel like. Everyone’s against him. I know he wants to prove all the doubters wrong.”

Now Cam Newton isn’t Tom Brady and he’s not expected to be, but if he manages to be Cam Newton that just might be good enough to get them to the playoffs and maybe beyond.

I would have rather have seen Brady, but given the kneeling and the rest of it I don’t care all that much either way, but it is interesting to note that Belichick traded one QB who is known to have a chip on his shoulder to motivate himself for another who would also be thinking the same thing.