Under the Fedora: Courage, Courage, Courage

I’m old enough to remember when “conservatives” made it a point to tell people like me that fighting the culture wars didn’t matter.

How’s that working out for ya?

The lack of courage to make the fight is proving very costly in the end.

My lack of surprise that Justice Roberts Old Yellowstain ruled with liberals as the swing vote (reversing his own vote on a similar case when he was in the minority when Justice Kennedy was still on the court) on an abortion case was matched by my lack of surprise at his ruling with conservatives on supporting the right of the executive branch to fire appointees and a Blane Amendment case.

Roberts pattern is pretty simple. If a case is high profile for the left or his vote is the decisive one he will not risk being excluded from the left’s society. But if his vote does not matter or the case is not one that the media gives prominence old yellowstain is free to vote as he thinks.

There is nothing sadder than a judge without courage.

A UPI story (via Instapundit) notes that the latest spike in Corona/Wuhan/CCP virus among the young in Miami coincides with protesters that took place two weeks ago.

This corresponds to spikes in other cities where (coincidentally) large protests were not only encouraged but endorsed by medical professionals.

Now in my opinion even if the Doctors and other medical processionals had the courage to warn against the dangers of such moves the media/left wold likely have still pushed young heads full of mush to act.

But at least they would not have any guilt.

Things seem to be going slowly in Seattle with some people leaving, some staying and others arriving to try to keep the police from taking aback. John Sexton notes that there are competing goals and narratives in play while Ed Morrissey notes that it’s the opinion of some that it will take more force than the Seattle Police have to clear things out.

If course if there was more courage when facing violence in Seattle we would not have reached this point.

Finally there are traces of courage that are still public

This girl is likely going to face hell for standing for the flag, at least for a while but I also suspect that when all of this is done, she will be remembered while the rest of that team is forgotten

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