Over the Last 30 Days We’ve Learned….

A statue of Abe Lincoln with the emancipation proclamation and a freed slave is a racist symbol of white supremacy and must be removed, however naming an anti trump the “Lincoln Project” is not only fine but deserves to be supported and celebrated by all right thinking people.

A new spike in corona/wuhan/ccp virus cases that took place two week after mass gatherings encouraged by the press and by medical professionals have nothing to do with these mass gatherings…but gatherings at bars and restaurants at even 25 or 50% capacity are hazardous to the public health and must be reversed to contain the spread of the virus.

If you suggest that leaving 30,000 residents of the city of Seattle to be ruled by mob is bad, you are afraid of Democracy, particularly if you’re Donald Trump. If, however said mob protests in front of the house of the Mayor who chided the President for fear of Democracy, then said mob is to be dispersed using all the force that the Seattle police can muster.

The killing of George Floyd during an arrest in Minneapolis is a national story worth of national yea international protest and outrage. The killings of Byron Crawford and nine other blacks in Baltimore, Michael Osby and 8 other blacks in LA, Joseph Gist and 64 other blacks in Chicago during the month of June are all local stories and not worthy of protest or outrage of any type.

If you are a person who breaks windows, topples statues and sets fires you are expressing your 1st amendment right to protests against violence and injustice, but if you are a homeowner who when threatened by a mob that breaks through your game, arms himself to defend your family and property you are a dangerous proponent of white supremacy.

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