Trump at Mt. Rushmore Reality vs Spin

Katherine McClintock: What’s going on here?

George Washington McLintock: Now Katherine, are you going to believe what you see, or what I tell you?

McLintoch! 1963

I watched the President’s speech yesterday via an online live stream. It was an interesting speech because it was a speech that wasn’t so much about himself as it was about America.

He talked about our history, he talked about why Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt were great and contrasted that with those who have torn monuments down and have publicly torn America down. It was less a speech about himself as it was a speech about loving America vs hating America and explaining why America is great.

What was even more interesting than the speech was watching the left in real time spin it into something that it wasn’t. It was sheer audacity given that the ability to see the President speak and hear him in his own words was but a click away.

The President was bluntly stating truths, truths that people have seen and experienced. Moreover his willingness to call out the left for what is had been when schools, business’ and corporations have been cowering in fear is pivotal if people are going to have the courage to stand up to them.

I think this tweet (via Instapundit) says it all

I submit and suggest that no objective person who watched that speech can come to the conclusions that these four headlines state and this is why the left in general and the media in particular are terrified of large events with the President speaking and also hate when he tweets It’s much harder to spin the people when they’ve seen and heard what has been said themselves.

Now I presume that people reading this blog have seen the speech (if they search youtube the 1st results are spin) but if you haven’t watch it and judge for yourself

The gauntlet has been thrown down and the next three months aren’t going to be pretty.

Update: via Don Surber: Nailed it!

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