NOW is the Time to Overhaul our Schools

There is a lot of talk about if and when schools reopen but there is a factor that is not being considered.

We have reached the logical conclusion from the removal of prayer in school. Three generations later we have a highly medicated student body that intimidates their teachers, requires police to keep them in line and is taught that America is the source of all the evil in the world despite all the evidence being to the contrary.

And I haven’t even touched on professional teachers claiming that saying 2+2=4 is a sign of white supremacy and colonialism.

Why on earth would you want to send your children back to that kind of mess? I wouldn’t.

But as the schools are closed and their reopening is iffy, we have an opportunity. NOW is the time to examine the curriculum that exist and compel a change.

Toss Howard Zinn into the dustbin of history that his ahistorical history belongs in and bring back actual history, actual science, actual math, actual reading focusing on developing and informing. Teach the basics you actually need. Get rid of excess administration and keep the focus on education rather than indoctrination.

If that isn’t possible push a voucher system and remove public schooling all together. Allow a free market loose on primary and secondary education and watch schools fight to provide the quality to attract those voucher dollars. Watch black education rates and grades soar, watch the trades come back. Watch the need for school police drop and yes, if a market exists for liberal indoctrination for kids even that will be available for the few parents who want it.

There will likely not be a better chance in my lifetime to get this done. Let’s do it!

5 thoughts on “NOW is the Time to Overhaul our Schools

  1. Totally agree. My wife wrote on this subject recently.

    Here in our little town north of Boston they have a well thought out plan, but who knows what the governor will do. Our youngest will be a senior. Her high school ‘career’ has been hectic. Poor thing. We were among the 60 diplomats kicked out of Russia in 2018, so she had to finish her freshman year out of a suitcase in her aunt’s basement, with the rest of her peers 7 hours ahead in Moscow; and her teachers forgetting her. And this year, her junior year, she’s finished it online. More concerning for her is her swimming fitness; all pools have been closed since March and she’s competitive for Div III school swim teams.

    Currently, my wife is at her computer applauding something Betsy DeVos just said. Will check it out.

  2. It’s not possible to go back. We have at least two whole generations of teachers who have been brainwashed into stupidity. They can’t teach cursive, they can’t teach long division, they can’t teach geography or history, because they, themselves, know nothing about those things.

    And you can’t replace them with new teachers, because the teaching colleges are cesspits of lunacy and idiocracy themselves. Homeschooling is the only way out, but how many parents can do that? Is there a single Black ghetto mother who is literate herself?

    1. Your assessm,ent is astute. A small teacher’s college in Nebraska is proof enough of the education club’s rigidity. Even in the sixties “they” had their own building.

  3. “There will likely not be a better chance in my lifetime to get this done. Let’s do it!” Which is exactly why the rino’s will never ever do it .

  4. Talked my daughter into homeschooling. 4 children between 18 months and 8 years. Paying for the curricula. There’s just NO way she’s going to allow the BS that went into her head ( which I showed how wrong it was) go into her kids heads. May GOD have mercy on her, DCF is a nasty little bitch in MA. But? she’ll get through. Tough one, she is.

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