Will the Left’s Twitter Magruders face GOP’s McClellans (Consultants) or Grants (Fighters)?

In 1862 during the little tif in the nation known as the Civil War General George McClellan devised what was in fact a pretty good plan to take the Rebel capital at Richmond. 130,000+ soldiers were moved by the US navy to the James Peninsula to hit Richmond from the east rather than southward from Washington and began their march toward Yorktown.

The Confederates was at Yorktown was one tenth their size commanded by John Bankhead Magruder. With the primary Confederate force under Joseph Johnston out of position he knew that if McClellan pushed forward he could brush aside his tiny force and reach Richmond before help could arrive by land.

So as McClellan reached the outskirts of Yorktown Magruder a fan of theatrical performances, arranged for his men to be constantly spotted in as many different places on the defensive line as possible each day while setting up fake cannon and defenses to convince McClellan that instead of the tiny but loud force that before him , there stood a mighty host.

It worked. McClellan begged for more troops delaying his movements bringing up siege guns and 41 ten ton mortars that had to be moved into place by animal and manpower which took plenty of time allowing Johnston’s force which had been blocking the route from Washington DC to move south.

By the time McClellan was ready to begin the bombardment Magruder, took his show on the road and pulled out leaving McClellan an empty town. He had delayed him a full month while suffering fewer causalities against a 130,000 man army than the city of Chicago loses to murder over six months these days.

It’s 160 years later and the Democrats are playing the same game, this time using Twitter, Google and the MSM.

And that brings us to Google, Twitter and the Democrats in 2020.

The reality is that to win in Election 2020 the Democrats have to take state they lost in 2016. In order to do this they have to increase their potential vote while decreasing President Trump base, while at the same time keeping him from going on offense in states where he came close like Virginia, Minnesota and New Hampshire.

So what we’ve seen has been a giant Psi-ops operation. The left was already well established in Academia, Hollywood , the media and in big tech. So they’ve used these advantages to downplay President Trump’s success and either silence or divert arguments in his favor.

And with foreign governments like China with a vested interest in defeating Trump (and able to use their leverage with large tech and multinational corporations anxious for their market) on board they have done all they can to silence voices in support of the president both online and in person while using a campaign of intimidation & disinformation to make their own voices appear to be more widespread rather than concentrated in states like California and New York where they already hold majorities.

With Chinese dollars on the line and consultant jobs that are not going to former deep state players at stake there have been plenty of people who the media/democrat/left are elevating as “voices of the right” who argue for capitulation. Those who they can’t buy they attempt to spook.

These are the McClellans that they hope to face.

Unfortunately for the Democrat left coming the economy which was doing well before Corona is roaring back, the stock market is surging again and unemployment numbers are heading back in the right direction. Unless they can get those states that Trump won to shut down and the virus back on the march these trends will sink them (why do you think they’ve been so anxious to promote large gatherings of BLM supporters, you didn’t think they actually wanted the Corona virus numbers down did you?)

Most unfortunate of all for the left President Trump is not a McClellan, he’s a Grant and he fights. and there are a lot of people who are willing to fight on his side.

The question is this. Where you do stand are you a McClellan as the left’s Magruders hope or are you a Grant?

That will determine the election.

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