Mary will likely pray for them

Why does this story not surprise me?

A statue of the Virgin Mary was set ablaze outside a Boston church Saturday night, said police who are investigating the arson incident.

Officers at 10 p.m. responded to a call for a fire in the area of 284 Bowdoin St. in Dorchester.

On arrival at St.Peter’s Parish, officers saw that a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary had been set on fire.

I wasn’t aware of Mary leading any Confederate brigades during the civil war?

The Rev. John Currie, pastor at St. Peter’s Parish, said a prayer next to the Virgin Mary statue Sunday afternoon.

“This is obviously someone who’s disturbed, someone who has a troubled soul,” Currie said of the unknown suspect.

I agree, my money is on a member of Biden’s base particularly given what been going on lately although to be fair you never do know about these things.

I suspect this type of thing isn’t going to play well with Hispanic voters, particularly Mexicans who revere Our Lady of Guadalupe.

On the plus side for the vandals, Our Lady is almost certainly already praying for them. And for this one too

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