Point and Laughter the Best Medicine: NY Times, SF Art, Andrew Sullivan et/all, edition

Can someone explain to me why I should do anything other than point and laugh when:

A “moderate” at the NYT finds it necessary to resign because the folks at her Paper of Record that has demonized and othered conservatives, believing Christians and supporters of this President for years are targeting her?

Or an art gallery director in San Francisco who after 20 years in the most wok city in the country resigns after stating that art by white people is still acceptable to be displayed?

Or Andrew Sullivan who after decades of working to redefine marriage and then going deep into “Trig Trutherism” concerning Sarah Palin suddenly find that he no longer fits in New York Magazine?

Or a Tina Fey who after years of going after Sarah Palin as well suddenly finds that her own show had “crossed the line” and has to pull episodes with apologies

Or a Jimmy Kimmel who has spent going after Conservatives suddenly find himself on hiatus because the mob has decided his past is unforgivable?

Or even Glenn Kessler the Washington Post fact checker who is shocked SHOCKED that president Trump might use an executive order on immigration but had no trouble with Obama doing the same?

Five years ago Kurt Schlichter warned the left that they might not like the new rules and as Victor Davis Hanson notes some of the left are starting to think this they might be next for the chop has gone too far realizing they are not immune from the wrath that they so readilly supported against folks like me

So you’ll forgive me if rather than feeling sorry I simply point and laugh and these fools who are now enjoying the fruits of their labors and votes that were not considered a problem as long as the right people were targeted..

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