My (Likely not Unique) Coivd Quarantine Quandary

Mary Cooper: When your [Leonard’s] mom gets back, I’m gonna need to apologize for the way I spoke to her.

Penny: Well, come on, she did kinda start it.

Mary Cooper: Doesn’t matter. A good Christian would have turned the other cheek. On the other hand, a good Texan would have shot her, so I’ll just split the difference.

The Big Bang Theory The Maternal Combustion 2015

Last Monday after FINALLY my much delayed x-rays and face to face with my orthopedist I finally had a full clean bill of health to have the final restrictions on lifting on me lifted (and a letter to that effect) when I made a fatal mistake.

I finished my appointment at 1:45 and was scheduled to work at 3:30 about 15 min from my doctor’s office. I planned on getting a bite to eat before hitting work when I remembered that DaWife had a 2 PM because of what seemed like a Strep throat. I wasn’t all that worried as she gets these about every other year but decided that rather than go alone to eat I’d wait for her and as you were now allowed someone to go with you for appointments I’d join her and maybe just drive through a McD’s later.

Well she showed up and was delighted with my company. We waited until being called into the room and she saw the doctor (ironically the ex-wife of the gentleman I had just seen) who examined her and called for a COVID test and declared us both under quarantine until the results were in and gave us a letter to that effect.

I wasn’t all that concerned at the time. Because I had driven my wife to a drive through test in Lowell I had been tested for COVID with her once and presumed that we’d have the results in a day or two and I had four days of vacation/floating holiday time still left. My wife only had one but I figured it wouldn’t be all that long.

It is now a week later. While her Strep culture has come back negative the COVID results are still not in. DaWife has missed 2 days of pay and I one not counting today and if the test doesn’t come back before 1 pm for her or 2:30 for me the days will keep piling up until the results come in.

Even worse given the news of the reliability of tests lately I have little reason to trust whatever the results are, and of course if they come back positive, even if asymptomatic we’re stuck for another couple of weeks.

Unlike teachers we don’t have the luxury of the state paying us if we don’t work so things are likely to get thin around here and the extra COVID money the feds sent back in April went for bills a while ago.

Fortunately I did DaTaxes last month instead of in April so if the refunds come this week they should cover the days we’ve already missed but it’s going to get interesting around here real soon.

I don’t see an actual solution other than to wait things out and hope and pray for the best knowing that if this is the worst I have to deal with I’m pretty lucky but it occurs to me that I’m only one of millions who have had similar situations and headaches to deal with. I have a nephew in Minneapolis who was in the hotel industry and lost his job because of COVID and because of the lack of prospects at the moment is in no position to escape that city that has been given over to the mob. I could be in a lot worse shape.

All of this comes because of the actions of the Chinese Communist government and exasperated by the actions of American pols and companies who not only find the financial patronage of said Communist government too lucrative to object to their actions but publicly support positions and polices that aid and abet them.

While as a Christian I am required to forgive these enemies, and even pray for them as a Sicilian American I will not forget those who have done this not only to me and mine but to my countrymen.

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  1. I’m so sorry, I will add you and your wife (and nephew in Minnesota) to my rosary prayer intentions, that the COVID results are negative and correct

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