DaTechGuy Off DaRadio Livesream 3 PM EST Let’s Outdraw @joebiden edition or It’s 1860 & 1957 Again!

Today at 3 PM EST the DaTechGuy off DaRadio livestream no frills podcast returns with a specific goal in mind. Outdrawing Joe Biden!

Joe Biden held a livestream last week and despite being elected to congress in 1972 and continually being the public spotlight from congress to being elected Vice President in 2008 and now being nominated for President by the Democrats drew a whole 18 people to his livestream podcast.

Can a D list blogger who currently has a catholic radio show on a local station, had a political show for five years carried on a few stations with only one TV appearance and one national Oped under his belt outdraw a Democrat Presidential candidate? With your help we can.

Our topics today will be:

  1. The Democrat rhetoric returns to 1860 & 1857
  2. MLB, NHL, NBA, NFL go full woke
  3. Polls and trust

And maybe a line about the left channeling Groucho as well as Karl Marx

It all starts at 3 PM EST you can watch the livestream here. (last weeks show is a placeholder below, current show will appear below at about 2:55 PM EST )

Please tune in and lets see if the currently Democrat president who is supposedly leading all over the national pols can outdraw a guy at home on his couch.

Completely Anecdotal Restaurant Story

Yesterday DaWife had some good news so before I went to work (it was her day off) we celebrated by going to her favorite Chinese spot in the area that just reopened Singapore the oldest Chinese restaurant in Fitchburg (replacing Dan Chans that burned down years ago where we ate on our 1st date).

That choice became a little more iffy after being seated. The bar was closed but there were seats in that area and plenty of room in the main dining room despite distancing and booths closed. It was nice to see the regular greeter who sat us quickly, but that was the only thing quick as we waited and waited which was a problem as I had to be to work.

However as I watched I noticed two interesting things

  1. the boss was taking orders and busing tables
  2. There was only one waitress and rather than being Chinese as 95% of the staff over the last 20 years has been she a white American in her 30’s.

She was constantly on the run but after some time I managed to catch her She took our order and explained that she normally works one or two days a week (her regular job is as an x-ray tech) but they were in a bind as none of the regular staff wanted to work.

Well we got our order and as I ate I saw her rushing from table to table with orders, busing as she could while the boss did the same. I commented that as the only waitress I hoped she was doing well on tips but she mentioned people were a bit annoyed because of the time but with tables in three rooms and only DaBoss to help I think she did a fine job.

As I was leaving I wished her luck, she commented that another part timer was coming in for the evening so that might help a bit but I wasn’t sure how late she was staying so it might be that young lady’s turn to run like the wind all night. As I walked to the door I noted DaBoss talking to another table talking about the staff situation saying: “Nobody wants to work.”

While I don’t begrudge anyone beneifts that congress has voted on I have a funny feeling that next week when that extra federal $600 is gone a lot of the ladies who were working but didn’t want to come in this week will suddenly discover the joys of having a job.

Unexpectedly of course.