Boil the Chinese Seeds before you toss them

I was rather astonished, although I shouldn’t be, about this story:

Amateur gardeners beware: Officials in at least 27 states are warning the public about unsolicited seeds sent from China and appearing in mailboxes across the U.S., including in Texas.

The Texas Department of Agriculture says the seeds “could contain harmful invasive species or be otherwise unsafe” and urges Texans to not touch or plant the seeds.

And it’s not just in the US:

The New York Times reported that officials in Washington State, Virginia, Kentucky, Colorado, Delaware, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, Minnesota, Mississippi, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia, Florida, and Alabama have all put out warnings about the seeds. The Daily Mail also reported that “hundreds of British gardeners” have received seeds as well.

Some officials are also asking residents to avoid throwing the seeds away, lest they begin growing in landfills.

My advice is if you can’t get them to a lab to be analyzed I’d boil them before tossing them.

Closing thought: Presuming this is either an invasive species or something polluted to damage the soil or endanger lives, how is this not an act of war by China?

2 thoughts on “Boil the Chinese Seeds before you toss them

  1. I can’t believe that a botanist familiar with the flora of China, or at least familiar with the cultivated plants of China, can’t figure out WTF it is. Alternatively, someone should plant seeds in a pot of sterilized soil in a isolated facility like the USDA has and see what comes up. These aren’t Pod People seeds here, they’re probably seeds out of some large tropical fruit like a durian.

  2. Hey, the murder hornet panic didn’t really take off; the coin shortage panic is going nowhere, people are getting tired of covid panic. So there has to be something in the news to keep us all fearful.

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