China & an October Surprise

I’ve been thinking about the China seed story and something stuck me.

China has plenty of problem, a food crisis, an infection crisis, concentration camps and the three gorges dam on the brink all of these things cause internal problems.

Even worse their purchase of pols, reporters, businessmen, colleges, athletic teams and players internationally has been unable to stop their decline in influence externally thanks to the covid/wuhan/ccp virus which they generously gave to the world.

Communist dictatorships usually teeter over time. China as a communist state has now been around 71 years which is about as long as the Soviet state lasted (1917-1991 74 years) and now not only are they facing internal threats they are now facing the the single biggest external threat China’s Communist government has ever seen.

Donald Trump.

Not so much because Trump is working to overthrow them, hey he even concedes that China’s leaders have a right , even an obligation to put China 1st and doesn’t blame them when they do.

He’s a threat because he is a throwback to the days when American Presidents not only gave lip service to the evils of communism but declared them openly and took steps to counter them.

Furthermore not only has he been working diligently and quietly to dismantle their web of influence within the country from exposing connections to colleges to breaking up spy centers but he has the nasty habit of plainly speaking the truth about What China is and what they do. This has stiffened the spines of other countries and hurt China’s ability to influence the world.

That influence is going to be vital China is going to be able to deal with their internal issues without an implosion and if Donald Trump is reelected their ability to put up that international facade of stability & strength necessary for its survival might just disappear.

So what will China do when sometime in October that despite the ongoing attempt of the media to spin this election it becomes clear that Trump will be re-elected? How will they react when their worst nightmare comes true?

That is the $64,000,000 question ( adjusted for inflation) what will a desperate Communist China do? I don’t know, but I’ve decided they’re capable of anything.

That is why I will not be surprised if October of 2020 becomes one of the most dangerous months for America if not the world in this century.

Sarah Hoyt says we’re seeing the death rattle of the revolution not it’s birth and I suspect the final sentences of her piece will prove prophetic:

Stay aware Stay calm. Don’t get caught up in their play. This is their last push.

And if history is any guide, it will fail. The only question now is how high a butcher’s bill will we have to pay.

I suspect this October is when we will find out. (Hope I’m wrong).

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