Report from Louisiana: Checking in after Laura

By: Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT — Hurricane Laura came and went this past Thursday, leaving behind a wake of destruction throughout Louisiana.

The death count so far is fourteen, at least five of those from carbon monoxide poisoning from generator use. A fourteen year old girl in Leesville, Louisiana was killed when a tree fell on to her family’s home.

Lake Charles looks like a war zone; the pictures coming out of there are devastating. News reports indicate that it will be weeks before power is restored and in some parishes the entire power grid has to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Shreveport is in the far northwest corner of the state and Laura was still a Cat 1 hurricane when she reached us, which is very rare. The last major tropical storm we had through here was Rita in 2005, but it was not still a hurricane when it came through here.

We were without power in my neighborhood four days; in Shreveport we still have 18,000 without power as I write this just in Shreveport. Throughout the state is much more.

One thing I’ve realized is how spoiled and soft I am; my little tiny stint without power in the Louisiana heat and humidity is nothing compared to what other people are going through. If you want to destroy civilization, take away our air conditioning.

Donald Trump visited south Louisiana this weekend to survey damage; FEMA is on the ground and the Cajun Navy has been deployed to help. The resources to help are in place but it doesn’t make the current suffering much better when your home is destroyed and your possessions scattered across four parishes. A blue tarp doesn’t help you much.

That being said, Louisiana is strong and we have done this before. We will work together and rebuild, even stronger, and we will lift each other up and help each other get there.

I’m keeping this short today: I have some little minor problems to attend to today, like reinstalling a network driver on my laptop which has somehow disappeared, and cleaning out my refrigerator and the spoiled food that didn’t make it.

I’m counting my blessings, big time.

Five of My Thoughts Under the Fedora: Blood in Portland, Silence from Biden, Still no GOP Riots, or MLB NHL NBA of NFL Boycotts plus Pat back in School

Saturday a supporter of Donald Trump in Portland was murdered for the dastardly crime of showing said support in public. The antifa/blm crowds that have been rioting for 95 days have been publicly rejoicing..

Of course if this had been cracked down on from day 1 rather than let it go to day 96 this wouldn’t have happened but the Democrat / Media / Academic left wanted to get votes energized and thus let things reach this point likely because they didn’t believe the polls that gave Biden a huge lead.

Well it’s 96 days later and even with Trump voters being shy (I can’t imagine why) the polls are even with Potus ahead in states like Michigan.

Congratulations guys, you’ve succeeded in energizing voters beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m writing this at 12:07 PM EST on Sunday and as of this time there is nothing on the Joe Biden Twitter feed on the murder of a Trump / Blue Lives Matter supporter in Portland for daring to be part of a caravan of Trump supporters that rolled though the city.

If I had been the guy running the Biden campaign I’d have had such a tweet condemning the murder out six hours ago, but then again the guy who likely does the tweets for the campaign likely doesn’t have the authority to do that without sanction from above, even if he or she had the inclination.

I predict there will be no riots because of the murder or should I say execution of this man. You will not see Trump supporters setting up checkpoints demanding people condemn said murder/execution nor will you see any shops burn in cities around the country.

And you Certainly won’t see any boycotts of games or practices by MLB, NFL, NHL or NBA player over this murder.

Speaking of this the sports leagues and the Democrats will only have themselves to blame at the blacklashes at the ballotbox and the ticket window that will come.

To side with riots, violence and looting might get a lot of folks on twitter excited but I’ve never known it to be a winning hand for the anyone politically in our republic.

When the big red wave washes away the Democrats this year and the great conservative exodus from the ticket office and pay channels come for the sports league it will be doubly painful because they will have done this to themselves.

Oh and it will be interesting to see how sports figures react when they suddenly find that advertisers don’t want to touch them with a ten foot pole

While I was writing this piece I noticed this tweet from Joe Scarborough from MSNBC

This follows a tweet from the Senate Deputy Whip for the Democrats

At the rate the NeverTrump Democrat left is going in full reverse by the end of the week I expect to see Joe Biden in full riot gear leading a police charge against Antifa/BLM Rioters in Portland.

A week ago today Pat Austin wrote a first hand account of the 1st week back in school for a teacher.

I teach high school, and we had four days of inservice and training of the new programs that will support virtual learning, and then we had students for two days so far on an A/B hybrid schedule. We get half of our students on an A day and the other half on the B day, then they alternate Fridays.  This is my twenty-fifth year to teach high school, and it was the first year that I felt sad at the end of the day. There were no hugs, no high-fives, and no smiles that I could see because everyone was wearing a mask.

Many people were so anxious for schools to open so we could “get back to normal,” but let me tell you, this is in no way normal. When the bus drops kids off they go straight to a homeroom, or to the cafeteria to pick up a grab and go breakfast in a big Ziploc bag, then they go to homeroom. Everyone sits in homeroom until the first bell at 7:25. We are six feet apart, and there are no more than ten kids in any classroom at one time.

I think this is one of the most significant pieces ever on the site and Pat should get an awful lot of credit.

Last week’s riot toll is three dead

By John Ruberry

The mainstream media has been downplaying the rioting and looting that has been occurring this summer across many large American cities–all run by Democrats.

Three people were shot last week in what the mainstream media often calls “unrest,” but are in fact riots.

Powerline has rightly called the downplaying by the media of last week’s looting in Minneapolis “journalistic malpractice.” 

One state over in Wisconsin, during the rioting and looting in Kenosha last week, a 17-year-old from nearby Antioch, Illinois, Kyle Rittenhouse, was charged with murdering three people. The media is focusing on how the riots started–anger over police shooting Jacob Blake, a 29-year-old with a criminal record, seven times. Fair enough.

The media is also exploring Rittenshouse’s possible connection with a local militia

Wisconsin’s Democratic governor, Tony Evers, responded to the mayhem by sending a small force of National Guard trips, 125 of them, on Monday, which was doubled the next day. After Tuesday’s shootings Evers doubled the deployment again and he’s since accepted Guard assistance from other states and from the federal government. 

But what if Evers dispatched 500 National Guard troops to Kenosha as soon as the rioting started Sunday night? Perhaps that militia would have stayed home and Rittenhouse, who appears to be a troubled cop-wannabe that got his hands on an AR-15 rifle despite being a minor, would have remained home in Illinois. 

Details are still coming in on the shooting death of a man during Saturday’s round of rioting in Portland, Oregon. Last night a pro-Trump group confronted Black Lives Matter in downtown Portland. In what the local police are calling a homicide–a man wearing clothing with a Patriot Prayer logo was shot to death in the middle of a street. The Oregonian is calling Patriot Prayer a far-right group. Of course the mainstream media never calls Antifa far-left, but that’s a subject for another post, of course. 

The rioting, mercifully no longer called “mostly peaceful” by the media, has been a nightly event for three months in Oregon’s largest city. Portland’s ineffective mayor, Ted Wheeler, is deaf to the concern of law-abiding citizens of the Rose City. 

It’s a new week. Hopefully last week’s riot deaths will be the last ones. And perhaps these homicides will finally compel mayors like Wheeler to take back their cities in the names of the rank-and-file citizens they claim to represent. 

Never forget: The most important responsibility of any government is to protect its citizens. 

As for the mainstream media, I believe they are too far gone to save themselves. 

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

The Most Important Riots that Didn’t Happen: Update: The Shooting in Portland Won’t Cause on Either

Detective Gregory: Is there any other point to which you would wish to draw my attention?

Sherlock Holmes: To the curious incident of the dog in the night-time.

Detective Gregory: The dog did nothing in the night-time.

Sherlock Holmes: That was the curious incident.

Arthur Conan Doyle: The Adventure of Silverblaze 1896

David Webster : [at a passing column of German prisoners]  Hey, you! That’s right, you stupid Kraut bastards! That’s right! Say hello to Ford, and General fuckin’ Motors! You stupid fascist pigs! Look at you! You have horses! What were you thinking? Dragging our asses half way around the world, interrupting our lives… For what, you ignorant, servile scum! What the fuck are we doing here?

Band of Brothers 2001

Saturday morning I came across this story concerning a double murder in North Carolina:

As Laura’s stepdad pulled into her driveway, he was rear-ended by the guy on the right in the picture above, identified as Ty Sheem Walters, 23. It was reportedly a “minor fender bender.”

What happened next?

Walters pulled a gun and proceeded to shoot Nick Wall in the head and torso, killing him. He then decided to shoot Laura Anderson in the head, killing her. Both slain in the front yard of the young lady’s new, first home.

The killer also shot a third person, who survived and was stumbling around in shock when police arrived.

Ty Sheem Walters was caught and charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder.

This all happened on Monday in South Carolina, four days ago, in a race-obsessed country. Isn’t it odd that nobody heard about it?

Now this is not only an example of DaTechGuy’s 3rd Law of media outrage in action but I got to thinking about it and what this symbolizes is even deeper.

For the last several months we have been told that America in general and American Whites in particular are a bunch of racist and that this racism is “systemic” the media/ democrat / academic left have insisted this is the case, left has insisted this is the case, heck even the Tennesee Titans players insist this is the case to the point they made a public video to tell white America how just awful and oppressive they are.

The irony of this being done by people making six to eight figures annually not withstanding this leads to an obvious point.

If America in general and American Whites in particular are so racist, why aren’t we collectively blaming America’s blacks for the horrific murders of the 45 year old Mr. Wall and his 21 year old stepdaugher?

Why are white Americans not marching in the streets and burning down neighborhoods and as we are all apparently gun nuts as well as the media narrative suggests why aren’t we out spilling blood in revenge, not to mention putting pressure on business’ to fund efforts to punish the black community for this outrage?

For those who don’t know the answer it’s because that the base narrative of systematic racism is a bunch of bull and that any sane person holds a race responsible for a murder that is clearly the unplanned act of an individual. Only the farthest fringe of the fringe would think this and such voices are roundly condemned by all sides.

Yet this has exactly been the response to the death of George Floyd by the media / Democrat / academic left and for reasons unknown a lot of Black Americans have bought into this and because of this cities across the country have seen mayhem, looting, arson and even murder. All of this in response to what was in reality a local police story. In fact the more facts come out the less the narrative of the left on it holds up. Moreover black Americans who do not go along with this narrative are attacked for this by the woke legions .

So why are we at this point where so much damage to property, lives and livelihoods have taken place?

I submit and suggest that it’s because the media / Democrat academic / Left decided that the George Floyd case would be a useful election tool in election 2020 and that they further decided that the unrest it produced might energize the black community enough to return them and their allies in the deep state to control to once again give them access to the power, wealth and influence that the allocation of trillions of tax dollars annually affords them.

A lot of people and corporations have been manipulated for the sake of the power of these bastards and it’s cost people lives, business, their communities destroyed and shattered. They have spread fear and violence all in the name of beating Donald J Trump.

Of course the irony is that this is turning on them to the point where not only will Donald Trump be re-elected but the conditions are set for a 2nd Big Red Wave a la 2010 to take place at the state level, ironically right before redistricting.

That is what I find so disgusting about all it this. All this destruction, all of those lives ruined it was all a waste. It’s telling that you didn’t see the democrat / media / academic left start to come out against all of this horrible violence until they realized that it was backfiring.

Americans understand that while their neighborhoods escaped this violence, they could have easily not been so lucky. They like me understand that all they worked for decades could have been gone in a flash.

How do I feel about it, I feel like this:

I’ll forgive them, I’ll even pray for them. These are non optional doctrines that Christ and the Catholic Church requires of me.

But I can guarantee you this. While I will forgive it will be a very long time before I & a lot of other Americans forget and I promise you I’ll remember every single election day till I die/

Update: Before this was posted but after it was written a Trump Suppoter in Portland was murdered by an Antifa guy during a caravan of Trump supporters driving through. I predict there will not be a riot over it, furthermore I predict that no NBA, NFL, NHL or MLB team will feel the need to cancel games over this political murder.

the real question is, will the DA who has been refusing to prosecute the rioters right along let this one go too?

Tariffs on Cruise Lines?

The Pride of America, the only US flagged cruise ship, in Hawaii. Image from Wikipedia.

Cruise ships haven’t had good news in 2020. Many of the first COVID patients in the US, including the people in my area, caught the disease while onboard a cruise vessel. Then cruise lines wanted federal money under the CARES act, even though they aren’t incorporated in the United States, and thus don’t pay US taxes. Combined with the difficulty in cleaning a ship while underway, and cruise lines are facing a difficult return to normal. If stock price is any indication, Carnival Cruise line plummeted from 50 dollars a share in January to almost 8 dollars in April, and is currently sitting around 17 dollars.

Cruise lines have found unique ways to evade US laws and taxes. All but one cruise ship is flagged outside the United States. The flag of the cruise ship allows it to sail in international waters, and dictates what sort of domestic laws apply while onboard. Most cruise ships are flagged in Liberia, Bahamas or Panama. Each of these nations have weak labor laws with limited ability to enforce them. Cruise lines don’t have a minimum wage and get away with significantly lower safety standards. Worse still, if a crime is committed onboard, its notoriously hard to prosecute. A study from the University of Florida found that:

The Cruise Line International Association claims that cruise ships are inherently secure because ships offer a controlled environment with limited access. “However, there has been some startling statistics between 2003 and 2005: 24 people were reported missing and 178 people reported a claim against sexual assault. Additionally, the FBI has opened investigations on 305 cruise-based crimes, from 2000-2005” (Porter, 2006, p.597). The CLIA compares these statistics to U.S. crime rates and harps on being the safest form of transportation and inherently secure. They fail however, to examine the context to which these statistics apply.

Given that Americans make up nearly 75% of cruise line passengers, it seems unfair to have Americans financing a system that is exploiting workers and dodging taxes. The tax dodging makes it easy to undercut any US company trying to start a competitive cruise line. Given the negative attention on cruise lines, its probably time for President Trump to threaten tariffs on the cruise industry.

Cruise ships pay a docking fee and port tariff, based on tonnage, when they dock in a US port. An easy way to encourage better behavior is to raise the port tariffs on non-US flagged vessels, as well as providing a discounted tariff to cruise lines that voluntarily follow US employment and criminal laws. You could have a high tariff, with a discount if the ship pays minimum wages, and a further discount if they follow proper US criminal proceedings. The result is a carrot and stick approach, either getting more money from the industry or enforcing better behavior on the part of the cruise line. Given that cruise lines are struggling, now is the time to negotiate a better deal.

Cruise lines have benefited from America for years under flags of convenience. Perhaps its time they follow the same rules the rest of the United States does.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency.

Five One Liners Under Other Bloggers Fedoras: The Other McCain, Granite Grok, Daily Pundit, Right Wing Granny & Jihad Watch

Anyone watching that video could see Rosenbaum was looking for an opportunity to get in a fight with someone, and of course, a bully would naturally seek the weakest possible opponent.

Via Robert Stacy McCain

Of course as Mr. Rosenbaum learned the hard way street smarts don’t matter if the weakest link exercises his 2nd amendment right by being armed with an AR-15 and the knowledge of how to use it.

 Indeed, I have heard that Sununu … after a very perfunctory greeting of the President at tonight’s rally … got out of there as fast as he could.

Via Ed Mosca at Granite Grok

Until I read this piece I was wondering why the President called for the Governor at his rally and he had apparently gone missing.

But if you do your part, the Trumpslide will be historic, and you can start watching the Enemy Media weeping and wailing starting at seven or eight pm eastern, rather than having to wait till later in the evening.

Via Daily Pundit

From Bill Quick’s lips/blog to God’s ears.

I wonder if Las Vegas is taking bets on whether or not Joe Biden will debate President Trump.

Via Right Wing Granny

I’m more interested if they’re taking bets on if he’ll still be the Democrat candidate for President by the time election day rolls around.

Cue the chorus of non-Muslim authorities and “experts” to tell Dzenan Camovic “No, your religion did not make you do it.”

Via Jihad Watch

Isn’t it funny how, according to authorities and experts, Muslims don’t know their own religion?

100 Word Catholic Fan Fiction: Reunited twice

“Justin, the cot’s yours” said Pat, “Stay as long as you want.”

“Many thanks friend Stripsey” For I’ve been sorely troubled.”

Pat & the others left. Yolanda trailing the rest caught the The Shining Knight eye as he sat sword in hand. “Tis good to be among friends…” he began then abruptly stopped “The door!” he cried pointing at the wall.

Wildcat gasped. “You see the door?” she exclaimed!

“See it, I’d know it anywhere” said Justin. He rose & boldly strode though.

As it closed behind him she heard a familiar voice “Welcome Sir Knight, you’ve come to confess?”

Previously: Mercy on Request, Next: Eyes but do not see.

High Road to China

Foreign policy hasn’t attracted much notice this campaign season, which is a shame, considering how interesting international relations have become. Aside from Trump’s truly historic agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, and a potential normalization in Israel and Sudanese relations, developments in south and east Asia promise to convulse international relations for years to come.

China alone has rocked the world with its actions this year. Even worse than its initial blundering in the release of the Wuhan virus, those with eyes note how China shut down domestic flights while allowing international flights, fully aware they were spreading the virus. China’s tyrant Xi purposely spread the virus around the world, in an unparalleled act of what can only be called biological warfare.

Not content with devastating the world economy and the lives of millions, in May China revoked Hong Kong’s civil rights (which, truth be known, Hong Kongers only enjoy due to the residue of British colonialism).

And then in June China provoked a border skirmish with India in the Himalayas.

Meanwhile, and not coincidentally, India and the United States under the Trump administration have never been closer. Just this week an Indian media outlet reported that the U.S. and India were close to signing an agreement to share geospatial intelligence, an unprecedented deepening of defense cooperation between the two nations.

And to demonstrate resolve, in June the U.S. sent a destroyer, the U.S.S. Russell, through the Taiwan Strait. And just this week released a photo of a U.S Air Force KC1-35 tanker refueling a Taiwanese (U.S.-bought) F-16 fighter plane.

In other words, U.S. diplomacy is in overdrive countering the many threats and outright aggression of the Chinese Communists.

It would be interesting to hear what Biden thinks of all these developments, if the media ever gets the chance to ask him anything, and, if they do get that chance, if they would actually dare ask him.

After Anderson Cooper let Biden read his answers to him during a live interview, it’s hard to believe the media would challenge Biden with anything that doesn’t already have a canned response at the ready.

DaTechGuy off DaRadio Livestream 49 Black Lives that Didn’t Matter to the NBA Edition 3 PM EST

Today on DaTechGuy off DaRadio we’re going to have a lot to talk about the topics so far

  1. the 49 Black Lives that didn’t matter to the NBA/NFL/NHL & MLB enough to boycott anything
  2. The Rittenhouse Method of not getting shot by police.
  3. Riots Outside the White House house grounds vs Ave Maria inside White House
  4. Pat Austin on the 1st week of Covid School in practice.

It will all be here at DaTechGuy off DaRadio, you can watch it here at 3 PM EST (the placeholder is last week’s show)

Hope to see you there.

fyi I’ll be a guest on Fault Lines radio in DC and KC this Thursday between 9 & 10 EST talking election, RNC and more

49 Black Lives that Didn’t Matter Enough to NBA Players to Consider a Boycott

I had a question for the NBA players and their supporters who were beating their chests today about their bravery due to their boycott of the season over what happened in Kenosha. Or I should say I HAD a question before they decided to suddenly reverse course and play.

Take a look at the names below:

  1. Markus Belton
  2. Calvin Boyd
  3. Crystal Benson
  4. Khallq Bennett
  5. Rashard Wright
  6. Latonio Stewart
  7. Donya Short
  8. Yohannes Carr
  9. Andie Wilson
  10. William Bellamy
  11. Antonio Tyson
  12. Thurman Gilliam
  13. Andrew Frazier
  14. Martin Coleman
  15. Ronald Boyd
  16. Antione Rose
  17. Devon Nelson
  18. Amos Tye
  19. Oyele Olpuitan
  20. Trevion McMorris
  21. Tamyreon Jordan
  22. Lakasia Gregory
  23. Travis Curry
  24. Charles McFee
  25. Jeremy Curry
  26. Michael Pittman
  27. Aaron William
  28. Montrell Lee
  29. Jee Jones
  30. Kourteny William
  31. Keith Richmond
  32. Tristan Mitchell
  33. James, Kelly
  34. Markive Mack
  35. Darren Sims
  36. Allen Britten
  37. Quincy Ferguson
  38. Briana Feguson
  39. Nautica Thompson
  40. Demarcus Wiggins
  41. Aaron Brown.
  42. Brandi Lorraine Parham
  43. Alan Charles Snipes
  44. Antonio Demetric Brown
  45. Austin Edward Belisle
  46. Derek Wilson
  47. Semaj Brunassio Miller
  48. Akeem Jamaal Coburn
  49. Dominic Ladon Gooden

These people share something in common:

  • All were murdered in the last 30 days
  • All were black
  • All were killed in Cities Democrats have controlled for decades, namely Chicago, Baltimore and LA
  • NONE of their murders generated national protests, riots or commentary in the national media and they certainly weren’t important enough to get the attention of NBA players

I’d like the LA Clippers and the LA Lakers players to take particular note of this last batch of names in bold because all of those black people were murdered in LA. Cripes Semaj Miller was only 14 years old!

I submit and suggest that the reason why none of these black lives mattered enough for a group of men who make between six and eight figure to bounce and throw a round ball up and down a court is that none of these black men, women or children were murdered in circumstances that involved police and thus could not be turned into a platform for virtue signaling or attacks on the United States as a racist country or as a political tool to advance a specific agenda.

This is of course in complete agreement with DaTechGuy’s 3rd Law of Media Outrage that states:

The MSM’s elevation and continued classification of any story as Nationally Newsworthy rather than only of local interest is in direct correlation to said story’s current ability to affirm any current Democrat/Liberal/Media meme/talking point, particularly on the subject of race or sexuality.

Now if any NBA player wishes to offer an alternative reason why none of these murders of black men, women and children over the last 30 days in three major cities were worthy of protest feel free to leave said explanation in comments. Since the NHL and other sports decided to give today a pass they can jump in too if they want.