100 Word Fan Fiction Challenge, Too months too late

“A million in Gold Monsieur Maverick” pleaded LeBron desperately. “Surely a mere two days refuge is a small thing to ask for such a reward?”

Even at this stage in life Maverick eyes came to attention at the figure offered by the collaborator, desperate to escape the wrath of his countrymen as the Allies approached Paris. A million was a million & a Maverick a Maverick.

He could not help but be tempted, that is if he didn’t already have LeBron’s gold having substituted the Nazi’s pet prefect’s fortune of stolen bullion for gold plated base metal months ago.

2 thoughts on “100 Word Fan Fiction Challenge, Too months too late

  1. Where’s the story?’ We don’t have an end to this. This starts with a question to Maverick. That he has LeBron’s gold is an answer to us A story requires an answer to LeBron.

    1. He declines, I presumed that was implied.

      if you found it interesting there are four or five other short 100 word Beau Maverick in Paris circa 1941-44 100 word tidbits bopping around on the site (or on my old one)

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