Someone Read these guys the Constitution

One of the disadvantages of a “liberal” education, that is a education by political liberals rather than what was once called a classical liberal education is that people forget some rather basic stuff.

A good example of this comes in this story concerning a “wargame” of election 2020 that Twitchy mentioned:

Let’s forget about the point of the Democrats not accepting the results of the election and look at a point that seems to have been missed by those brilliant Democrat wargamers.

In a dispute over electors the House and Senate votes BY STATE.

That means that while there are 38 more democrats than Republicans in California, that adds up to ONE vote for democrats, Just like Texas’ 9 seat republican majority is worth only one vote.

Pelosi’s Majority means NOTHING

What does that mean? It means that if the Democrats manage to not only maintain their current majority manage to get the exact same makup as they have now (highly unlikely) if there is a vote on disputed electorial votes OR if the house has to pick a president then the count is:

Republicans 26 Democrats 23 Tied 1 (Pennsylvania)

And remember that presumes the GOP picks up no seats in close states. If the GOP picks up one seat in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Colorado suddenly they have republican majorities.

And one seat in Minnesota, Iowa, Nevada, Maine or NH deadlocks those states, two flips them.

And remember the GOP has the majority of states ALREADY.

Now I don’t doubt that Democrats and the media in such a scenario would go all in on flipping a few members but I don’t doubt that GOP supporters would do so as well.

So who do you think gets the presidency if it goes to the house, big hint, it sure is hell isn’t Joe Biden.

4 thoughts on “Someone Read these guys the Constitution

  1. Whether or not a candidate concedes the election is irrelevant. Either the Electoral College or the House will decide. Concession speeches are mere courtesies and have no legal standing. Even if the winner conceded (say in confusion), he would still be the winner.

    1. even fairer point, particularly when you consider what percentage of the welfare budget of the US goes to California, although we’d want to keep one of them for access to the Pacific and if they seceded then parts of said states would likely secede from them

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