I Think that Jazz Shaw’s Has Nailed it on Seattle

In the final paragraph of this piece:

I’d wish the residents of Seattle good luck with this mess, but I’m fresh out of sympathy. They keep electing the same people to the City Council so they’re getting precisely what they asked for. You made your bed. Now you can sleep in it, assuming someone doesn’t set it on fire in the middle of the night.

Eventually I suppose the people of Seattle will get sick of being oppressed or terrorized, when they do the end result isn’t going to be pretty. In the words of Glenn Reynolds:

Is this a boon to the criminal class? Only in the short term.

The thing to remember is, ultimately, police aren’t there to protect the public from criminals, but to protect criminals from the public. Before the invention of modern police by Robert Peel in London in the early 19th Century, the public dealt with criminals mostly on its own, and usually harshly. Arrest by the police and trial before a court was a big improvement over mob justice.

And here is a question for our friends on the left, how anxious do you think the police that remain are going to be to arrest a citizen who blows one or more of these criminals away while protecting himself or his family?

I suspect not very.

3 thoughts on “I Think that Jazz Shaw’s Has Nailed it on Seattle

  1. Interviews with residents of Portland and Seattle reveal that many of them do not believe anything unusual is happening, certainly not riots.

  2. how anxious do you think the police that remain are going to be to arrest . . . I suspect not very.

    Man, are you naive. We’ve already seen that they are overjoyed to arrest the victims and opponents of the far left. Antifa’s white-hating racism is the racism of the establishment, they’re aligned with the government and media. In an anarcho-tyrannical state they will arrest those who obey the law, those who are easiest to arrest, especially if they are considered to be targets of the state already. In the pure tyranny to follow they’ll simply arrest all their opponents. No, the police will be thrilled to arrest such people.

    The bottom line that conservatives refuse to come to grips with is that this isn’t you versus antifa, it’s you versus the establishment and government, including the Republican/Conservative part of that establishment that at passively supports its cultural agenda., or at least has a depraved indifference to it.

  3. I respectfully disagree. Just as most police have been totally complicit in enforcing the illegal Covid diktats of the governors, I sadly suspect they will be complicit in going after people for defending themselves against the mob.

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