Woke, Woker, and Wokest

By Christopher Harper

Philadelphia has managed this past week to create a “woke trifecta” at a country club, a university, and a park.

Just up the street from where I live, two city institutions are battling over the use of a Native American emblem.

For more than 150 years, the Philadelphia Cricket Club and St. Martin’s in the Fields Episcopal Church have been neighbors. Only recently, the church’s rector, the Rev. Jarrett Kerbel, asked the club to retire a logo it uses that is similar to the one used by the Chicago Black Hawks hockey team. 

The use of the figure on the club sign that borders church property “represents the white supremacist legacy of our neighborhood.

“For a club founded for white Protestant elites during the height of the genocide against Native peoples to continue with this logo is to deny our horrific past,” Kerbel wrote Cricket Club president F. John White. “We ask you to retire the offensive logo and replace it with something more benign.”

So far, the club has not responded to the condemnation. 

It’s unclear to me if the church wants the neighborhood to change the names of many of the streets I can’t leave my house without driving or walking upon, including Huron, Pocono, Seminole, and others. I guess that’s a battle for another day!

As I prepare for this semester’s classes, I received an email from my employer, Temple University, where it announced a plan to make us “anti-racist.” Since Temple is known as Diversity U in many circles because of its diversity in students and faculty, I was a bit nonplussed when I received the email from the Office of Institutional Diversity, Equity, Advocacy, and Leadership, or IDEAL.

I was informed that the university is creating a required assessment to “actively evaluate” my role in creating a more diverse and inclusive Temple as well as look for opportunities to develop my skills and literacy related to diversity.

Moreover, it was strongly suggested that I read Ibram Kendi’s “How to be An Anti-Racist” with IDEAL-trained facilitators.

The author, a graduate of Temple’s doctoral program in African-American studies, said: “Racist ideas have defined our society since its beginning and can feel so natural and obvious as to be banal… To be an antiracist is a radical choice in the face of this history, requiring radical reorientation of our consciousness.”

I have no idea what that means and no desire or the time to unpack it.

Meanwhile, the City of Philadelphia wants to remove a 150-year-old marble statue of Christopher Columbus, a gift from Italy.

Fortunately, a sane judge has stopped the city’s actions until a court hearing on the matter.

The critics failed to realize that the statue sits in a park named for Guglielmo Marconi, a pioneer of radio. That would be the same Marconi who was a good friend of Benito Mussolini, the fascist dictator of Italy during World War II.

I guess fascism against Jews, Poles, and other “inferior” white races doesn’t get much traction in the woke culture.

CNN Polls, Obama statements, Millie Weaver meets Streisand , Manipulation, NBA Ratings, and liberal Suicide Under the Fedora

There is a big fuss about President Trump being only four points down on Biden in the latest CNN poll just before the Democrat convention.

Does it not occur to anyone that this is deliberate so that they can show a convention “bump” for Joe Biden at the end of the week?

After all, if we presume they are manipulating the polls why would they suddenly stop now?

Was slightly surprised to see Biden hit piece in Politico with a lot of stuff coming from Team Obama.

But the more I thought about it the less it was surprising. Biden is a losing candidate. This stuff coming out now is about Obama being able to say “well yeah I had to be pro-forma for Joe but I thought his nomination was a bad idea.”

This is about being able to make the case that when voters reject Biden they weren’t rejecting Obama’s 3rd term. I think that is the reason why Susan Rice wasn’t the VP pick. If she was on the ticket then it would be the Obama ticket.

I had never heard of Millie Weaver before Sunday Morning. When I heard about her arrest I followed a link and starting watching the shadowgate piece on youtube before I went to work.

When I got home it had been pulled for “hate speech” after over 1 million views. I did some searching and found it elsewhere and watched the rest before I hit the sack, still didn’t see any “hate speech” that Youtube cried.

This thing screams Streisand Effect and the idea that this arrest is over an old fight with her mom a few hours before her documentary was released is not credible.

If you want to see it the link to the video is here.

While I’m not watching any sports I have still been listening to sports radio stations when I am out. On Monday while running errands they were talking about the crashing ratings for the NBA.

It was hilarious to hear the excuses:

  • People got used to not watching
  • These games didn’t mean anything
  • It will change with the playoffs
  • etc etc etc…

The one thing that was never mentioned was going all in on BLM and social justice. That it was never brought up speaks volumes, apparently stating the obvious is completely VERBOTEN.

Finally the most amazing thing I’ve noticed lately is this entire COVID shutdown business, while designed to hurt Trump, has pretty much been liberal suicide.

Universities, Hollywood, public schools, Broadway, and big liberal cities are all falling apart while a good chunk of the rest of the country seems to be carrying on.

The number of liberal institutions that are crumbling under this is astounding. This deserves a longer post and I’ll likely write one later, but I’ll just note that if your goal was to destroy the infrastructure that supports Democrat memes and messages, I can’t see what you’d do differently