The Goodyear Disaster

When I came home from work last night I saw this post at Instapundit concerning goodyear tires.

A photo seen circulating on social media shows a slide that was presented during a diversity training showing what’s acceptable and what isn’t acceptable as part of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company’s zero-tolerance policy.

Under acceptable: Black Lives Matter (BLM), Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride.

Listed as unacceptable: Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter, MAGA Attire, Political Affiliated Slogans or Material.

The response from Goodyear was pablum but the response from President Trump was a lot more direct:

To say this is bad for the company is an understatement. This is not a niche product like some beer in Seattle that can just restrict it’s customer base., This is a product that are used across the political spectrum, and if you automatically exclude half of the voting population from your customer and offend police departments who buy tires in bulk base you are likely going to have trouble as a national brand.

Even worse now if they back away now you have the twitter mob (which while smaller is louder) on your ass.

If I was a stockholder I’d demand heads roll.

Exit question does this hurt Trump in Ohio where the tires are made or are the rank and file with him and want to get rid of the woke mob telling them what to think?

Update: That didn’t take long, they ran faster than Sir Robin but I have a question:

Translated: please Please PLEASE Mr. President take it back!

(The Final) All Time League Update National League Division C

Note: Because of Baseball’s embrace of BLM and the left combined with the kneeling for the flag I have not watched the sport nor done anything to promote the current game in any way whatsoever. This is why you have no longer seen these updates as I don’t want to promote the sport outside of this computer game

That being said I had run an update on every division except NL Div C at the time and thought it unfair that those teams in my league didn’t get a write-up and that’s not fair to the manager and players who had nothing to do with MLB’s decision so here is what will be the final writeup I do for the teams in the online Dynasty leagues I play in.

National League Division C

2016 Chicago Cubs 81-51 1st place

With 36 games to go the Cubs 13 1/2 game lead seems pretty insurmountable. The only question left seems to be if they can maintain their 1 game lead over the Division B leading 1985 Cardinals and their 2 game lead over the 1975 Big Red Machine of Cincinnati to hold home field advantage.

Heroes: This Cubs team is built on pitching, pitching and more pitching. Jake Arrieta leads the NL in ERA (2.10), Avg against (.174) WHIP 0.95 & is tied for 2nd in wins. Aroldis Chapman’s 30 saves blows away the competition. Meanwhile Pedro Strop 0.90 WHIP 1.30 ERA & Hector Rondon 1.62 ERA 0.87 WHIP have been unstoppable in the pen. Meanwhile Anthony Rizzo .295 avg 28 HR 90 RBI is providing the offense.

Zeroes: Mike Montgomery continues to be one of the few dark spots on the mound both starting and relieving with a 2-7 record an ERA of 5.25 and a 1.51 WHIP. Neither Javier Baez .233 5 HR 47 RBI’s nor Addison Russell .213 8 HR 32 RBI are scaring anyone at the plate.

Wild Cards: The most amazing stat concerning the Cubs is that with 97 HR allowed only the 1924 Washington Senators (93) of the AL have given up fewer HR then them. And while the Senators play in a huge park (440 down the left field line) the Cubs play in Wriggly. That would explain why their team ERA of 3.20 is a full .35 better than their nearest rival.

Coming attractions: The Cubs host the surging 2019 Washington Nationals and then the team that they are chasing the 1957 Milwaukee Braves and then finish their penultimate homestand vs the 2013 Arizona Diamondbacks and 2008 Phillies before hitting the road for the final time this season with a 5 city 15 game trip.

Injury Report: The team is fully fit and ready to go

1962 San Francisco Giants 65-70 2nd place 17 1/2 games back 2nd wild card 4 GB

During the 1st half of the season the Giants were in a two, sometimes 3 way race for the Division C lead. Now with 33 games left and the odds of a division win long they find themselves two game back for the wild card with three teams on their tail. Can they managed to get into that play in game?

Heroes: If the Giants fall Willie Mays who leads the league In Runs (119) HR (39) and is 2nd in doubles and slugging certainly isn’t to blame. Willie McCovery’s triple crown numbers .345 27 HR 94 RBI are nothing to sneeze at either. Starters Billy Pierce and Juan Marichal are tied for 6th (both 14-8) in wins & Stu Miller’s 21 saves are the 2nd best the NL has to offer.

Zeros: Jose Pagan’s .226 avg with 5 HR & 42 RBI in 129 games isn’t scaring anyone. Meanwhile Bobby Bolin 8.19 ERA .327 avg against Gaylord Perry 7.73 ERA .314 avg against and Mike McCormick 6.41 ERA .327 avg against have kept many an opponent in a game.

Wild Cards: San Francisco’s 11-23 record in one runs games is not only the worst of any team at or near .500 or better but their complete inability to stop left handers (19-30) is the worst in the NL.

Coming Attractions: The Giants finish a homestand with the the 1997 Marlins before taking a quick Jaunt to St. Louis for 3 against the 1985 Cardinals before heading back home for a series vs the 2005 Houston Astros followed by a quick trip to Arizona to try their luck vs the 2013 Diamondbacks.

Injury Report: Pitcher Bobby Bolin is doubtful for for the Marlins series too but given his performance this season that might be an advantage.

2008 Philadelphia Phillies 57-78 3rd 25.5 GB wild card 12 GB

Was it really only a couple of months ago that the 2008 Phillies were in a three why fight for 1st in Division C? Now they are a long shot for a wild card spot with little time to turn it around? Can it be done?

Heroes: Ryan Howard’s 38 HR is 4th in the league and only two behind leader Paul Goldschmidt. Chase Utley at 31 HR is also in the top 10 at 7. Meanwhile Jimmie Rollins is 5th in doubles (41) & 4th in triples (13)

Zeros: Pitching wins championships and with starters like Joe Blanton (5-9 5.66 ERA) Kyle Kendrick (2-14 8.57 ERA) and Adam Eaton (2-10 9.36 ERA) we won’t be seeing any championships from Philly soon.

Wild Cards: The Phillies (and Astros) are the vampires of the Major leagues losing 2 day games for every one they win. Oddly enough their best record is within their own division only 4 games below .500 in games against fellow C division teams.

Coming Attractions: The Pills get a crack at the 2nd wild card 1957 Milwaukee Braves at home before heading on a road trip to Chicago and Arizona to take on the 2016 Cubs and 2013 Diamondback respectively befor heaing back home for their final home stand.

Injury Report: The injury bug continues to Haunt Philly. Jamie Moyer will miss the next series vs the Braves Gregg Dobbs will miss the Braves and Cubs series and Scott Eyre will not be back until the the team faces San Francisco in the final weeks of the season.

2005 Houston Astros: 55-80 27 1/2 GB 14 GB on wild card

Houston will likely be the 1st team eliminated for a division in the majors this season needing only two more losses or Cubs wins to leave them with a nearly impossible wild card. This has been par for a team that fell into last place and never really came out of it.

Heroes: Roger Clemens is having a spectacular season. 2nd in ERA (2.54), wins (15), Innings Pitched (237) and WHIP (1.05) and is a serious contender for the NL Cy Young. At the plate Lance Berkman has been both a doubles (42 4th in league) and walks (100 2nd in league) machine which is why he sits 4th in OBP (.415). Morgan Ensberg has shown some pop with 28 Homers.

Zeros: With the exception of the afore mentioned Berkman and Ensberg and perhaps part timer Orlando Palmeiro (.368 in 136 ab) and Jason Lane (22 HR) practically the entire offence from Craig Biggio (.237 12 HR 37 RBI) to Adam Everett (.193 6 HR 29 RBI) could be on here. How bad is it? Roger Clemens in 84 ab is hitting .286. that’s higher than every regular except Bergman. On the mound Brandon Backe with a 2-14 record a 5.95 ERA in 22 starts hits the list hard and Brad Lidge blowing 2 saves for every three made (12 of 20) has a lot to do with the Team’s current state.

Wild cards: What really sad is that the invisible offence (only 477 runs in 135 games a full 47 runs behind the 2nd worst Angles) and bullpen woes (23 saves in 35 changes) have really spoiled some good starting pitching from Andy Petitte 3.79 ERA but 7-16 and Roy Oswalt 3.89 ERA but 10-12. 90 of Houston’s starts have come from pitchers with ERA’s below 4 but those starters only have 32 wins between them.

Coming Attractions: the 2013 Arizona Diamondback will get a chance to eliminate Houston at Houston but if they manage to hold on then the honor may fall on either the 1962 Giants in San Francisco or the 1975 Reds in Cincinnati.

Injury Report: If there is one thing that can’t be blamed for Houston’s record it’s injuries. Houston has only had one player on the DL all year and the team is at full strength going into the final run.

As this will be the last update for those wondering here is where the league stands with 27 games to go

Barring unmitigated disaster the 2010 Rangers (AL Div B) 1985 Cardinals (NL Div B) and 2016 Cubs (NL Div C) are locks to win their divisions. The 2009 Yankees (AL Div C) and 1975 Reds (NL Div A) are near locks but not quite there. Only the AL Division A is still competitive with the 1970 Orioles holding a 4 game lead over the 1993 Toronto Blue Jays)

The wild card races look like this:

  • AL Wild Card
  • 1993 Toronto 78-54 +9
  • 1954 Indians 69-63 —–
  • 2015 Royals 63-72 7 1/2 gb
  • 1968 Tigers 62-73 8 1/2 gb
  • 2005 White Sox 60-72 9 gb

Note: Each of those teams led their divisions at some time in the season.

  • NL Wild Card
  • 1955 Dodgers 74-61 + 5
  • 1957 Braves 69-66 ———-
  • 1986 Mets 66-69 3 gb
  • 1962 Giants 65-69 4 gb
  • 1997 Marlins 64-71 5 gb
  • 2019 Nationals 62-73 7 gb

Note: For most of the year the Nationals had the worst record in the league until beginning their surge to put them within striking distance albeit from long range.

100 Word Catholic Fan Fiction: The Answer

“Lord help me!” Yolanda prayed sobbing. “How I confess my sins if my priest won’t believe what I confess?”

“The answer is obvious Wildcat…” came a voice from behind. She turned to see a man in a black cape & hat, his face hidden in shadow at her bed’s foot “…you need a priest who will.”

“Who are you?” She gasped, “What are you doing here? How do you know who I am?”

“I am but a stranger, I go where I’m needed and few secrets are denied me” He replied offering his hand, “Come let’s answer your prayer.”

Background reference here:

Next an unexpected guest.