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The Biden campaign, planning for every contingency it seems, recently wargamed a situation where, in the event Trump won re-election, the entire West Coast would secede, and the public would wait to see what the military would do. Democratic insider John Podesta played the role of Biden in their scenario, and refused to concede, prompting the secession.

Secession is all the rage these days among the Left, which always seems to fester among the losing side in any election. (Which makes me wonder about all those polls showing Biden ahead.) Along these lines, just this past Thursday, NPR featured the author Richard Kreitner on its morning news shows, Morning Edition. Kreitner was pushing his new book, a history of American secessionism. Kreitner has previously written for the Nation and Slate and currently lives in Brooklyn, so I think it’s safe to call him a leftist.

Kreitner’s book purports to examine whether “it’s time to break up” the United States. Of course, Kreitner assured the listener, while he didn’t “want” states to secede, he also didn’t see why California should have the same number of senators as Wyoming. My way or the highway, essentially.

You hear this argument quite a bit among the Left, actually. The tyranny of the Senate. California has so many times the population as Wyoming, so why should they have the same number of senators? A cursory glance at some of Vox legal writer Ian Milhiser’s ravings will reveal similar sentiments.

Memo to the Left: California should have the same number of senators as Wyoming because California agreed to have the same numbers of senators as every other state when it applied to join the Union in 1850.

No surprise the Democrats put little weight in words. From Kamala Harris laughing off her earlier condemnations of Joe Biden’s sexual predations as merely the stuff of a “debate,” to Bill Clinton dancing around the definition of “is,” Democrats treat words as things to be twisted and manipulated, not to be backed up with conviction. Joe Matthews, a journalist for Zocalo Public Square, claimed on NPR that it was good that Kamala Harris had no conviction, because it allowed her to blow wherever “the wind blows.”

Words are supposed to mean something. To fewer and fewer Democrats, they don’t.

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  1. A semi-rural community thirty miles from the nearest medium-sized city limit is contained within a semi-circle. Fifty homes are located along the only through road with entrances/exits to a four-lane road at each end. As the nearby populations grew, the residents one day decided to form an association that would allow them to pool resources for necessities such as trash pickup, road and park maintenance, and security. A president would be elected to manage the association, and each household got a vote in the election. The households were a mix from widows and widowers living alone to families with 5-10 kids. This worked well for years until a group of homeowners in one area began having parking issues. They asked the president to convert a section of the community park in the middle of the community into extra parking spaces. Not coincidentally, those homeowners were in an area that had several of the largest families. The president, a widower who had gotten 27 of the 50 votes for office, refused. Those residents then demanded he comply since there are more people living in the 23 houses that didn’t vote for the president than in the 27 houses that did.

    This describes the Democrat party attempt to remove the Electoral College, and their disregard of the rights of the American who prefers not to live in a can like a sardine. The EC was created to give the same voting rights to each “household” or state. As opposed to “pure democracy” which is mob rule and best described as two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner.

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