Governor Baker has jumped the totalitarian shark

This past week Governor Charlie Baker, the esteemed Republican governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, ventured further along the road to totalitarianism than any other governor during the Coronavirus pandemic.  This article contains the gist of his latest and most outrageous proposal.

Gov. Charlie Baker says that the new flu vaccine requirement for Massachusetts students is aimed at trying to keep hospitalizations down this fall and winter as the coronavirus pandemic persists. The Department of Public Health announced Wednesday that all students in the state will be required to get the flu vaccine by Dec. 31.

The new mandate affects all children 6 months or older in Massachusetts child care, pre-school, kindergarten, K-12, and colleges and universities.

When Governor Baker made this proposal public I don’t believe he had any idea the outrage it would generate on social media.  The amount of outrage it did generate was spectacular, even among those who blindly accepted all of his other overbearing Coronavirus decrees.

With his flu vaccine mandate Governor Baker is intruding rather forcefully into two  sacred and intimate relationships.   Parents alone should determine if their children should be vaccinated.  Governor Baker is absolutely trampling on the parental rights of every single parent in the State of Massachusetts.  That fact is at the very heart of the outrage that swept across this state. 

Governor Baker is also sticking his nose into the sacred relationship between doctors and patients.   That has also led to a lot of outrage.  Government at no level has a right to intrude into that relationship just like it has no right to intrude into the child parent relationship.

With this one addition to his flu vaccine mandate Governor Baker did not descend into absolute totalitarianism:

Exemptions will be made for medical or religious reasons, the state said. Homeschooled students and college students who are completely off campus and only learning remotely are also exempted.

According to the article 81 percent of students got the flu vaccine last year.  With that high rate already why is the mandate even necessary?  I believe the mandate will actually lead to fewer students getting the flu shot.  Government forcing someone to do something is a great way to make sure a sizable percent of individuals do not do that something even though it is in their best interest.

For the second month in a row Massachusetts has the highest unemployment rate.  That is thanks to Governor Baker’s disastrous business lockdowns.  Business owners are losing enormous amounts of money because they cannot open their doors.  So many business will never open their doors again.  All of this is unnecessary, About 200 individuals a day are discovered to be infected with the Coronavirus.  That is only because about 10,000 a day are being tested.  Deaths and hospitalizations are way down.

Six Kenosha Thoughts now that the Shooting Back Has Begun

A long time ago I gave the left a warming:

The left assumes that as long as they don’t strike first at the right they can do what they wish.  It’s reached the point where the very suggestion that the right would fight back is almost quaint.

This forgets a basic fact about the traditional American Culture that the left have abandoned:  Americans take a long time to reach their breaking point but if you keep prodding them they eventually reach it. 

That’s all the folks in Kenosha they can stands, they can’t stands no more!

About a year ago I tweeted that I thought civil war was unlikely

Portland, Seattle, Washington, Minneapolis and Atlanta reinforced the misconceptions of those folks too stupid to care. Now that people are fighting back they might start.

For those of you worried if we are going to see a full blown Civil War, the answer is No.

But what Kenosha represents what we WILL see if this continues, which is a lot of small “range” wars like the Lincoln County Wars where there is no “formal” war but different groups of citizens shoot each other.

This is bad news for people who want to live the ordinary life that America offers but if the alternative is to let people riot loot and burn I don’t any other solution.

One of the other disadvantages of being on the left is having an education that doesn’t teach actual history but teaches a parody of it that conforms to the left’s worldview.

If leftists knew history they would know that the police are historically a fairly modern invention. For example Boston was founded in 1630. Boston’s police force the 1st in the nation was founded in 1838 over 300 years later and 62 years after the Declaration of Independence. Before then the people who kept law and order were ordinary armed citizens who were not burdened by a lot of rules on the use of force.

It looks very much like that system is about to make a comeback.

For the record I don’t find the shootings in Kenosha funny or good. It’s more like having to undergo a painful operation, you don’t want to have it and there are risks involved but the alternative is much more dangerous.

But I confess I do find the reactions of some on the left online simply hilarious:

I found this tweet even funnier:

and rephrased it thus:

Strange how unappealing a “world without police” is suddenly so unappealing to the left.

Oh and I used the image because the writer blocked me as soon after I replied. Nothing upsets the left more than being called out.

Finally I’ve been saying for a while that the goal of the left has been to produce a “Kent State” moment where they can put a body of a dead useful idiot on display as an attack on their enemies.

Now they have their bodies, but alas for them it wasn’t the national guard or federal troops who produced them.

The media spin on this is going to be very interesting.