49 Black Lives that Didn’t Matter Enough to NBA Players to Consider a Boycott

I had a question for the NBA players and their supporters who were beating their chests today about their bravery due to their boycott of the season over what happened in Kenosha. Or I should say I HAD a question before they decided to suddenly reverse course and play.

Take a look at the names below:

  1. Markus Belton
  2. Calvin Boyd
  3. Crystal Benson
  4. Khallq Bennett
  5. Rashard Wright
  6. Latonio Stewart
  7. Donya Short
  8. Yohannes Carr
  9. Andie Wilson
  10. William Bellamy
  11. Antonio Tyson
  12. Thurman Gilliam
  13. Andrew Frazier
  14. Martin Coleman
  15. Ronald Boyd
  16. Antione Rose
  17. Devon Nelson
  18. Amos Tye
  19. Oyele Olpuitan
  20. Trevion McMorris
  21. Tamyreon Jordan
  22. Lakasia Gregory
  23. Travis Curry
  24. Charles McFee
  25. Jeremy Curry
  26. Michael Pittman
  27. Aaron William
  28. Montrell Lee
  29. Jee Jones
  30. Kourteny William
  31. Keith Richmond
  32. Tristan Mitchell
  33. James, Kelly
  34. Markive Mack
  35. Darren Sims
  36. Allen Britten
  37. Quincy Ferguson
  38. Briana Feguson
  39. Nautica Thompson
  40. Demarcus Wiggins
  41. Aaron Brown.
  42. Brandi Lorraine Parham
  43. Alan Charles Snipes
  44. Antonio Demetric Brown
  45. Austin Edward Belisle
  46. Derek Wilson
  47. Semaj Brunassio Miller
  48. Akeem Jamaal Coburn
  49. Dominic Ladon Gooden

These people share something in common:

  • All were murdered in the last 30 days
  • All were black
  • All were killed in Cities Democrats have controlled for decades, namely Chicago, Baltimore and LA
  • NONE of their murders generated national protests, riots or commentary in the national media and they certainly weren’t important enough to get the attention of NBA players

I’d like the LA Clippers and the LA Lakers players to take particular note of this last batch of names in bold because all of those black people were murdered in LA. Cripes Semaj Miller was only 14 years old!

I submit and suggest that the reason why none of these black lives mattered enough for a group of men who make between six and eight figure to bounce and throw a round ball up and down a court is that none of these black men, women or children were murdered in circumstances that involved police and thus could not be turned into a platform for virtue signaling or attacks on the United States as a racist country or as a political tool to advance a specific agenda.

This is of course in complete agreement with DaTechGuy’s 3rd Law of Media Outrage that states:

The MSM’s elevation and continued classification of any story as Nationally Newsworthy rather than only of local interest is in direct correlation to said story’s current ability to affirm any current Democrat/Liberal/Media meme/talking point, particularly on the subject of race or sexuality.

Now if any NBA player wishes to offer an alternative reason why none of these murders of black men, women and children over the last 30 days in three major cities were worthy of protest feel free to leave said explanation in comments. Since the NHL and other sports decided to give today a pass they can jump in too if they want.

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