Five of My Thoughts Under the Fedora: Blood in Portland, Silence from Biden, Still no GOP Riots, or MLB NHL NBA of NFL Boycotts plus Pat back in School

Saturday a supporter of Donald Trump in Portland was murdered for the dastardly crime of showing said support in public. The antifa/blm crowds that have been rioting for 95 days have been publicly rejoicing..

Of course if this had been cracked down on from day 1 rather than let it go to day 96 this wouldn’t have happened but the Democrat / Media / Academic left wanted to get votes energized and thus let things reach this point likely because they didn’t believe the polls that gave Biden a huge lead.

Well it’s 96 days later and even with Trump voters being shy (I can’t imagine why) the polls are even with Potus ahead in states like Michigan.

Congratulations guys, you’ve succeeded in energizing voters beyond your wildest dreams.

I’m writing this at 12:07 PM EST on Sunday and as of this time there is nothing on the Joe Biden Twitter feed on the murder of a Trump / Blue Lives Matter supporter in Portland for daring to be part of a caravan of Trump supporters that rolled though the city.

If I had been the guy running the Biden campaign I’d have had such a tweet condemning the murder out six hours ago, but then again the guy who likely does the tweets for the campaign likely doesn’t have the authority to do that without sanction from above, even if he or she had the inclination.

I predict there will be no riots because of the murder or should I say execution of this man. You will not see Trump supporters setting up checkpoints demanding people condemn said murder/execution nor will you see any shops burn in cities around the country.

And you Certainly won’t see any boycotts of games or practices by MLB, NFL, NHL or NBA player over this murder.

Speaking of this the sports leagues and the Democrats will only have themselves to blame at the blacklashes at the ballotbox and the ticket window that will come.

To side with riots, violence and looting might get a lot of folks on twitter excited but I’ve never known it to be a winning hand for the anyone politically in our republic.

When the big red wave washes away the Democrats this year and the great conservative exodus from the ticket office and pay channels come for the sports league it will be doubly painful because they will have done this to themselves.

Oh and it will be interesting to see how sports figures react when they suddenly find that advertisers don’t want to touch them with a ten foot pole

While I was writing this piece I noticed this tweet from Joe Scarborough from MSNBC

This follows a tweet from the Senate Deputy Whip for the Democrats

At the rate the NeverTrump Democrat left is going in full reverse by the end of the week I expect to see Joe Biden in full riot gear leading a police charge against Antifa/BLM Rioters in Portland.

A week ago today Pat Austin wrote a first hand account of the 1st week back in school for a teacher.

I teach high school, and we had four days of inservice and training of the new programs that will support virtual learning, and then we had students for two days so far on an A/B hybrid schedule. We get half of our students on an A day and the other half on the B day, then they alternate Fridays.  This is my twenty-fifth year to teach high school, and it was the first year that I felt sad at the end of the day. There were no hugs, no high-fives, and no smiles that I could see because everyone was wearing a mask.

Many people were so anxious for schools to open so we could “get back to normal,” but let me tell you, this is in no way normal. When the bus drops kids off they go straight to a homeroom, or to the cafeteria to pick up a grab and go breakfast in a big Ziploc bag, then they go to homeroom. Everyone sits in homeroom until the first bell at 7:25. We are six feet apart, and there are no more than ten kids in any classroom at one time.

I think this is one of the most significant pieces ever on the site and Pat should get an awful lot of credit.

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