Trump’s Army of Davids vs Biden’s Army of Robespierres

That is election 2020 summed up neatly and if you want a simple comparison to illustrate it allow me to do so .

In Kenosha Kyle Rittenhouse, ironically after provideing first aid to some injured protesters was attacked by rioters who gave him a choice.

Allow himself to be killed or shoot.

If he did not shoot he would have been killed by the three people criminals who assaulted him. As Stacy McCain pointed out:

 What are the odds that a guy opens fire at a mass gathering and all three of the people he shoots turn out to have criminal records? Doesn’t this tell you something about who is engaging in these “mostly peaceful” protests?

If the left’s Robespierres didn’t attack him they would be alive today.

Now contrast that with what happened in Portland.

Michael Reinoehl, the shooter in Portland ( who btw was arrested earlier in the year but the portland DA who has been protecting Antifa dropped charges against him) had a choice.

He could have ignored Aaron Danielson who had been providing security to the caravan that had passed. There is no evidence to suggest that he was in any danger from Danielson. If he had simply ignored him, or walked away from him or allowed him to leave. He would be alive today.

He did not.

In both cases the Biden’s Army of Robespierres choose attempted murder. In Portland they succeeded. In Kenoshia they failed, fatally in two cases.

This is pretty bad, I suspect the more evident it becomes that Trump will win re-election, the more violent Biden’s Army of Robespierres will get.

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