Five One Liners Under Other People’s Fedora: According to Hoyt, Mark Steyn, Don Surber, American Thinker, The Other McCain.

In the future these reckless morons aim to build, NO ONE will want to come to NYC for the same reason no one swims from the US TO Cuba.

Via According to Hoyt

It will be interesting to see how the socialist NYC “tax the rich” plans works in NYC when there are no more rich to tax.

(Bonus that a great line, there’s a reason why Sarah is able to make a living strictly by writing and I’m not)

Aside from all the real-world examples we could recite, just consider this: If, God forbid, mobs broke into the White House tomorrow and massacred the duly-elected Donald Trump and his entire family live on television, half the country would begin wildly celebrating, and everyone knows it

Via Mark Steyn

I would not want to be a member of the MSM the day after this happens.

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem ticked the Arabs off so much that they have decided to make deals with Israel just to show that Drumpf!

via Don Surber

If any other President had done this the Nobel would have been automatic.

Like the dog that didn’t bark in the night, the pollsters who are remaining quiet are giving us a clue: their numbers are probably showing that, no matter how they ask their questions or weight their polls, Trump is surging and Biden submerging.

Via American Thinker

How bad must the polling be if even the fixed ones spell disaster for the left?

In other words, the policy of the prosecutor is pro-criminal, and this shooting in Portland was a direct consequence of the impunity with which Antifa mobs have been permitted to operate there.

Via The Other McCain

Free criminals and dead conservatives aren’t a bug to the Portland DA and the left, it’s a feature

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