Normalizing deviance on abortion and MAGA

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The first time I heard the term “normalized deviance” was at a Project Management group meeting when one of the members (an aviator) described how dangerous it was to fly with multiple equipment waivers. As he described it, once you got used to a piece of equipment not working, it eventually just became accepted, and that lowered the drive to get it fixed. He called that “normalized deviance, and he compared it to smoking marijuana. Twenty years ago, most people considered smoking marijuana illegal. Now? We’re likely to see it legalized in less than ten years throughout the country.

Normalizing deviance comes from constantly doing something that is supposed to be wrong or illegal, and by constant exposure, cause people to accept that behavior. Marijuana use is a great example. If you attended college in the last 20 years, you probably knew someone that smoked marijuana, and they probably were an OK person. Soon it was easy to question why marijuana was illegal. Dangerous substance? So is tobacco and alcohol, but we allow those. “Gateway drug?” Probably not, according to plenty of other studies. Combine that with health and even medical benefits, and soon it is OK to openly support marijuana use.

Normalizing deviance, although it sounds bad, isn’t necessarily wrong. It’s what broke down barriers to inter-racial marriage, or rampant anti-Catholic bias among new immigrants to America. Unfortunately, in the areas of abortion and open support to President Trump, its a troubling trend. In the case of abortion, its accepted that you can’t support women’s rights without also supporting abortion. This flies in the faces of the millions of women that are pro-life, yet its simply accepted in a large part of society.

The other normalized deviance is physical altercations on any Trump supporter. It’s accepted by too many people that if you put up a Trump sign in your yard, or wear a MAGA hat in public, you’re likely to get vandalized or attacked. That shouldn’t be the case. As a young boy during the 1996 Presidential election, I remember getting signs from all three Presidential candidates, mainly because I thought it was interesting. Rampant sign destruction didn’t happen, and when signs were damaged, people didn’t justify it. That’s not the case anymore.

If conservatives continue to allow this normalized deviance, it’ll be near impossible to openly speak about abortion or support conservative candidates. While plenty of people will simply stay quiet and vote conservatively anyway, it’ll be nearly impossible to raise enthusiastic support, especially among young people who are more inclined to be open about their beliefs and opinions.

It’s not enough to simply push back. Making movies like “Unplanned” and scoring legal victories like Nick Sandmann did are good starts, but that can’t be the end state. It not enough to be grudgingly tolerated in the background. The baseline has to be that you can be a woman and be pro-life, and that you can put a sign in your yard and reasonably expect it to stay up. Until that happens, we haven’t normalized enough conservative deviance.

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Five Thoughts Under Other People’s Fedoras: American Thinker on Reinoehl, Hotair on Biden, Neo on his Media Guard, Bastion of Liberty on Debates, 90 Miles from Tyranny on Voter Fraud (and my comments)

Reinoehl was so confident of his innocence that he didn’t care to stand trial or swear out his story to a judge and jury. 

Via American Thinker

It seems to me that the Democrat / Media / Antifa left figured out every day he was free on the run was harmful to their narrative, and did something about it.

When the party still had Dixiecrats, Biden hewed in that direction; when it needed to bolster its center, Biden became centrist; and now that the party has caved to its progressives, Biden ran as progressive’s progressive — in the primaries.

Via Hotair

The driving principle of Joe Biden’s political career has been the personal wealth and advancement of himself and his family, his positions are just the clothes he wears at any given time to be changed as needed.

The result is that the press looks even more ludicrous and craven and mendacious than before, and that’s quite a feat.

Via Neo

I’m really starting to think the media believes this is their last shot at keeping whatever power or influence they still have and have gone all in.

Yesterday I came across the first believable plan I’ve read: a couple of days before the first debate, Biden will be “accidentally” exposed to COVID and will, with deep regret, have to quarantine himself.

via Bastion of Liberty

Every time Joe ( “Vote for me because I’m the most electable” ) Biden opens his mouth in a debate with Trump will mean more votes the Democrats will have to create out of think air to win.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has charged 19 illegal aliens with engaging in acts of voter fraud in North Carolina, which is shaping up to be a battleground state again in the 2020 presidential election.

Via 90 Miles from Tyranny

Ironically the same people who (rightly) insist that corporations go all in to influence laws for the sake of their wealth and power, also somehow insist that even though power over Trillions of dollars in federal spending at stake, voter fraud is a myth.

Success or Failure?

The Trump administration announced another foreign policy victory on Friday: after U.S.-sponsored talks, Orthodox Christian Serbia and its breakaway Islamic province of Kosovo, who fought bitter and bloody war in the 1990s, complete with crimes against humanity and war crimes tribunals, agreed to normalize economic ties, and Serbia agreed to move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, while Kosovo and Israel both agreed to mutual recognition.

This comes on the heels of U.S.-led negotiations that saw the United Arab Emirates agreeing to recognize Israel last month,and provides another foreign policy boost for the Trump Administration as the U.S election draws near. The first direct flight from Israel to the UAE landed just last week, with the American delegation led by Trump’s advisor (and son-in-law) Jared Kushner and NSA head Robert C. O’Brien.

Biden, on the other hand, who has been the Senator from Delaware since 1972, has been a disaster in foreign policy from the jump. Just ask former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who wrote in his memoir that Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.

From opposing Vietnamese refugees settling in the U.S. in the 1970s, to supporting the Soviet Union-sponsored “nuclear freeze” in the 1980s, to opposing President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, to voting against Operation Desert Storm that liberated Kuwait from Saddam Hussein’s grasp in 1991, to supporting the Iraq invasion of 2003 but then opposing the Surge in 2007, to even opposing President Obama’s operation to kill Osama bin Laden, it is truly a remarkable run of bad and foolish decisions.

The Vietnamese refugee issue is particularly galling. After the fall of Saigon the influx of Vietnamese refugees, Biden argued the U.S. should ignore the plight of the desperate South Vietnamese who assisted the American war effort, even as the Communist North Vietnamese Army overran the south.

Many of those refugees would settle in Orange County, California, where your humble author would count some of these “boat people” as good friends growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, and, not coincidental to their treatment by Democrats, where the Vietnamese of “Little Saigon” would become a unique part of the Republican Orange Wall.

Forty-five years of failure against 3 ½ years of ever-growing victories. And the polls say this race is close?