Five Thoughts Under Other People’s Fedoras: American Thinker on Reinoehl, Hotair on Biden, Neo on his Media Guard, Bastion of Liberty on Debates, 90 Miles from Tyranny on Voter Fraud (and my comments)

Reinoehl was so confident of his innocence that he didn’t care to stand trial or swear out his story to a judge and jury. 

Via American Thinker

It seems to me that the Democrat / Media / Antifa left figured out every day he was free on the run was harmful to their narrative, and did something about it.

When the party still had Dixiecrats, Biden hewed in that direction; when it needed to bolster its center, Biden became centrist; and now that the party has caved to its progressives, Biden ran as progressive’s progressive — in the primaries.

Via Hotair

The driving principle of Joe Biden’s political career has been the personal wealth and advancement of himself and his family, his positions are just the clothes he wears at any given time to be changed as needed.

The result is that the press looks even more ludicrous and craven and mendacious than before, and that’s quite a feat.

Via Neo

I’m really starting to think the media believes this is their last shot at keeping whatever power or influence they still have and have gone all in.

Yesterday I came across the first believable plan I’ve read: a couple of days before the first debate, Biden will be “accidentally” exposed to COVID and will, with deep regret, have to quarantine himself.

via Bastion of Liberty

Every time Joe ( “Vote for me because I’m the most electable” ) Biden opens his mouth in a debate with Trump will mean more votes the Democrats will have to create out of think air to win.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement has charged 19 illegal aliens with engaging in acts of voter fraud in North Carolina, which is shaping up to be a battleground state again in the 2020 presidential election.

Via 90 Miles from Tyranny

Ironically the same people who (rightly) insist that corporations go all in to influence laws for the sake of their wealth and power, also somehow insist that even though power over Trillions of dollars in federal spending at stake, voter fraud is a myth.

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