Success or Failure?

The Trump administration announced another foreign policy victory on Friday: after U.S.-sponsored talks, Orthodox Christian Serbia and its breakaway Islamic province of Kosovo, who fought bitter and bloody war in the 1990s, complete with crimes against humanity and war crimes tribunals, agreed to normalize economic ties, and Serbia agreed to move its Israeli embassy to Jerusalem, while Kosovo and Israel both agreed to mutual recognition.

This comes on the heels of U.S.-led negotiations that saw the United Arab Emirates agreeing to recognize Israel last month,and provides another foreign policy boost for the Trump Administration as the U.S election draws near. The first direct flight from Israel to the UAE landed just last week, with the American delegation led by Trump’s advisor (and son-in-law) Jared Kushner and NSA head Robert C. O’Brien.

Biden, on the other hand, who has been the Senator from Delaware since 1972, has been a disaster in foreign policy from the jump. Just ask former Defense Secretary Robert Gates, who wrote in his memoir that Biden “has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades.

From opposing Vietnamese refugees settling in the U.S. in the 1970s, to supporting the Soviet Union-sponsored “nuclear freeze” in the 1980s, to opposing President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, to voting against Operation Desert Storm that liberated Kuwait from Saddam Hussein’s grasp in 1991, to supporting the Iraq invasion of 2003 but then opposing the Surge in 2007, to even opposing President Obama’s operation to kill Osama bin Laden, it is truly a remarkable run of bad and foolish decisions.

The Vietnamese refugee issue is particularly galling. After the fall of Saigon the influx of Vietnamese refugees, Biden argued the U.S. should ignore the plight of the desperate South Vietnamese who assisted the American war effort, even as the Communist North Vietnamese Army overran the south.

Many of those refugees would settle in Orange County, California, where your humble author would count some of these “boat people” as good friends growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, and, not coincidental to their treatment by Democrats, where the Vietnamese of “Little Saigon” would become a unique part of the Republican Orange Wall.

Forty-five years of failure against 3 ½ years of ever-growing victories. And the polls say this race is close?

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