Biden Ball Games

Congratulations NFL you’ve positioned yourself in such a way that your league is on the side of people ambushing Deputies and cheering for them to die.

Congratulations NFL you have reached a point where on the opening weekend of what was the most popular sport in the nation nobody is talking about the games themselves.

Congratulations NBA In a year when you have a captive audience at home you’ve managed to see your rating drop and provided a visual of your players kneeling during the national anthem on the Anniversary of Sept 11th.

Congratulation MLB in a sport with an aging but loyal demographic you managed to push fans away directly against the advice of your own surveys.

Congratulations NHL You managed to insert yourself into a situation that you could have pretty much avoided and allowed yourself a share in the backlash.

The bottom line: As of last week Major sports have gone from a net +20 positive rating among the public to a -10 rating in just one year. As Ed Morrissey noted:

the decline is as broad as it gets. The sports industry’s positive rating fell in every demo, and by double digits in all except Democrats (-5). The rating among non-white Americans might be higher than among white Americans, but it also fell farther among non-white Americans (-35, as opposed to -26 among whites). The collapse is almost total, in other words, and even in the few demos that remain positive, enthusiasm has almost entirely evaporated.

Congratulations major sports you played Biden Ball and managed to cancel yourselves.

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