Tweets / threads that should have been blog posts. Rick “I Believe the Polls” Tyler edition

One of the problems with Twitter for a blogger is that you tend to write what would be a good blog post on twitter thus giving a platform that hates you free content. I will now occasionally post on some of these tweets and exchanges. Today it stars Rick “I’m really a Conservative unlike Trump” Tyler.

He retweeted a poll of Wisconsin and NC whose results I found….interesting

Here’s the exchange as an image

and of course there were others who decided it was a joke that anyone would question such polls I made them the same offer

here’s the full exchange as an image

I then went to work. 10 hours later I checked my twitter feed and surprise surprise, neither Mr. Tyler, Mr Crystalballops nor any of the others who saw my offer seemed to think that it was worth $100 of their money to affirm those polls that they insisted I was some kind of loon for doubting:

Bottom line the battle cry of the #nevertrump Biden left on polls is this:

I’ll stand behind the accuracy of these polls against you ignorant Trump supporting poll deniers with my life…but not my money

Personally if I was the big money left I’d risk the $100 to shut me up, i’d think it’s short money compared to the price of online trolls unless they are outsourcing said trolls on the cheap

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