Power Trip

I was driving past the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles this morning, which remains closed due on orders of the local government. The New Beverly is a revival house, owned by filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, and, with no movies on offer, its marquee now features a tribute to the recently deceased actor, Chadwick Boseman, who played, most famously, the Marvel comic book hero Black Panther, in the eponymous 2018 movie. The marquee reads “Rest in Power,” a trendy twist on the familiar Rest in Peace wish for the recently departed.

You see that phrase more and more among the trendiscencti: “Rest in Power.” The Paramount Network titled a series about Trayvon Martin, the black teenager killed by a security guard in 2012, “Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story.” In July, the radical left-wing rag The Jacobin titled an essay about the recently deceased politician, “Rest in Power, John Lewis.” It says something, it seems to me, about the state of our culture.

“Rest in Peace” comes from the Latin “Requiescat in pace,” which has been found on Christian tombstones dating to the time of the Roman Empire. It reflects the hope that upon death, the Christian will find peace in the next life. It also reflects the Christian belief in life as toil and struggle, and that peace is best found in the afterlife.

“Rest in Power” twists this, wishing not for peace but for power. What a revealing twist this is, and reflects an adoration of power over peace. When the culture used to speak of power, it was often in reference to Lord Acton’s observation that “power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Power was something to regard skeptically, and those with totalitarian power were abhorred.

But the Left – home of such totalitarians as Lenin, Stalin, Mao, and Castro – worships power above all else. And now that love of power is taking hold in the U.S.

It’s not clear to me how much power the atheistic Left thinks the dead can wield. Hopefully, their dead, like all the rest, have found peace, in which case, no power is needed.

And I’ll just add: Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, rest in peace, not power.

DaTechGuy off DaRadio Livestream Podcast 3 PM EST Words Mean Things and Chat with me Edition

Today at 3 PM EST DaTechGuy off DaRadio graces the podcast Livestream waves once again.

Today we’ll be taking questions from people in chat on the issue of the Day and also talking these two topics

  1. Racism at Princeton
  2. Secrets in Nashville

And I’ll of course throw in a dig at Wendys.

The “preshow” starts at 2:55 when I go live and the show proper begins at 3 PM you can watch the livestream below (last weeks show is a placeholder for the post till 2:50 or so)

Hope you enjoy it.

Five Quick Thoughts Under the Fedora: Media, Nashville, Insurance and Bailing Rioters.

Am I the only one whose intelligence is insulted by the idea that the media thinks anyone who isn’t already in the Biden camp is going to fall for another case of “Sudden Trump accusation” syndrome?

I know that’s what they get paid for but I’d think one’s self respect would preclude something this obvious.

Speaking of the media insulting my intelligence consider this:

The media is a full employment scheme for ex Democrat aides who are not bright enough to be candidates or judges and not connected enough to be lobbyists and has in my opinion been so for a very long time.

Apparently the Covid numbers in Nashville concerning bars and restaurants were so low that the Democrat Mayor withheld this info because he didn’t want this good news to hit the public.

Odds are this is happening elsewhere but people are missing something as noted by these tweets

Power is the only religion the left believes in and if other people suffer so they can get it or hold it, so be it.

Speaking of trouble for people there is a report that the “George Floyd Riots” cost between 1 & 2 Billion dollars. While many note that the costs to the individual cities where they took place is higher what people should note is that every single person who has an insurance policy is going to pay for it in terms of higher costs as these companies try to both recover these costs and prepare for the next round.

Finally after a big fuss by Democrats in Pennsylvania the ANTIFA crowd managed to get the bail lowered on the various folks who where arrested in the Lancaster riots from 1 Million to various amounts from $25k to $100K.

If I was in charge of the GOP I’d run their mug shots with Democrats calling for bail reduction on a continuous loops on ads nationwide