Ginsberg’s Replacement The Was The Big Chance for #NeverTrump “True Conservatives” to Prove Their “Conservative” Credentials

For four + years those of us who have supported Donald Trump have been told by our Never Trump “true conservative” betters that whatever the advantages to various legislation and even SOCTUS judges picked by Trump. Donald Trump is so vile that to vote for his is to sell your conservative soul.

These folks should have been very happy now because their moment had come!

With the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg and the guarantee that President Trump will nominate a replacement quickly and McConnell scheduling a vote before the election one of the supposedly primary drivers for us poor deluded souls who have supported Trump is about to disappear.

Consider: if Donald Trump gets a nominee though before the election the Supreme Court will sit at six conservatives and three liberals and the primary driver for anti-abortion religious voters to hold their nose and vote Trump is gone!

Suddenly NEVERTRUMP could make the case they don’t NEED Donald Trump to be president to have an anti abortion supreme court. Even with Chief Justice John “old yellowstain” Roberts occasionally voting with the left the conservative majority will still hold.

And even if a President Biden or Harris gets elected they would need not one but TWO vacancies among Alito, Thomas and Roberts to swing the court back their way. Replacing one of the three solid liberals won’t count toward giving them a majority.

So if you are a Charlie Sykes or a Rick Wilson or an Amanda Carpenter or Joe Scarborough or any writer for National Review or the Lincoln project all you had to do is put all your weight behind the President’s nominee and all you’ve desired will be possible.

You’ll not only be proving that you meant it when you said you were pro-life conservatives who care about issues like abortion but can’t vote for Trump, but you’ll be able to strip the re-election of Donald Trump of their argument that without him there is no conservative majority. After all the battle for the courts will be already won! They’ll never be a better chance to pry those who don’t say they don’t like President Trump but want a conservative court away from him.

What will it be?

Here’s their answer:

Or put simply they’re not NeverTrump or “true conservatives” or “prolife” they’re just on the other side as long as that side is the one that pays.

Unexpectedly of course.

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