Hey Leftists? How’s that Politics is my Religion Stuff Working Out?

Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.

John Adams

And You thought you’d seen peak leftist crazy, when they were pounding on the doors of the Supreme Court and Defending child pornography didn’t you?

In a Presidential term that has seen the left melt down over and over again since day one the meltdown among the left, particularly the professional and activist left’s over the death of Ruth Bader Ginsberg only parallel is Ronald Lacy’s Toht in Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981)

I bring this up this classic movie because there is a 2nd parallel here, this meltdown is the meltdown of the Godless.

During the previous presidency there was a lot of cause for despair for the right, particularly for those of us of faith. Item after item was shoved down our throat from Obamacare to the forcing of Nuns to violate their faith and of course unleashing of the IRS on those who objected.

Through all of this there was one constant comfort for us, faith.

People turned to their religion for comfort. Christians of all denomination turned to God for help and comfort in a time of trial and were assured that God knew what he was doing even if he wasn’t telling us.

So as the political world turned oppressive we clung to our God and got on with our lives as best we could.

But what happens if you have no God and no faith? What happens when you have decided to make you’re political beliefs your religion? What happens when your article of political faith is what governs your lives and beliefs.

Well this happens

and this happens

And this happens

and you even reach the point where you are willing to reject your own father unless he converts to the true political faith?

In short when you reject God and replace your religion with Politics you have no source of comfort to allow you to carry on and function when your political fortunes wane. That’s why you turn to riots, arson and murder.

That is the real price of the Democrats becoming a secular party and rejecting people of faith unless they are willing to take off their faith like a coat when it become too hot to handle.

They have chosen to pay that price but let me point out that you have the rest of your life to make a different choice but not a second more.

So to finish with my Indiana Jones Theme: Choose wisely.

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