DaTechGuy Off DaRadio Friday 11 AM EST Trump Economy Overtime Edition Riots and Rallies and SCOTUS Oh My!

Friday we have yet another 11 am overtime edition of DaTechGuy off DaRadio No frills livestream podcast thanks to the ravages of the horrible Trump economy that is going so poorly that for the 3rd week in a row I was asked to work on my day off.

Our topic list for Friday’s podcast is:

  1. More Democrat riots
  2. More Trump Rallies
  3. and More Supreme Court hearings

plus a short quip about the difference between worshiping a God and expecting him to be your manservant.

It all starts at 11 AM EST instead of 3 PM because at 3 PM I’ll be on the road to work to get the overtime to help pay for the car part I found.

You can watch the festivities here (last week’s show is the placeholder)

The current show will be inserted about 10 min before we start.

Oh and if you missed my special Justice Ginsberg bonus livestream held after the news of her death broke it’s here

Hope you like it.

Thanks to the Coronavirus ‘crisis’ the United States has become a police state and far too many are OK with that

I heard a call on my police scanner this past Saturday that perfectly illustrates just how far along the road to becoming a police state large portions of the United States have become.  A concerned citizen called the police because there were a dozen cars parked on her neighbor’s lawn.  The caller was concerned that the neighbor was having a party and the guests were not wearing masks and were not social distancing.  Two cruisers were dispatched to make sure no one at the party was being naughty.  The home owner welcomed the officers and demonstrated that all guests were properly following Governor Baker’s edicts from on high. 

I was shocked that the neighbor was such a meddling busybody who would tattle on her neighbor for daring to do something so shockingly evil as have a party in their own home.  I was not shocked that the police responded to such a frivolous call because I have read all of Governor Baker’s draconian, liberty destroying, edicts.  Here is a description of the rather odious proclamation that supposedly granted local police officers the authority to trample on the rights of property owners across the state of Massachusetts:

Baker also announced the formation of a an enforcement and intervention team, which will be tasked with ramping up enforcement in key communities and evaluating rising trends such as new positive cases and the percentage of positive tests.

Public safety officials, including state and local law enforcement, now have the jurisdiction to enforce safety orders and crack down on events hosted in violation of the orders, according to Baker.

“These teams will coordinate an increased enforcement effort across the state to assure businesses and residents are aware of and are following the COVID-19 orders,” Baker said. “By authorizing state and local police to enforce these orders, we can not only increase the number of people who will be out there to enforce these measures but also ensure that are penalties for those who refuse to make the adjustments that so many people in Massachusetts have made and continue to make.

Those who fail to comply with the orders will be subject to fines or cease and desist orders,

If I was hosting a party at my home and the police showed up to determine if we were wearing masks and practicing social distancing I would not have allowed them entry.  I would have demanded they produce a search warrant and I would have asked them to cite the exact laws we were breaking.  If the police officers cited the governor’s emergency edicts I would have informed them that these edicts are not valid laws, not having passed through the formal legislative process.  That situation could easily happen because my family always hosts large gatherings over the Christmas Holidays and we have no intention of followings emperor Baker’s commandments on our private property.  I know a great many individuals believe the same way.  I could see this type of scenario easily spinning out of control and leading to violence or a standoff.

These regulations have turned Massachusetts into a police state with local law enforcement officers and an army of busybodies acting as Governor Baker’s secret police force.   Because so many states such as New York, California, and Virginia have similar draconian regulations most of the country is now a police state.  It is not just sad, it is disgusting that far too many people blindly follow these obscene and unconstitutional regulations.  These regulations are worthy of mass protests demanding they be removed immediately, where are these protests?

Five One Liners Under Other People’s Fedoras: Stacy McCain, Lawrence Jarvik, Bookworm Room, Political Hat and Babalu Blog

If someone like Blake cannot be arrested — he was violating a restraining order and terrorizing the woman who accused him of sexually assaulting her — then who, exactly, are police allowed to arrest?

‘The New Zeroeth Amendment’ and the Predictable Death of Dijon Kizzee Robert Stacy McCain

Another person who would be alive today if he followed the Rittenhouse method of police encounters.

I emailed Scientific American‘s Rachel Scheer to ask Dr. Helmuth to explain her scientific methodology for the Biden endorsement. She didn’t reply.

Scientific American’s Scientifically Indefensible Biden Endorsement
Laurence Jarvik

A lot of pretend “neutral objective” institutions have been unmasking themselves under Trump

How cosmically apropos is the timing of all this, though?  Ginsburg’s demise 57 days prior to the most contested election since 1860 is not simply one more piece of wood on the conflagration that is 2020; it is an entire load of creosote-soaked logs — both flamable and toxic — added to it.

We Need A Replacement For Justice Ginsburg Before The Election via Bookworm Room

Ginsberg was always all about “sentence first verdict afterward”

Antifa is not just some “spontaneous” uprising by revolutionaries on the street, but is fully funded and organized from the outside, complete with bail funds flush with over a million in cash for Portland rioters alone as well as a plethora of supplies for violent rioting.

Peaceful Protests? via the Political Hat

If you weren’t sure of this before Louisville you should be now.

And their dollars also intensify apartheid and racism on the island by creating two distinct classes, Cubans with dollars (mostly white folks) and Cubans without dollars (mostly black).

Apartheid in Cuba Induced by Exile Yo-Yos and Dollarization via Babalu Blog

Oddly enough I don’t think the BLM left will be having any protests about this.