The Promise vs Reality of Socialism and Marxism in One Sentence

I have talked a lot online and on the air about Socialism and Marxism and the destruction they unleash where ever they are applied but the problem is always how to explain it to young people taken in by this.

The goal of Marxists and Socialists is not a country filled with prosperous and well fed people, but a country where the people are governed by prosperous and well fed Marxists and Socialists.

Look at every country that is rules by Marxists, Socialists and Communists and this is true. In fact just look at cities run by the left where where Nancy Pelosi can get her hair done in SF but you couldn’t or NYC where the elite of the Music World can have an award show but you can’t go to a bar or even Atlanta where they can have a large funeral for John Lewis but you can only have ten to bury your father or mother.

Under Marxist / Socialists the elites are always prosperous and well fed always doing well and those outside of it are equally miserable.

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