Five thoughts under the Fedora Today. Drudge Sans Poll, Biden Sued, Huffington Elephant, SC wins the Riot Fallout lottery & Trump with Covid

Just before the debate I noted that when Matt Drudge puts up his: Who won tonight’s Debate post as he always does it will be the first time in a while that many conservatives visit his site.

Did I say “always”? Don Surber corrects me:

I did not have to watch the debate to know who won. The media did it for me. I did not go by what they said. I went by what they did.

First up was Matt Drudge. He did not run one of his who-won-the-debate polls. That is telling. Oh sure, there are plenty of instant polls that say President Donald Trump won, but when it comes to getting a debate right, the Drudge Report is far more accurate than the usual Trump-lost polls.

The surest sign that Donald Trump won the debate is the rush to change the rules. And the surest sign that whoever now owns the Drudge report is more interested in an agenda than clicks is when running a click based business turning down millions of easy clicks

It looks like a bigger winner than Donald Trump in the Debate might be Kyle Rittenhouse:

I particularly like this follow up tweet:

Given that as Joe Biden said he IS the democrat party I wonder if they will be a party to this suit.

What is it about the left that makes them determined to enrich conservative teenagers?

Speaking of business and click apparently the Huffington Post isn’t producing anywhere near enough to make money.

“This thing loses so much money,” a digital media executive with knowledge of the financials said. “It’s such a mess, I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole. I don’t think there’s any way you can make money.”

People briefed on the talks said Verizon, headed by CEO Hans Vestberg, appears to be seeking to offload HuffPost to a buyer willing to take a knife to the site’s high operating expenses — a potentially daunting process that would require going head-to-head with the site’s union and enacting “massive layoffs,” sources said. 

While HuffPost brings in between $45 million to $50 million a year in revenue, its annual expenses are between $60 million and $70 million, two sources said. And with advertising slammed by the pandemic, it will likely bring in $40 million this year, the sources said. 

I don’t claim that is better or more influential than the Huffington Post and frankly it isn’t what it used to be in terms of traffic (what is this “Instalanche” of which you speak?) but we’re apparently better at business because we don’t lose millions, in fact off the top of my head I can’t remember the last time I took a loss in the 12 years I’ve done it.

Anyways I want Arianna Huffington to give me stock advice. She sure proved she knows when to sell.

One of the things about tolerating riots and rioters in order to help win an election is that there are consequences to your actions to wit:

Boeing to move all 787 Dreamliner production to South Carolina

Shift would end output of that jetliner in Seattle area as demand for planes plummets amid pandemic

Via Don Surber who points out

You can have CHAZ or jobs. You cannot have both.

This type of thing will continue until the voters in Washington in general and Seattle in particular decide to change it.

Finally when I got home from work I found out that the President and 1st Lady have tested positive for Covid.

The president being older would be considered at risk but given his personal stamina and the fact that he has the best medical care in the world I’d say the odds are in his favor unless someone treating him decided to give him a micky of some sort.

It was not too many years ago that the very suggestion of such a thing would have been unthinkable but given what we’ve seen from the left in reactions to this news and frankly from some in the medical profession I’d not put it past them.

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