Flashback from 2016: The time to be ready for 2020 Fraud is NOW!

There is a lot of talk about about voter fraud particularly with the new James O’Keefe videos documenting it in Minneapolis. I thought it best to remind you that if you were surprised by any of it, you didn’t pay attention last time.

Originally published Nov 18th 2016

One of the most important things that drive decision making is the risk/reward factor. Is the reward for an action worth the risk being taken by doing it?

This is also true for crime. Unless you are talking a crime of passion or a person high out of their min a smart criminal will look at the risk of being caught, the risk of a particular punishment and weigh it against the reward of success

And that brings us to an important election postmortem that nobody wants to talk about.

There was plenty of talk about a “rigged” system before the election and one of the biggest signs of it was certain big city Democrat counties holding back reporting in key states.

The basic idea which has been part of the equation as long as machine politics has existed, is pretty simple and involves this little algorithm

If (Number of votes you can get away stealing) > (Number of votes you might lose by) Then

Go For it!


Release your vote totals as is


I submit and suggest that this more than anything else drove the calling of certain formally blue states.  Once it was determined they just plain couldn’t steal enough to overcome the Trump wave there they allowed the numbers to go out.

But while the Democrat machines were ready in places like Florida and North Carolina, places Hillary knew would be close, Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota and to a lesser extent Pennsylvania were not so prepared. Pennsylvania for example had been considered fools gold for the GOP for so long that last minute moves by the Democrats were almost pro-forma, but it didn’t stop scenes like this:

So provisional ballots are the reason that MSNBC isn’t calling Pennsylvania. This is why I found being forced to fill out a provisional ballot today so suspect. Reiterating: I had to fill one out because, according to the story told to me by the poll workers, I had been sent a vote by mail ballot, which I had never requested. Votes that are counted after election night are the Devil’s Playground for fraud. All kinds of things can happen, and they are almost never good for the Republican candidate.

I’ll wager there were a lot of Trump votes in those provisional ballots that cancelled out one mailed in for them.

Meanwhile Democrat Bosses in Wisconsin Michigan and Minnesota had no inkling that the election was close, that being the case there was no reason why, in an age where proof of a federal offense is a cell phone video away, Dem bosses in Detroit or elsewhere felt the need to take any risk.  They figured those states were won (and they were right about Minnesota) and by election night it was too late to change it.

However that won’t be the case in 2020,  I’ll wager that in 2020 the bosses in Milwaukee, Detroit, Madison and elsewhere will be ready, we’ll see plenty of mail in ballots and absentee ballots that we didn’t see before in those states and plenty of voters looking to go for the GOP will be in the same spot that Steven Kruiser was on election night.

We have four years to prepare for this so we’d better get ready because as our friends on the left have demonstrated in the past, they play for keeps.

After all you don’t think Soros has been quietly sinking millions into AG races, you know the people who would be protesting election fraud on a local level, just because it’s fun?

You have all been warned

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