Tommy’s meltdown

By Christopher Harper

“Our democracy is in terrible danger — more than since the Civil War, more than after Pearl Harbor, more than during the Cuban missile crisis, and more danger than during Watergate.”

It’s rare to see a meltdown like the one DaTimes’ Tommy Friedman had in his column, which included the sentence above.

Just think about it. Tommy, who supported that great leader Mike Bloomberg in the Democrat primaries, thinks President Trump is leading the country into a civil war. He’s responsible for worse conditions than Pearl Harbor, and his leadership has led the country into a potential nuclear war? Trump is worse than Nixon?

Tommy compares the United States with Lebanon during its civil war. Tommy’s office at United Press International was just across from mine at Newsweek in Beirut. I was there, too, and I don’t see any comparisons between a war that left more than 100,000 dead with what’s happening in the United States. 

Somehow Tommy transitions from the Lebanese civil war to social media and the problems they have created. I’m no fan of Facebook and Twitter and their leftist slant, but the hyperbole of comparing guerrillas with rocket-propelled grenades in Lebanon to trolls with hurtful words is a bit much.

The solution to all of America’s problems, Tommy opines, is Joe Biden. Seriously?

“The Democratic Party sorted through all the choices, and, led by older Black men and women in South Carolina, rejected the Democratic socialist candidate and said they wanted a moderate unifier named Joe Biden,” Tommy says.

What alternate universe is Tommy living in? South Carolina voted overwhelmingly for Trump in 2016, and Democrats have virtually no power throughout the state except to vote in a meaningless primary every four years. 

What happened is that the Democrat power brokers knew that Bernie Sanders would lead to a massive election defeat. Hence, they backed a four-time loser in presidential primaries that they could control. 

Tommy’s meltdown continues in his description of Trump as “the most dishonest, dangerous, mean-spirited, divisive, and corrupt person to ever occupy the Oval Office.”

Seriously? Maybe Tommy forgot fellow journalist Warren Harding, who engaged in the most scandal-ridden presidency in history.

Maybe Franklin Pierce, who set the stage for the Civil War, or James Buchanan, who followed through on Pierce’s pro-slavery campaign? Maybe Andrew Johnson, the first president to be impeached? 

But Tommy chooses not to reflect on history; he’s on a ridiculous role. 

Tommy concludes: “So help register someone to vote for Joe Biden. Phone bank for Joe Biden. Talk to your neighbor about Joe Biden. Volunteer for Joe Biden. Drive someone to the polls to vote for Joe Biden.

“Do it as if your country’s democracy depends on it, because it does.”

DaTimes needs to put Tommy out to pasture like Americans have to do with Joe. 

The easy Trump / Covid piece vs the accurate one.

Yesterday I was trying to figure out what I wanted to write when inspiration finally came and I quickly came up with a piece called:

Thank God for Dems that BLM Confers COVID Immunity

It came to me quickly and went like this:

A few days ago I saw this tweet on twitter from Juanita Broadrick:

and prior to this I remember this tweet

I thought nothing of it until I saw this story:

Officials for the City of Cleveland said 11 cases of the Wuhan coronavirus could be traced back to the Sept. 29 presidential debate. The cases were a result of debate pre-planning and set-up, with the majority of cases impacting out-of-state travelers, particularly debate organizers and members of the media.

The news comes after President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump tested positive for the virus. Out of an abundance of caution, the president was transported to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Friday.

I found that interesting as I did this:

Even though 11 cases were traced back to the pre-debate planning, the Cleveland Clinic made one thing clear: every single person with credentials who went into the debate had to have a negative Wuhan coronavirus test. 

That would suggest it could have been part of the people setting up and preparing, but the real question I had was this:

If all the cases originated from the debate, how is it that only the GOP seems to be getting COVID from it?

That question would seem to give some credence to the tweets above, until I remembered that our Democrat friends have likely all marched with BLM at one point or another.

Since it’s been clearly established by all the health experts that being in large crowds for a riot or BLM protest confers automatic immunity from the disease naturally nobody on the left side of the aisle would be affected by any such outbreak from the debate

So we must conclude in the face of that fact that despite the suspicions of those who have seen this administration in general and this president in particularly attacked relentlessly from day one, the fact that this is going though only the GOP side of the aisle from the debate is entirely and completely coincidental.

That’s the piece. It sounds good, it’s got that little bit of sarcastic punch and given that traffic has been a tad slow lately might be just the thing to bring in clicks.

The problem is that I went to lunch with dawife directly after writing it and my brain kicked into gear after the 1st meal of the day and it took very little thought to realize that while it might have a lot of potential as clickbait it just wasn’t true.

The reason people are quarantined for two weeks after covid is because it can take that long for the virus to show up on a test. The reason it takes so long is not because you don’t HAVE the virus until you test positive, but because it can take that long for the virus to multiply to the point where it will show up and/or cause symptoms.

This means that while the President anounced his positive COVID test on Friday the 2nd. The exposure that cause those positive test was not likely from the Sept 29th debate but from a period 10-14 days before sometime between the 18th (Ginsberg’s death day) & 21st of the month.

Here is the President’s schedule Sept 18th, 19th, 20th & 21st looking at said schedule and remember that POTUS seemed to test positive 1st my thought would be either the press briefing or the golf course as the likely sources since that would bring him into contact with folks he normally might not hang with.

And we also have to consider that the 1st lady might have gotten it 1st and gave it to POTUS rather than the other way around. I don’t have the 1st lady’s schedule handy and there doesn’t seem to be a site that tracks it. So I don’t have an indication of where it might have come from if she is the source.

Bottom line: While it’s not impossible that there was some nasty involved and as I said the betting odds for maliciousness vs foolishness or even the normal course of a virus have never been closer I simply don’t see anything that would suggest anything more than a virus being a virus.

So while it’s more spicy to suggest some kind of plot her I think we should just use our heads and rather than searching for some kind of plot that involves taking advantage of those who don’t know how a virus works let’s just wish President Trump and the 1st lady the best and go from there.

We’ll leave the pedaling BS for profit to the Lincoln project and the MSM.