Joe Biden’s IF/Then/Else Position on Increasing the Size of the Supreme Court.

There has been a lot of speculation on the Position of Joe Biden on increasing the number of justices on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Quite a few Democrats have come out in favor of this but Joe Biden has not only refused to publicly state his position on it but he has gone so far as to state the voters don’t deserve an answer to that question.

Now the position of Democrats in general and Joe Biden in particular seems pretty clear to me, but it might not be so for others so as a former programmer let me express it in the form of an early form of computer codeing namely an If / Then / ELSE statement.


Joe Biden is Elected President of the United States


Increasing the size of the SCOTUS is a needed reform that Democrats in General and Joe Biden in particular, support.


Increasing the size of the court would be a usurpation of power that Democrats in General and Joe Biden in particular, oppose.


Or to put it another way the Democrats are in favor of “court packing” as long as they are the ones doing the packing.

A few weeks ago I suggested 2 or 3 Constitutional Amendments for the president to introduce and while I still think #1 & #3 are pretty good ideas if I was President Trump instead of my Amendment #2 listed I’d introduce a modified form of said amendment below:

DaTechGuy SCOTUS Amendment #2a

(1) The Supreme Court shall be limited to a maximum of 9 sitting justices

(2) This amendment shall be allotted twelve months from the date of passage for ratification by the states with a single extension of twelve months if requested by single any member of congress.

I’d make the Democrats who don’t want to say if they will pack the court vote on this amendment and I’d make every Democrat House and Senate Candidate be forced to have a position on this issue ASAP

If the GOP is smart that’s what they’d do.

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