And the Denial Keeps on Coming

While I’ve given up on sports I do still listen to sports talk radio on the way to and from work and I was listening to the host lamenting the drop in viewship for sports in general and the ALCS in particular noting they were the worst of all time.

He however immediately dismissed the idea that any non-nba ratings drop had anything to do with the whole embrace of BLM because only the NBA had this stuff on the court…completely ignoring the kneeling stuff in the NFL & NHL and the opening day BLM orgy in MLB. He might have forgotten that but a lot of us haven’t.

In one respect I don’t blame them, jobs in media are scarce enough and these guys are afraid of angering the bosses above. After all if after decades in the industry as one of the most respected broadcasters in the game Red Barber could lose his job for stating bluntly:

“I don’t know what the paid attendance is today [413], but whatever it is, it is the smallest crowd in the history of Yankee Stadium, and this crowd is the story, not the game.”

what chance does some late night hack have if he says the verboten words that getting woke might lead to going broke? Particularly when you contrast it with sports that aren’t so woke:

Ratings for golf, for instance, are up, with this year’s PGA Championship enjoying the best ratings in five years, and there were no spectators there, either.  What about the Tour de France, which saw an 11% increase in viewership?  Even professional wrestling, which arguably isn’t even a real sport, has seen solid ratings.  

Is any of this good news?  Of course not, it’s sad.  The Boston Red Sox are one America’s iconic sports teams playing our national pastime, and they saw a jaw-dropping 54% freefall in their ratings this year.  

This is the first year of my life that I’ve not watched or listened to even a half inning of Red Sox baseball. When it was on I changed the channel or shut the radio off.

Now perhaps the stations are figuring this is a good thing as it means they’ll be able to get a better deal on rights to the games, of course they might change their tune when they go out to the public to sell ads and find that business might just think twice before linking themselves to woke athletes.

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