What the Biden Laptop revelations are the Deep State Version of the Harvey Weinstein Jeffrey Epstein Scandals

President Bennett: You’ve got yourself a chip in the big game now. You’re going to tuck that away You’re going to save it for a time when your own ass is on the line and then you’re going to pull it and I’m going to cash it in for you, right?

Clear and Present Danger 1984

This latest bit from the Hunter Biden laptop suggesting that china provided girls to Hunter Biden ah la Epstein is to say the least huge. As Don Surber puts it:

This is not a complicated story. Red China plied Joe Biden’s son with cocaine and money. Red China also gave him underage girls and apparently he did kinky things with him.

This gave Chairman Xi all the blackmail he could want on a President Biden.
The money and the drugs won’t do Biden in. The underage sex will.

In my opinion this explains both the Twitter/Facebook coordinated effort to kill the Biden Story before it began AND the fanatical opposition to President Donald Trump by the establishment/deep state left from day one.

Consider these two stories.

During the early days of the Donald Trump administration the Harvey Weinstein Story Broke (followed quickly by Matt Lauer and many others) it became clear that practically everyone in Hollywood knew what was going on from day one, for example Oprah:

Oprah has been one of the most richest powerful women in the entertainment world for a very long time.  She is a person who can make or break a book or a film or a career.  All of Hollywood has paid homage to her for many many years.  The entire media complex hangs on her words, and as demonstrated this weekend when she talks about the plight of women, people listen.

And yet during all the years that Harvey Weinstein et/all were on the prowl she never bothered to speak out against him or give a platform for his victims to do so!

If anyone had the power to speak out and break this open it was Oprah.  Her power and influence was enough that Weinstein and the others would not be able to bring her down for talking, and if they had tried the public would have rallied behind her.  All she had to do was speak out and proclaim “Enough!”

She did not.

or consider the words of Cindy McCain who came out for Joe Biden to the praise of the media concerning Jeffrey Epstein:

note that she says that a girl from her daughter’s high school was a victim of him and she hopes he’s in hell but consider, it didn’t outrage her enough to speak out aloud and make a fuss about it, five years, or ten years ago back when it might have made a difference when the odd blogger or two was writing about it.

Remember this is the wife of a US Senator, a Former Presidential Candidate supposedly one of the most respected people in the political world, a “Maverick”.

Nope not a word.

The Joe Biden story is, in my opinion, the same thing.

Everyone in Washington knows that Joe Biden didn’t get rich on 47 years of a congressman’s pay or books. The folks in the press know, the folks in the deep state know because I suspect a lot of them take care of themselves and relatives in similar ways. And of course if you are an agency that wants to make sure their priorities are funded and the feds leave them alone, it might be useful to have a president who they can pressure.

China isn’t the only guy in the blackmail business.

But now it’s out in the open and they are all shocked SHOCKLED!

#unexpectedly of course

Closing thought: If I am correct and this has been known in Democrat and press circles for years then that means the left did not consider this disqualifying for a Biden candicacy nor did Obama consider it disqualifying for the Vice Presidency.

Let that sink in.