The Simple Test for Democrats / Media on Election 2020

There is a lot of Rhetoric going on concerning the late election, particularly on social media but no matter how much talk you spit out everything really comes down to one statement that should be asked of everybody:

After every legal and legitimate ballot is counted and every illegal an illegitimate ballot is eliminated the candidate, no matter if it is Trump or Biden, who has won enough states to acquire 270 or more electoral college votes should be sworn in as President of the United States on Jan 20th 2021?

Any person who can’t or won’t answer: “Yes” to this question should be ignored.

One thought on “The Simple Test for Democrats / Media on Election 2020

  1. Indeed. And modern governance dictates that then his life should be made as miserable as it can be made, and his ability to govern should be thwarted by any means available, legal or illegal, honest or dishonest.

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