By trying to steal the election the Democrats have poked a very dangerous dragon in the eye

In the United States stealing of elections is the most unforgivable crime.  The higher the office the more unspeakable the crime.  The Democrats, by attempting to steal the presidential election, are committing a particularly heinous crime.  I firmly believe the Democrats have no idea that they have opened up a very dangerous can of worms.

This attempted theft of the presidential election has caused the most severe constitutional crises we have faced as a nation since the Civil War.  The safeguards built into the Constitution rely heavily on the good faith between all of those running for office, those voting, those counting the votes, and those certifying the votes.  I don’t believe they ever anticipated an attempted coup by those counting and possibly by those who will eventually certify the votes and the entire election.

It has been demonstrated over and over again that the political left has shown a remarkable proclivity for violence.  The evidence on this is overwhelming.  President Trump supporters have proved to be the exact opposite but will that continue to hold true now  that we are facing the very real possibility that the Democrats will steal the election from President Trump?

The political right firmly believes in following the Constitution, upholding the rule of law, and non violent protest.  By attempting to the steal the election the Democrats have thrown out the Constitution and vomited all over the rule of law. 

The peaceful protests by President Trump supporters are starting to ramp up and will soon reach levels that we have never witnessed before, numbers that will be truly historic.  The court challenges to counter the tsunami of election fraud and other malfeasance are just beginning.  These law suits should end up in the Supreme Court.

What happens if the theft of the election is not checked by the courts?  Will the millions of Trump supporters remain peaceful when faced with an actual real theft of the presidency by extremely liberal Democrats who will systematically dismantle the entire United States and turn us into a Socialist Democracy such as Venezuela?  The Democrats have made it abundantly clear that they will stack the Supreme Court, add more states, and rewrite election laws to make it far more unlikely that Republicans will ever win elections again.  Most on our side believe that if the Democrats steal this election they will successfully steal most future elections. 

There is a high likelihood that this attempted theft of the Presidency will lead to an open conflict between the thieving Democrats and the normally peaceful Trump supporters.  The Democrats have no idea what a dangerous Pandora’s box they have opened.  President Trump’s supporters are extremely passionate supporters, just watch replays of one of his rallies.  There are around 70 million of these passionate supporters.  Most of these passionate supporters are well armed and know how to use their guns. I believe that there is a good chance that this attempted theft of the election. if it comes to pass. could result in a open civil war.  I have heard so many others expressing the same exact concerns on social media.  If it comes to pass it will be the fault of the Democrats because theft of the presidential election would clearly fit the definition of a coup.

4 thoughts on “By trying to steal the election the Democrats have poked a very dangerous dragon in the eye

  1. The “70 million” is a meme being repeated ad nauseam among Right blogs in the past week. While the number is correct, the fact is that there are 75 million of THEM. Even allowing for all the fraudulent ballots, a clear majority of America (and most likely the electoral vote as well) chose a doddering old fool who put a lid on his campaign and spent most of it in his basement over an incumbent president whose huge enthusiastic rallies weren’t quite enough.

    And the fact is that the 70 million will bend over and take four years of Obama’s third term. Let’s get real about that. And let’s get real about the fact that Antifa and BLM are armed to the teeth as well.

    So what WILL it take for an “open civil war? I would say that will happen when one’s politics will keep one from getting a job, a mortgage, a credit card, a bank account, and possibly even utility services and health care. We are close to that point now, and when it does happen, well, desperate times call for desperate measures.

    1. The problem with that opinion is that if you had met Mary Magdalene, Matthew the Tax Collector & Saul the Pharisee the day before they encountered Christ you might have that same opinion of them.

      Let’s fight what they do rather than talking like that

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