Our last day of assured Freedom

Smaug: I am almost tempted to let you take it, if only to see Oakenshield suffer, watch it destroy him, watch it corrupt his heart and drive him mad

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug 2013

I’m been in COVID quarantine for a little over a week and have taken advantage of this time to not only get my 3rd season of Dynasty All time Great league going (Opening day is Friday if you’re interested in joining although a few have gotten games in early) and also took the time to re-watch the entire five seasons of Maverick (1957-1962), the one season of Brett Maverick (1982) and the extended versions of Peter Jackson’s Masterpieces the three Hobbit Movies (An Unexpected Journey 2012, The Desolation of Smaug 2013 The Battle of Five Armies 2014) and the three Lord of the Rings Movies ( The Fellowship of the Ring 2001, The Two Towers 2002 and the Return of the King 2003).

What might seem odd is that with all that free time I didn’t bother to read a pair of old history books that I was excited to pick up. Essentials in Ancient History from the earliest records to Charlemagne (1902) by Arthur Mayer Wolfson and Albert Bushnell Hart and Essentials in American History from the discovery to the present day by Albert Bushnell Hart (1908) both were a bit beaten up but to my delight both turned out to be 1st editions. My wife had bought me a third book Essentials in Medieval and Modern History From Charlemagne to the Present Day by Samuel Banister Harding and Albert Bushnell Hart (1905) for Christmas and I had been nibbling at it on my lunch hours at work.

One of the reason why I didn’t hit these books is I like to read this kind of history during my breaks and lunch hours at work to give me the intellectual stimulation that current employment does not but also because of how depressing it will be to read these histories during a time when I don’t have the distraction of work to avoid the obvious comparisons between the degree of scholarship that was expected of teachers and students 110 years ago and ignorance of the students of today fueled by educators either fueled by their own ignorance or by cowardice at the consequences from any deviation from pushing said ignorance on their charges.

The end results are so plain to the point where people who should know better are pushing it for the sake of political power and control is so disgraceful and so soul shattering to a person who has had a love of history since childhood is one of the most disheartening things resulting from the fraud imposed upon us, fraud so imposing that the media and government actually pretends that the number of troops are necessary to herald its reign safely was twice as many as Winfield Scott Needed to conquer Mexico in 1847.

Of course that’s a fact that ‘s unlikely to be known to either students or teachers today because we allowed our enemies to take over the curriculum to be taught to our students to the point that our students have no idea that the freedoms that they had enjoyed up to and including today and the sudden drop in their liberties that will commence (and to some degree has due to peer pressure) was not the natural state of humans in general or Americans in particular but something that came to them due to the efforts of great and good men that they have squandered.

But there is one more card I’d like to play. Reading this history today will be no different that reading it any other day I have over the last 40 or 50 years…but starting tomorrow, reading such history will be a revolutionary act. Not because it talks of the acts and deeds of people who are mostly male (they were) and mostly Caucasian (they were) and to a large degree the founders of western civilization (which they also were) but because with less technology, less resources and more risk created a civilization better than any that has to this date existed in human society which not only provided an abundance of material wealth and comfort but raised more people out of the poverty, slavery and servitude that was the norm of the vast majority of the human race since we have walked this earth.

Reading these books and sharing those fact with people who have never been exposed to them are the best acts of defiance that can be made to challenge our new wannabe lords who would reduce us to serfdom and my I humbly suggest to those who might have children or grandchildren who are now being home schooled or doing remoting learning that spreading these facts to your children and grandchildren might be the single most valuable service you can do for your country or society short of baptism.

As the left sells their big lie tomorrow counter with the truth of what America has been and maybe, just maybe it can be that once again.

Closing thought: As I linked to free online editions of these books one might ask why I bothered to buy them. Two reasons:

  1. The only power I need to read them is a light source
  2. Nobody can edit a physical book in my hand without my knowledge

Report from Louisiana: Covid Fatigue

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT – This probably won’t be a popular opinion, but I have to be honest.

I am sick and tired of losing good people to coronavirus. A very good man died this week from Covid-19; he was 57 and had recently retired from teaching. He was a popular high school football coach during his career and highly regarded by his peers. He leaves behind a father, a brother, a sister, and two children.

My friend is but one example of the hundreds dead from this virus.

You can tell me that these people died from their comorbidities, from sepsis, from heart attack, whatever; the point is, they’d be alive still had they not contracted the coronavirus.

Another good friend of mine came down with Covid-19 over the Christmas break. She is in her 50s, and in excellent health. She has mostly recovered from her illness but is still recovering from the double pneumonia Covid brought to her. She’s being closely monitored for blood clots.

My stepson, a nurse, caught Covid from a patient. Young and in excellent health, he suffered greatly and was hospitalized for a week. Because the hospitals are full, he spent over 30 hours in the ER waiting for a room

I know people that I otherwise thought were intelligent, educated professionals who are refusing the vaccine because they’re convinced that the government is injecting something into them through the virus.

I can no longer pretend understanding for people who think the virus is a politically motivated hoax. Even those who believe government officials are using the virus for nefarious gain – to tank the economy, to promote themselves, whatever.

I have been called “delusional” because I believe the virus is real and that it will kill you. I do not care. Names do not hurt me.

I believe in the science.


And I am tired of watching friends suffer or die because people won’t wear a mask, are tired of wearing a mask, or think masks are stupid and useless. I am tired of parents sending their kids to school sick, while they wait on test results to come back. I am exhausted for the health care workers putting in twelve hour shifts laboring day after day to save people who are drowning in their own fluids because someone else thought this virus was a political tool.

We are so busy trying to solve the immediate crisis that we aren’t thinking too much about the coming mental health toll all this will bring.

Over the holiday season I have seen my social media filled with people gathering with family, extended family, and friends. I’ve seen photos of New Years celebrations, baby showers, football playoff parties, and birthday celebrations. And now the case numbers are higher than they’ve ever been. Go figure.

Deaths are rising too.

I know that people have to work, that the economy has to keep going. I get that. I see the benefit having the schools open has on our children.

But I’m past being patient with people who are too selfish to wear a mask and maybe save someone’s life.

I’m looking at the children of my friend who died yesterday and wondering how they will ever understand this.

Wear your mask. Get your vaccine. Let’s just please do our part to help end this and we can analyze conspiracy theories later.

Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport and is the author of Cane River Bohemia: Cammie Henry and her Circle at Melrose Plantation. Follow her on Instagram @patbecker25 and Twitter @paustin110.

Memories of Brady, Cities of Champions, Riots that don’t count, Non-Reliable Sources and Wednesday’s “Whose the Boss?” DC revival Under the Fedora

Tom Brady is once again going to a Conference Championship game having beat Drew (I’m so Sorry) Brees in the game that counted. Next week he faces Aaron Rogers for the chance to go for Lucky Ring Seven

I remember when the Patriots had a QB like that and so does every single Brady hater who celebrated his replacement by Cam Newton who in fairness was gotten for a bargain price. The Pats got exactly what they paid for.

One other interesting Tom Brady fact.

When Brady came to New England it has been more than a decade since any Boston team had won a Championship. You had to go back to the Celtics of Bird, the Bruins of Esposito and the Red Sox of Ruth to find them.

Once he got there within a decade every single team in the city had at least one title and and had gotten to at least the conference championship more than once.

Now that Brady is gone no Boston team made a conference championship and two didn’t even make the playoffs.

Meanwhile Tampa Bay’s Hockey Team won the Stanley Cup, Tampa Bay’s Baseball team went to the World Series and now their football team is off to the Conference Championship.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Four years ago when Donald Trump was being sworn in their were riots and arson.

At least 217 people were arrested in the melees, police said…

…In the violence, knots of activists in black clothes and masks threw rocks and bottles at officers wearing riot gear, who responded with volleys of tear gas and stun grenades as a helicopter hovered low overhead.

Oddly enough nobody was blacklisted nor were companies pressured to stop doing business with people associated with Hillary Clinton.

I remember when an incoming president wasn’t afraid of the people and when

The New York Times is reporting that the New York Post no longer considers them or MSNBC or CNN or the Washington Post as reliable sources for stories.

Now while I think this is excellent advice and I would encourage such a decision from any source interested in fact, wouldn’t the story appearing in the Times be enough reason to doubt it?

A while back I pointed out that this was going to be Obama’s third term and that the idea that Joe Biden was in any sense in charge was a joke.

As I look at the people this incoming administration is choosing for positions I have yet to see any names that are deeply associated with Joe Biden which is a tad odd when you consider he has been in Washington since 1972 but all are associated with Barack Obama.

Back when LBJ took over from JFK after his assassination he make it a point that the people he would be appointing to positions were Johnson men, not Kennedy men but then again I remember the days when there was no doubt that the sitting President was the man in charge, although in fairness that façade will be kept up until Jan 21 2022 comes around, because as of that date the usefulness of that idiot will disappear.

The end of Boss Madigan, the man who destroyed Illinois

Madigan graphic courtesy of the Illinois Policy Institute

By John Ruberry

Had this event not occurred on the same day President Donald J. Trump was impeached a second time, the failure of Michael Madigan to win a 19th term as speaker of the Illinois House would have made national news. The luck of the Irish was somehow with him on his worst day in his 52 years in politics.

There is much to criticize with Madigan. While the one sentence summary of the Chicago Democrat’s career might be “Longest statehouse speaker tenure in American history,” it instead needs to be, “The man who destroyed Illinois.”

Here’s a graph created by the Illinois Policy Institute–which has been on the forefront of exposing Madigan to the masses for a decade–that shows the decline of Illinois’ credit rating. And the rating began its descent early in Madigan’s tenure as speaker. To be fair, it was Gov. Jim Thompson, a Republican, who in 1989 signed into law the annual compounded three-percent cost-of-living public pension raise for retired state employees, but that bill emerged from Madigan’s House. Nearly all state workers are members of public-sector unions, those unions have been an important cog for the Madigan Machine. Other GOP governors share some of the blame for the Illinois pension bomb. But for all but two years since 1983, Madigan was speaker and he had his hands on every budget since then. 

Illlinois’ credit rating now hovers slightly over junk status.

The Prairie State has lost population for seven straight years. People have wised up. After the 2020 reapportionment Illinois will once again lose a congressional district. Perhaps two.

Madigan’s political mentor was the first Mayor Daley, Richard J, the legendary boss of Chicago. Madigan was America’s last machine boss. As mayor Daley was also chairman of Cook County Democratic Party, since 1998 Madigan has been chairman of state party, a post that he, at least for now, retains. Like Daley, Madigan would reward his political supporters and their relatives with jobs, usually public-sector jobs. But recent scandals involving private-sector entities, including the Chicago area’s electrical utility, Commonwealth Edison, betrayed the burden of the pension bomb that is eating away at Illinois government. Allegedly ComEd was handing out jobs, as lowly as meter readers, to Madigan loyalists. The ComEd scandal has produced several indictments, including the company’s former CEO and some Madigan loyalists. A separate scandal centered around red-light cameras has bagged other Madigan cronies. These political brushfires, on top of allegations of sexual harrassment against a member of Madigan’s inner circle, finally made the Madigan name toxic. 

The result in 2020 was better-than expected results for the anemic Illinois Republican Party. Best of all, the so-called Fair Tax Amendment, would have replaced Illinois’ flat income tax with a graduated one, was resoundingly defeated. A majority of Illinoisans finally ascertained, as I quipped at the time, that if Illinois was given an unlimited budget, politicians here would still exceed it. 

Another sin against democracy committed by Madigan is gerrymandered legislative districts, unintended artwork that would make Jackson Pollock or Pablo Picasso proud. “The state’s legislative map looks like a Rorschach test on steroids,” Robert Reed wrote in 2019 for Chicago Magazine, “with districts of all squiggly sizes and shapes.” With a few exceptions, such as university towns, Republicans dominate downstate Illinois in gubernatorial and presidential races, but there are still plenty of central and Illinois Democratic members of the General Assembly. That is the power of Madigan’s gerrymandering. It also discourages challengers to the status quo; according to the Center Square, last year 44 percent of Illinois legislative races were uncontested. Why run? Because in most districts in Illinois the politicians choose their voters, not the other way around.

Illinoisans would have been better served if there was not a Madigan monoculture in power for years in Springfield.

Groups such as the Better Government Association of Illinois and the League of Women Voters have long called for a Fair Map Amendement, taking away the power of decennial legislative remapping away from the General Assembly and putting a non-partisan panel in charge of the task instead. Twice in the prior decade hundreds of thousands of signatures were collected to put such an amendment on the ballot for voters to decide the issue, twice a lawyer with ties to Madigan successfully sued to keep it off. Last year, for the first time ever, a state Supreme Court justice, Democrat Thomas Kilbride, who represented a downstate district, failed to win retention. His vote against the Fair Map Amendment was one of the issues that galvanized opposition from voters.

Illinois’ Democratic governor, J.B. Pritzker, finally the state’s most powerful politician now that Madigan is no longer speaker, has vowed only to sign only a fair map into law. 

Don’t hold your breath on that one.

Madigan’s successor is Chris Welch, a suburban Chicagoan who was once a member of the Madigan Machine. He’ll be the Land of Lincoln’s first black speaker. But there is already a cloud over him. In 2002 he allegedly slammed the head of his girfriend repeatedly on to a kitchen countertop. Eight years later another woman claimed that she lost her job at a high school because Welch, then a school board president, broke up with her. 

Still there is reason to have at least a glimmer for hope in Illinois. But barring a change in federal law that would allow states to declare bankruptcy, Illinois will remain in its financial sewer for many years. A different amendment to the Illinois constitution, one that will allow pension reform and remove the pension guarantee clause, is desperetely needed. 

John Ruberry regularly blogs in Illinois at Marathon Pundit.

Futility league season 2, SD Jones League season 1 and all time great league season 3 standings 1/17/21

Here is the state of the table top baseball leagues I run. All leagues are 162 game seasons with one 3 game series scheduled per week

League one is the 2nd season of my Dynasty Baseball All Futility League (all teams lost 96 + games). Teams available for those interested are listed. If you click on the link for the various teams you get to their home page and can see their stats, leaders, injuries etc. Games are scheduled for Thursdays.

Teams AL Division AWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1970 Milwaukee Brewers3226.544—–No
1970 Chicago White Sox3027.5261No
2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays2433.4217Yes
2003 Detroit Tigers2238.36710 1/2No
Teams AL Division BWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1970 Kansas City Royals3423.596—–No
2012 Minnesota Twins3225.5612No
2008 Seattle Mariners3228.5223 1/2Yes
1973 Texas Rangers 2433.42110No
Teams AL Division C Wins Losses PCT GB Available
2009 Cleveland Indians 30 27 .526 —– No
1957 Washington Senators 30 27 .526 —- No
2019 Baltimore Orioles 26 31 .456 4 No
1967 Kansas City A’s 25 32 .439 5 No
Teams NL Division A Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1998 Montreal Expos 38 19 .667 —– No
2009 Washington Nationals 29 28 .509 9 Yes
2001 Pittsburgh Pirates  30 30 .500 9 1/2 Yes
 1998 Florida Marlins 27 30 .474 11 Yes
Teams NL Division B Wins Losses PCT GB Available
2015 Atlanta Braves 28 29 .491 —–  No
2017 San Francisco Giants 27 33 .450 2 1/2 No
2012 Houston Astros 25 32 .439 3 Yes
2000 Philadelphia Phillies 23 31 .426 3 1/2 Yes
Teams NL Division C Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1993 New York Mets 32 22 .593 —– No
1982 Cincinnati Reds 32 25 .561 1 1/2 No
1993 San Diego Padres 28 29 .491 5 1/2 Yes
1974 Chicago Cubs 28 29 .491 5 1/2 No

The SD Jones memorial .500 teams league is a league where all teams were no better than 2 games over .500 or no worse than 2 games under. Here are the current standings. Teams still available are listed. This is our initial season. Games are scheduled for Tuesdays.

Teams AL East Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1993 Boston 18 12 .600 —– No
1967 Washington 14 16 .467 4 Yes
1973 New York (A) 13 17 .433 5 Yes
1957 Baltimore 13 20 .394 6 1/2 Yes
Teams AL Central Wins Losses PCT GB Available
2010 Detroit 21 12 .636 —– Yes
1975 Cleveland 16 14 .533 3 1/2 No
1973 Minnesota 14 19 .424 7 No
1998 Chicago (A) 12 18 .400 7 1/2 No
Teams AL West Wins Losses PCT GB Available
2017 Kansas City 21 9 .700 —– Yes
2010 Oakland 19 14 .576 3 1/2 No
2005 Toronto 11 19 .367 10 Yes
2018 Los Angeles (A) 11 19 .367 10 Yes
Teams NL East Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1967 Pittsburgh 24 12 .667 —– No
2018 Washington 22 11 .667 1/2 No
1975 New York (N) 17 19 .472 7 Yes
1957 Philadelphia 14 16 .467 7 Yes
Teams NL Central Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1975 St. Louis 15 15 .500 —– Yes
 2000 Colorado 15 15 .500 —- Yes
1996 Cincinnati 13 17 .433 2 Yes
1973 Houston 12 18 .422 3 Yes
Teams NL West Wins Losses PCT GB Available
1975 San Francisco 24 9 .727 —– Yes
2007 Los Angeles (N) 14 16 .467 8 1/2 Yes
2012 Arizona  12 18 .400 10 1/2 Yes
1982 San Diego 10 20 .333 12 1/2 Yes

My 3rd league is our great teams league starting its 3rd season. Last season the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers repeated as world champs defeating the 2010 Texas Rangers 4 games to two. Can they three peat? And what team would YOU like to manage to try and stop them? We’ve just started so only a few games have been played so if you’re interested jump right in. Games are scheduled for Fridays.

Teams AL EastWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1993 Toronto21.667—–Yes
1970 Baltimore00.0001/2Yes
1999 Boston00.0001/2No
1961 Yankess12.3331No
Teams AL CentralWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1954 Cleveland00.000—–Yes
1974 Oakland00.000—-Yes
2006 Detroit00.000—-Yes
2010 Texas00.000—-Yes
Teams AL OtherWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1924 Washington00.000—–No
1967 Minnesota00.000—–Yes
1977 Kansas City00.000—–Yes
2009 New York (A)00.000—–Yes
Teams NL EastWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1975 Cincinnati201.000—–Yes
1955 Brooklyn00.0001Yes
2019 Washington Nats00.-0001No
1998 Atlanta02.0002No
Teams NL CentralWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1957 Milwaukee00.000—–Yes
1971 Pittsburgh00.000—–Yes
1985 St. Louis00.000—–No
2003 Cubs00.000—–Yes
Teams NL OtherWinsLossesPCTGBAvailable
1977 Philadelphia00.000—–Yes
2001 Arizona00.000—–Yes
2007 Colorado00.000—–Yes
2016 Chicago (N)00.000—–No

If you are interested in taking over the management of any of these teams contact me in comments.

The next censorship is on DNS

I was planning on reviewing Parler on my quest to look for Facebook alternatives, and then Parler essentially disappeared. At least you could find websites that hosted articles about Parler disappearing. But what if you plugged in a website, and it never appeared? Think that couldn’t happen?

Think again. For 2021, I’m predicting that the next big thing in censorship will be DNS censorship.

DNS stands for Domain Name System. It’s a process that your web browser uses to turn the website that you type in (say, gab.com) into an IP address that the computer can actually use to route traffic. Your web browser sends a request to a DNS resolver, which talks to a name server to find the address for the website you requested. This DNS resolver then sends that IP address to your browser, which then lets your browser get the information you requested from the website. DNS resolution is one of those background tasks that just sort of works without you thinking about it.

You shouldn’t assume this is going to work well in the future. With Parler’s obvious targeting by Apple, Google and Amazon all at once, if you had doubts about FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) censorship, your doubts should be cleared up now. But imagine if you attempted to go to the “next great conservative website,” only to find it was “down.” No matter what you enter into your browser, it never resolved the website.

Like most people, you’re probably using Google’s public DNS server,, and its alternate,, without even knowing it. That means that any website you enter into the address bar of your browser has to get approval from Google to be shown to you. If you don’t think that’s a problem, read Google’s own FAQ page:

Does Google Public DNS offer the ability to block or filter out unwanted sites?

Google Public DNS is purely a DNS resolution and caching server; it does not perform any blocking or filtering of any kind, except that it may not resolve certain domains in extraordinary cases if we believe this is necessary to protect Google’s users from security threats. But we believe that blocking functionality is usually best performed by the client. If you are interested in enabling such functionality, you should consider installing a client-side application or browser add-on for this purpose.

From https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/faq

“…protect Google’s users from security threats.” Hmmm. Like the Capitol protests? Or “domestic terrorism?”

I’m skeptical, and while there isn’t a lot of evidence its happening now, I think its the next obvious web censorship step against anything conservative on the internet.

Yup, its coming

Fortunately there are options. CloudFlare right now seems to be sticking to neutrality, and has been concerned for years about web censorship. Their DNS servers are and, and I recommend you setup your computer to use them before Google’s DNS server finds a way to blacklist your conservative websites in order to “ensure the security and continuing stability” or “protect users from security threats,” for a “safe and secure society” of course.

PC Mag and Toms Hardware both have easy to use guides on changing your DNS server. I also recommend you log into your router and change the DNS server there. It’s a small pain, but unless you want websites to suddenly disappear like the Tiananmen Square Massacre, you’ll need to start thinking about what other back-end processes can be altered against your will.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency.

Doctor Who: Get Woker Go Broker

I recently found myself re-listening to some of the big finish Doctor Who episodes I bought over the years before the BBC told me and the rest of the people who have actually cared about the series and the character over the last half decade what they could do with their fandom.

Apparently this strategy has not been all that productive when it came to the new “festive” special:

Whereas the Christmas Special used to get ratings in the 12 million, 13 million range, the latest “Festive Special” got… 4.69 million.

The absolute lowest of the rebooted Doctor Who.

The irony being that according to my oldest who actually watched it the episode was one best of the Jodie Whitaker series, in that it was better than the absolute worst episodes (like Fear Her and Oxygen) of the revived series but not as good as what could be considered a standard vanilla episode like The Curse of the Black Spot or even Thin Ice.

Of course the problem for these guys is that while the BBC is a government agency and can be a gravy train it is not the government itself and thus can’t force people to watch and without viewer the portion of the train offered eventually shrink’s to the point where it’s bad for the reputation of those involved, to wit:

The Mirror cited a Doctor Who source as saying: “It’s all very hush-hush but it is known on set that Jodie is leaving and they are gearing up for a regeneration. Her departure is top secret but at some point over the coming months the arrival of the 14th Doctor will need to be filmed.”

Unfortunately while some might cite this as good news the bad new is that they are keeping her for a 3rd series so as not to pretend that the first female doctor was not the abysmal failure that it was. As bad as that news is the worst news is in the next paragraph:

The report added that Whittaker’s co-stars Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole will also leave the show to make way for a refreshed alien-fighting team. Mandip Gill will remain, while British comedian John Bishop is joining the cast. Showrunner Chris Chibnall will also remain with the BBC Studios-produced series, the Mirror added.

This means that the re-writing of the series as uber woke (rather than just quietly woke as it has been since it came back) and the throwing out of canon to indulge Chibnall’s fanboy fantasy will continue.

While the critics where orgasmic at the changes I suspect people developing projects might think twice about hiring an actress that has killed an almost 60 year cash cow for their purposes. I’d feel sorry for Whittaker who is a passable actress who has done some good work in the past if she didn’t rub the wokeness in at the start

The real question will be having already chased away the paying customers who will want to come in for the series death? With Chibnall still the boss and the BBC having given in the woke mob once it’s certain said woke mob will demand an equally as woke if not more woke choice. Of course if the BCC figures the series can’t be saved they will like choose a white straight male who can be blamed for the cancellation.

Given the degree of wisdom we’ve seen from actors of late I’m sure a suitable sucker can be found then again if there is one thing these parasites know it’s self preservation.

CIA’s X-Files Drop

With rioters crashing the Capitol just days into the new year, 2021 has got off to a rollicking start. So we probably should have predicted the release of the CIA’s “entire file” on UFOs. The Black Vault, a website devoted to the collection and publication of government records related to UFOs and paranormal phenomena run by John Greenewald, Jr., released the treasure trove of documents after twenty years of Freedom of Information Act requests filed with the CIA dating back to 1996 (when Greenewald was 15).

The records go back to the early 1950s, when officials grew concerned when “so many ‘flying saucers’” were being reported. An April 1976 memo, painted with redactions as it is, still reveals a moment where Assistant Deputy Director for Science & Technology is handed intelligence and, after a brief examination, says he would “personally look into the matter.” The description of the intelligence itself was redacted. Some report? Photographs? Can you request the retraction of redactions through the FOIA?

Several reports focus on UFO sightings across the globe, from a 1957 sighting in Iran, a 1965 document concerning Antarctic Flying Saucers,” a heavily redacted account of 1976 sighting in Morocco, and a 1977 report about “’Unusual’ Natural Phenomena” in the Soviet Republic of Karelia, a province of the Soviet Union adjacent to Finland, where a “huge star suddenly [flared] up in the dark sky” and sent “shafts of light to the earth,” before moving over the city of Petrozavodsk like a “medusa” and then toward nearby Lake Onega. A 1985 report about another Soviet incident 120 miles from Minsk, in present day Belarus, also describes a “large star” seen by an airline crew mid-flight that again sent lights to the earth, amid many other details.

The release follows less than a year after the US. Navy officially acknowledged three incidents, one in 2004 and two in 2015, in which its pilots encountered “unidentified aerial phenomena” that seemed to defy the known laws of physics.

On Thursday of this week, the Navy claimed its top secret briefing slides relating to the 2004 incident, if released as requested by a separate FOIA filing by UFO researcher Christian Lambright, would “cause exceptionally grave damage” to U.S. national security.

None of the recently released evidence provides confirmation of the existence of extraterrestrial visitors to Earth, but the year is still young. If 2021 hopes to outdo 2020, a light show over Devil’s Tower would probably do it.

A Sad Tale

As I see what’s been going on since November in general over the last 10 days in particular I have to say this.

I’m only slightly disappointed in the Democrats, you have to remember that I didn’t expect better of then and I stated bluntly that the only reason why President Trump won in 2016 is the left didn’t think they needed to steal the election and the long delay in finally calling it that evening was all about seeing if they could steal sufficient votes to solve the problem, but not having time or the coordination and planning that was available by 2020 it just wasn’t doable.

I am however disappointed in everyone else, either through inaction or fear has gone along. I always presumed that Americans were adverse to having their rights and prerogative taken from them but apparently that died with the world war two generation.

They may not have been the greatest generation of Americans but apparently they were the last.

As a rule republics commit suicide, it may still be possible to resuscitate ours over the next four years but that will depend on how willing the people will be to let it die rather than do the heavy lifting required to keep it alive..

The Big Tech purge of Parler goes against everything the United States stands for

It has been understood since the very inception of the United States that freedom of speech is one of the most important ideals of this nation.  That ideal forms our very foundation.   It is beyond depressing that a significant percentage of the population of the United States no longer values freedom of speech.  It is beyond infuriating that a cabal of self appointed high tech overlords have been engaged in the systematic silencing of individuals who express ideas that conflict with the progressive orthodoxy.

The high tech fascism and censorship reached an appalling level when these corporate tyrants ganged up on the free speech social media platform Parler and forced it to close down, perhaps permanently.  Here is how the CEO of Parler described what took place.  The quote is from this Deadline article.

Parler CEO John Matze said today that his social media company has been dropped by virtually all of its business alliances after Amazon, Apple and Google ended their agreements with the social media service.

“Every vendor from text message services to email providers to our lawyers all ditched us too on the same day,” Matze said today on Fox News.

Matze conceded that the bans could put the company out of business while raising free speech issues, calling it “an assault on everybody.”

“They all work together to make sure at the same time we would lose access to not only our apps, but they’re actually shutting all of our servers off tonight, off the internet,” Matze said. “They made an attempt to not only kill the app, but to actually destroy the entire company. And it’s not just these three companies. Every vendor from text message services to email providers to our lawyers all ditched us too on the same day.”

Liberals on social media constantly point out that these tech companies are private companies therefore they have every right to engage in this despicable behavior.  That is true.  What liberals are implying is that we have no right to complain about this fascism and we must remain silent about it.  On that they are egregiously misguided.  I have every right to speak out against anything and everything I choose to because I have freedom of speech, and that includes private companies that are behaving like a bunch of fascists.  I have every right to speak out about this disgusting censorship and use my voice, and typing to suggest that everyone who is outraged by these direct attacks on freedom of speech to boycott any company that is involved.  Every individual has the tight to criticize, complain about, and rail against whatever they want to. I for one will never use Amazon, Google or Apple again.

I don’t know how many times someone on the political left has told me that what these high tech companies are doing is not censorship because only governments can engage in censorship.  That is utter bovine excrement   Censorship occurs whenever someone is silenced by someone else, no matter the circumstances.  Censorship is always wrong and always deserves condemnation.

Progressives, and many on the right who should know better, believes that there is such a class of speech known as hate speech and that it is not protected by the First Amendment.  The problem with the whole concept of hate speech is that no one can agree what is hate speech and what is not.  You absolutely do not want the government of high tech tyrants defining that constitutes what speech.  Far too often progressives deem something to be hate simply because it conflicts with their political beliefs and ideology.