Wednesday of Holy Week Lent Letters and Spirit of the law and Holy Trinity Parish in Dallas TX.

One of the things that often confuse people is the transition from the Lenten season of the Church to the Easter Season. Most people treat lent as running to Easter Sunday or at least till the Easter Vigil mass (the longest mass of the year) on Saturday after sundown.

The reality is actually that in between Lent and Easter there consists the shortest season of the church year the Easter Triduum consisting of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday

Now because of this there are some people who will end their Lenten vows on Thursday or Thursday evening (since in ancient Judaism the day ended at sundown which is why you have vigil masses). Depending on what was being given up and such people are following the letter of the law.

The problem with the letter of the law is that the Easter Triduum is actual the most solemn season of the church. You have the trial, torture. crucifixion and death of Christ.

I don’t think you can get more solemn than that.

That being the case I think that it’s more appropriate to wait until Easter to lift any restrictions one has placed on oneself because while one might be following the letter of the law one might also wish to follow the spirit of the law.

And that brings us to Holy Trinity Church in Dallas and the case of Deirdre Hariston a pregnant mother of was at mass during Lent praying after receiving holy communion

Three police officers were waiting for her after she went to Holy Communion at Holy Trinity Church. She was kneeling down and holding her baby when the police officer said she needed to leave the mass.

When Deidre continued to kneel and pray the police officer grabbed her arm and tried to lift her and drag her out of the church. The officer told her she was trespassing — by attending mass!

Deirdre later found out the main pastor ratted her out! The usher was in the background screaming, “Lock her up!”

The police officer then asked her for ID and told her she was going to arrest her.
She was told not to come back to this Catholic Church again.

The degree of clueless here is astounding, particularly given that she had already received communion meaning the mass was practically over not to mention the optics of police removing a woman at prayer from a church, during lent no less and an usher crying for her to be locked up. I mean it’s not like the pastor couldn’t have approached her after mass to talk to her if he had a problem.

But that cluelessness pales before the statement by the Diocese of Dallas which backed up the pastor even though there is not only no mask mandate in Texas but no Mask mandate by the Diocese itself saying in part:

Canon Law grants parishes jurisdiction over their parishes and while the bishops has not mandated masks for every parish he has left the specific details to the pastors of the diocese

Now if the pastor wanted to stress that he desired parishioners to wear a mask he could have approached her quietly after mass rather than calling police on a pregnant mother.

Furthermore it’s my experience that pregnant mothers are exactly the people you want at parishes because without them you have a parish that dies.

In fairness the priest and the diocese have the letter of the law on their side but might I suggest that while this year we are praying with Mark they they might want to re-acquaint themselves with this passage from Matthew

Then Jesus spoke to the crowds and to his disciples, saying,

“The scribes and the Pharisees have taken their seat on the chair of Moses. Therefore, do and observe all things whatsoever they tell you, but do not follow their example. For they preach but they do not practice. They tie up heavy burdens (hard to carry) and lay them on people’s shoulders, but they will not lift a finger to move them.”

Matthew 23:1-4

Pray for the diocese, the priest and for the young lady who I hope will find a parish that will welcome her and her children with open arms.

Thanks, Larry McMurtry!

By Christopher Harper

Larry McMurtry provided an opportunity for my father and me to get to know one another a lot better.

In 1989, McMurtry’s novel, Lonesome Dove, became one of the most-watched series in television history.

It’s difficult to summarize a nearly 900-page book, but Texas Monthly did a pretty good job of it: McMurtry wrote his novel about “two retired, hard-bitten Texas Rangers in the forlorn [Texas] border town of Lonesome Dove.

“The ex-Rangers, Augustus ‘Gus’ McCrae and Woodrow Call, lead a cattle drive to Montana with a ragtag team of cowpokes, which includes a black cowboy, a bandit turned cook, a piano player with a hole in his stomach, a young widow, a teenager who is Call’s unacknowledged son, and a prostitute. On their journey, the group encounters psychopathic outlaws, vengeful Indians, buffalo hunters, gamblers, scouts, cavalry officers, and backwoodsmen. They endure perilous river crossings, thunderstorms, sandstorms, hailstorms, windstorms, lightning storms, grasshopper storms, stampedes, drought, and a mean bear. There are plenty of shootings and a few impromptu hangings. The prostitute, Lorena, is gang-raped. In the end, after McCrae is mortally wounded by Indians, he asks Call to bury him in a little peach orchard by the Guadalupe River near San Antonio, where he was once in love with a woman. Call dutifully carries his partner’s half-mummified body back to Texas.”

My father spent much of his early life in Rawlins, Wyoming, as the son of a man who worked the Chisolm Trail as a cowboy and later became a sheriff who died after a gun battle. His mother then married another cowboy. 

Just before I was born, my family moved out of Rawlins to Idaho, then crisscrossed flyover country from Idaho to Colorado to South Dakota. 

Like the folks from Lonesome Dove, we were constantly on the move. 

Somehow, Lonesome Dove reminded my father of the better days of his early life, and he shared the memories of hunting and fishing and country life. 

He wanted to get his family out of Rawlins to build a better life—much like Gus had wanted for his friends from Lonesome Dove. Along the way, our family didn’t suffer as those from Lonesome Dove. But the wandering from place to place took its toll.

Near the end of my father’s life, Lonesome Dove provided him and me the opportunity to talk about his adventures and discuss the tough times, including my mother’s death when I was 13, in a way he could never have done before.

Thanks, Larry!

Tuesday of Holy Week the Left and the Purgatory Line

If you would be quite sure of your salvation, strive to be among the fewest of the few. Do not follow the majority of mankind, but follow those who renounce the world and never relax their efforts day or night so that they may attain everlasting blessedness.

Saint Anselm of Canterbury

One of the dangers that you run into regularly in the church is the idea of targeting Purgatory as your goal.

The argument being that if you don’t think you’re worthy of heaven, which ironically was a state that many saints considered themselves in, aim for purgatory instead as you are much more likely to reach that state first and as eery person in Purgatory eventually makes it to heaven it’s a much workable plan.

This plan has a very large and rather obvious flaw. If you aim for Heaven (which ironically all those saints that I just mentioned who didn’t think themselves worthy of heaven did) and miss. You might just fall into purgatory for a spell, before you get there.

However if you aim for purgatory and miss, Hell awaits.

Why given this fact to so many Catholics think this way. It’s because of the people tend to like their sins. and like a lawyer trying to get his client as close to the line of illegality as he can without crossing it we tend to try to get as close to that line of mortal sin without going over.

Using Augustine famous cry “Lord make me chaste, but not yet.” as a basis for a way of life is like planning your retirement around getting a winning lottery ticket. Yes someone is going to win the lottery but odds are it’s not going to be you. Yes Augustine is now St. Augustine and dwells in heaven with the Lord, but the vast majority of those who delay their repentance will delay too long. As St. Leonard of Port Maurice put it in his famous sermon: “The Little Number of Those Who Are Saved

Poor souls! How can you run so hastily toward hell? For mercy’s sake, stop and listen to me for a moment! Either you understand what it means to be saved and to be damned for all eternity, or you do not. If you understand and in spite of that, you do not decide to change your life today, make a good confession and trample upon the world, in a word, make your every effort to be counted among the littler number of those who are saved, I say that you do not have the faith. You are more excusable if you do not understand it, for then one must say that you are out of your mind. To be saved for all eternity, to be damned for all eternity, and to not make your every effort to avoid the one and make sure of the other, is something inconceivable.

Now in fact this is the same type of thing we are seeing with the actions of the violent left. In fact the best illustration of this is what happened in Seattle.

As you can see from the footage posted by Andy Ngo, Antifa was busy smashing up a truck with a man inside during the “Freedom Day Parade.” The man exits the vehicle and seems to point a gun at the crowd of Antifa attackers which has, at this point, backed off. He’s soon ordered by an armed and ready police officer to put the gun down and to get on the ground. The distraught man attempts to point to the real offenders, but the officer continues to order him to the ground while ordering everyone else to back away.

Again the left here is coming close to the line in the sight of the police but not crossing it to the point where the man decides he actually has to shoot to defend himself. Police take him into custody (and release him without charges for daring to defend himself and his property when the officers whose job it is to do so refuse to.

The left keeps getting closer and closer to the line and sooner or later they are going to do it without the police nearby or a person being threatened with decide that they don’t care and open fire.

I suspect that once people start shooting back the people who have been vilified for the last decade who are now very heavily armed will not be all that inclined to stop.

Like the person playing dodgem with purgatory the left is playing dodgem with an actual shooting civil war (or more accurate an actual shooting Lincoln County style war) which is likely not going to end well for them, either temporally or eternally.

Personally I’d advice against it.

oh and as Father Z would say: Go to Confession!

Report from Louisiana: Downsizing

By:  Pat Austin   

SHREVEPORT – With my retirement in a couple of months drawing ever closer, and as crime and violence in Shreveport becomes ever more prevalent, we have been giving more and more serious thought to pulling up and moving out of this hellhole  town, and moving to the small community in south Louisiana where we visit five times a year.

No place is perfect, I know this, but some places are more perfect than others.

But this moving thing? It isn’t as easy as it sounds. I have lived in this house since 1978 and my grandparents lived here before me. My mother grew up in this house. It’s not a fine, family home passed down from generation to generation – it’s a comfortable, two-bedroom house in an aging neighborhood.

The problem is that I look around me and I wonder, what am I going to do with ALL THIS STUFF?!  My goodness but I’ve accumulated a lot of stuff.  And I often tell my husband that he is just one paperclip away from being a hoarder.

I want to downsize.

There are days when I look around and think, “Why on earth am I keeping this?” and throw it, whatever it is, into the trashcan. There are other days when I want to list everything I own for sale online. I could pay off a couple of credit cards with the proceeds, I am certain.

I went through a Depression glass phase a few years ago and now I have three china cabinets filled with the stuff. Ok, it’s pretty, but why do I need six lime green salad plates? Or three clear pink coffee cups? An assortment of cut crystal bowls. Vases, pitchers, salt and pepper shakers, and toothpick holders. I have probably fifty of those tiny, individual salt bowls. Several of those have tiny sterling silver spoons with them.

Why do I need to keep all this stuff?!  My children will not want this after I am gone. Of this, I am certain.

I have some 200 DVDs.  In this age of streaming video, why do I still have these? And let’s please not even open the discussion on books. I am literally drowning in books and I can say in all honesty that I do purge these once or twice a year and donate them to the university book bazaar fundraiser. I still have enough books to fill a U-Haul.

Once I actually retire, I will purge a lot of clothes from my closet, but t-shirts, man, I have a lot of those. Way too many.

Dishes. I have several complete sets of dishes – at least two are antiques, wedding china from both sets of grandparents. My mom’s sterling silver flatware. Kitchen Kitsch – vintage canisters, jadeite, vintage ice cream scoops, enamelware bowls of all sizes, and an assortment of drip coffeepots. Now, the coffeepots I can use – when the power is out, a good old-fashioned drip coffeepot can replace the Keurig or the Mr. Coffee in a heartbeat and taste much better. But do I need six of them?!

Old electronics that I don’t know what to do with. We have at least six old computers around here.

This is getting embarrassing now that I’m writing this.

And sweet goodness I haven’t even gone to the garage yet, but that’s easier because most things in there can go straight to the trash. That’s sort of a wasteland before the final commitment to throw away. An old twin mattress, a wooden rocking chair nobody had room for, now covered in mold. Countless boxes of Mardi Gras beads. A couple of discarded weedeaters.  A broken table someone thought we might fix but never did. Lawn chairs. A non-working window air conditioner unit.

In a way, I envy people that move often because I am certain they don’t accumulate junk like all this. I look around and some of the things I really treasure and have a sentimental attachment too, but others, not so much. I tried reading that Marie Kondo book once about throwing out things that don’t “spark joy,” but the thought of picking up each item in my house and deliberating on whether or not it sparked joy seemed like such a massive undertaking I just couldn’t do it.

I do think it is time to start asking myself some hard questions about what I need to keep in my life and what needs to find a new home, or the trash bin. And it would be pretty cool if I could sell off some of these things that might have value to someone else now that I’ve enjoyed them for a while. And perhaps if I can downsize significantly, I can actually see my way clear to sell my house and move away to a place where people don’t get shot every single day and where you don’t hear gunfire when sitting inside your own home at night. The lawlessness here is really prompting some serious thoughts of change.

But before I rent the moving truck, I have to go throw out my collection of Southern Living magazines, the tarnished brass candlesticks that have been stuck in a drawer for two decades, the size three jeans that I will never fit into again, the wooden fish I bought at Pier I twenty years ago because I wanted to live at the beach, the Rolling Rock salt and pepper shakers with missing caps, a couple of broken tv trays, and a beat up Easter egg tree with missing ornaments.

Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport and at Medium; she is the author of Cane River Bohemia: Cammie Henry and her Circle at Melrose Plantation. Follow her on Instagram @patbecker25 and Twitter @paustin110.

Life Imitates Python, Scripture, the Godfather and Sir Humphrey Monday of Holy Week Thoughts Under the Fedora

More and more the world in general and the left in particular seem to be imitating Monty Python to wit when I heard are secretary of state said this concerning the Wuhan virus:

Secretary of State Tony Blinken was hesitant to say whether the Biden administration plans to take steps to hold China accountable for what he once called a lack of transparency over how the country handled the pandemic early on.

Blinken, who previously said China’s alleged hiding of the origins of COVID-19 in Wuhan was a “profound problem,” was pushed on Sunday by CNN’s Dana Bash on whether he believes Beijing should be punished.

Blinken did not give a direct answer and instead said U.S. officials should work to prevent future pandemics and strengthen its relationship with the World Health Organization.

All I could think of was this exchange from the classic comedy Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

Sir Lancelot: Sorry. Sorry. You see what I mean? I just get carried away. I’m really most awfully sorry. Sorry! Sorry, everyone.

Guest 1: He’s killed the best man! [guests shouting]

Owner of Swamp Castle: Hold it! Hold it! Please! Hold it! This is Sir Lancelot from the Court of Camelot, a very brave and influential knight, and my special guest here today.

Sir Lancelot: Hello.

Guest 2: He killed my auntie! [guests yelling more]

Owner of Swamp Castle: Please! Please! This is supposed to be a happy occasion! Let’s not bicker and argue about who killed who. 

Like the Biden administration the owner of Swamp Castle expected to gain personal financial advantage from downplaying those deaths.

Of course Monty Python isn’t the only thing coming to mind these days. For example, Headline:

All FIVE liberal children of evangelical preacher Rev. Rick Joyner denounce their father in stinging NY Times article saying his right-wing views are ‘morally wrong’

Immediately brought to mind this bit of scripture:

“Do not think that I have come to bring peace upon the earth. I have come to bring not peace but the sword. For I have come to set a man ‘against his father, a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and one’s enemies will be those of his household.’

Matt 10:34-36

The cost for discipleship is a lot higher in an age when the Christianity is frowned upon by those in high position then in the days when it was followed and respected.

There are some interesting double standards also going on today. For example this press release from the city of Baltimore:

“Today, America’s war on drug users is over in the city of Baltimore. We leave behind the era of tough-on-crime prosecution and zero tolerance policing and no longer default to the status quo to criminalize mostly people of color for addiction. We will develop sustainable solutions and allow our public health partners to do their part to address mental health and substance use disorder,” said State’s Attorney Mosby.

via Gateway Pundit, sounds an awful like this speech from Don Zaluchi during the peace meeting in the classic movie the Godfather:

I also don’t believe in drugs. For years I paid my people extra so they wouldn’t do that kind of business. Somebody comes to them and says “I have powders; if you put up three, four thousands dollar investment, we can make fifty thousands distributing.” so they can’t resist.

I won’t to control it as a business to keep it respectable [slams his hands on the table] I don’t want it near schools. I don’t want it sold to children! That’s an infamia. In my city , we would keep the traffic in the dark people –the colored. They’re animals anyway, so let them lose their souls.

The primary difference between the pair is that Don Zaluchi isn’t pretending he’s doing a service for the black community, these people are.

Of course lately we’ve been seeing a lot of Yes Minister in the things being condemned and not condemned. Take the murder of a 64 year old Lebanese immigrant driving for UBER eats by a pair of girls:

The description of the fatal incident in this NBC News account doesn’t adequately explain the horror of what was captured on cellphone video by an eyewitness who started recording as Anwar was attempting to prevent the teenage girls from stealing the car. Answer was at the driver’s side door of the vehicle, holding onto the wheel, when the carjackers sped off with him hanging out the side of the door. They swerved left, evidently trying to ram him into a lightpole, and then turned right around a corner. The vehicle disappears from sight in the video, then a loud crash is heard. The witness runs down the street and, when he turns the corner, we see the car toppled onto its left side, the two teenage carjackers scrambling out while Anwar’s apparently lifeless body lies on the sidewalk.

Kurt Schlichter asks the obvious question:

Alas it is not to be as the two girls on camera were black and thus any condemnation of this as a Hate Crime might be considered racist as Stacy McCain explains:

Question: Was this a “hate crime”? The two teenage criminals were black, and had no doubt carjacked many other victims before they committed this crime in broad daylight. Were they targeting their victims on a racial basis? There has been a nationwide spree of carjacking in America over the past year, and there is a discernible pattern to these crimes. 

Of course Yes Prime Minister explained this long ago when arguing against the raising of a clergyman to a Bishopric:

Sir Humphrey: And he’s also against oppression and persecution in Africa.

Prime minister James Hacker: So are we

Sir Humphrey: Yes but he’s against them when practiced by black governments as well as white ones.

Prime Minister James Hacker: Oh, so he’s a racist.

Yes Prime Minister The Bishop’s Gambit 1988

Shades of DatechGuy’s 3rd law of media outrage there.

GOP senators knock down walls of Biden’s Potemkin Village at the border

By John Ruberry

One of Joe Biden’s first acts as president was to end construction of the wall at the southern border, a project heartily championed by Donald Trump.

Instead a different kind of wall has replaced it.

The Trump of the late 18th-century, in regards to what we now call fake news, was Catherine the Great of Russia. Historical gossip has it that Catherine was killed as a horse was lowered on to her for carnal purposes. Not true, as is the milder version of her demise that claims she died of her wounds after her bulk–she indeed was quite heavy– forced the collapse of the outhouse she was using. 

A stroke is what killed the empress of Russia.

Besides the urban legend about the horse, Catherine is best-known for the term “Potemkin Village.” Her governor in southern Russia–and her onetime lover–Grigory Potemkin, supposedly built facades of prosperous villages that hid the reality behind the proto-Hollywood sets. One of abject poverty that Catherine otherwise would see as she toured Potemkin’s region.

Most modern historians believe that these Potemkin Villages were either a myth or a gross exaggeration.

What is not a myth is that the Biden-Harris administration is attempting to hide a crisis at the southern border. Not with wooden facades, yet there is a metaphorical Potemkin Village there. Those figurative walls were knocked down Friday when a group of Republican senators, led by Texans Ted Cruz and John Cornyn, visited a detention facility in Donna, Texas, one that Cruz said was built for 250 people but is now holding 4,000

Cruz brought his smartphone as you can see.

Joe Biden promised transparency as president. That’s not happening at the migrant facilities at the border, where the media is banned. “What is occurring here at the border is heartbreaking and it’s a tragedy,” Cruz said shortly after his visit. “It is striking that not a single one of these cameras is allowed in the Donna facility. We requested media to come inside and the Biden administration denied us.” 

A day earlier during his only press conference as president Biden was pressured, gently of course, about when the media would be allowed at the migrant facilities. He unsteadily answered, “This is being set up and you’ll have full access to everything once we get this thing moving.” Translation: The situation at these camps will embarrass the Biden-Harris administration and as soon as we clean it up–or we are able to hide the worst scenes at these facilities–we’ll let reporters in.

For now, as Kevin Bacon laughingly said during the riot at the end of the movie Animal House, “All is well.”

Expect four more years–whether Joe Biden or Kamala Harris is in charge–of such opaqueness. The lapdog media–which only bares its teeth when a Republican is president–will guarantee it. They are the contributing architects to the Biden-Harris Potemkin Village at the southern border–and others that are likely to come.

All will be well.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

Dynasty Online Leagues Update (as of 3/25/21)

Here is the current state of the table top baseball leagues I run. All leagues are 162 game seasons with one 3 game series scheduled per week If you click on a team link you can see their stats, injuries, leaders etc.

As of this week I am adding the wild cards standings for the play-in game

League one All Futility League (all teams lost 96 + games) 2nd Season. Scheduled series time Thursday Mornings.

Teams AL Division AWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1970 Milwaukee Brewers4737.560—–NoN/A
1970 Chicago White Sox4344.4945 1/2No2
2002 Tampa Bay Devil Rays3948.4489 1/2Yes6
2003 Detroit Tigers3450.40513No10

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Teams AL Division BWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1970 Kansas City Royals4836.571—–NoN/A
2012 Minnesota Twins4740.5402 1/2No +2
2008 Seattle Mariners4542.5174 1/2Yes—–
1973 Texas Rangers3252.38116Yes11 1/2
Teams AL Division CWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1967 Kansas City A’s4440.524—–Non/a
1957 Washington Senators4341.5121 No1/2
2009 Cleveland Indians4344.4942 1/2No2
2019 Baltimore Orioles3737.5001/2No1 1/2

*Division Winner automatically makes playoffs

Teams NL Division AWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1998 Montreal Expos5529.655—–YesN/A
2009 Washington Nationals4836.5717Yes+ 2
2001 Pittsburgh Pirates 4143.48814Yes5
1998 Florida Marlins3549.41720Yes11
Teams NL Division BWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2015 Atlanta Braves4341.512—– Non/a
2012 Houston Astros4146.4713 1/2Yes6 1/2
2017 San Francisco Giants3648.4297No10
2000 Philadelphia Phillies3549.4178Yes11
Teams NL Division CWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1982 Cincinnati Reds5235.598—-Non/a
1993 New York Mets4638.5484 1/2No—–
1974 Chicago Cubs4242.5008 1/2No4
1993 San Diego Padres3846.45212 1/2Yes8

The SD Jones memorial .500 teams league is a league (all teams were no better than 2 games over .500 or no worse than 2 games under) Initial season . Games are scheduled for Tuesdays. AM

Teams AL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1993 Boston3525.585—–Non/a
1973 New York (A)2931.4836Yes—-
1957 Baltimore2634.4339Yes3
1967 Washington2535.41710Yes4

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Teams AL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2010 Detroit3921.650—–Yesn/a
1975 Cleveland2832.46711No1
1973 Minnesota2436.40015No5
1998 Chicago (A)2238.36717No7

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Teams AL WestWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2010 Oakland3723.617—-Yesn/a
2017 Kansas City3624.6001Yes+7
2005 Toronto2931.4838Yes—–
2018 Los Angeles (A)2832.4679Yes1
Teams NL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2018 Washington3825.603—-No+5*
1967 Pittsburgh3825.603—-No+5*
1975 New York (N)3027.5265Yes——
1957 Philadelphia3030.5006 1/2Yes1 1/2
Division winner skips wild card
Teams NL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1975 St. Louis3129.517—–Yesn/a
1996 Cincinnati2829.4911 1/2No2
2000 Colorado2832.4673Yes3 1/2
1973 Houston2637.4136 1/2Yes7
Teams NL WestWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1975 San Francisco4020.667—–Yesn/a
2012 Arizona2733.45013Yes3
2007 Los Angeles (N)2736.41714 1/2Yes4 1/2
1982 San Diego2238.36818Yes8

3rd League All time any time Great Teams League (3rd season) Games scheduled Friday evenings

Teams AL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1970 Baltimore189.667—–Yesn/a
1993 Toronto1812.6001 1/2No+3 1/2
1961 Yankees1314.4815No——
1999 Boston711.3896 1/2No2
Teams AL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2010 Texas189.667—–Yesn/a
1954 Cleveland1215.4446Yes1
2006 Detroit1116.4077Yes2
1974 Oakland69.4004 1/2Yes1 1/2
Teams AL OtherWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1924 Washington1614.533—–Non/a
1977 Kansas City1314.4811 1/2Yes—-
2009 New York (A)1215.4442 1/2No1
1967 Minnesota1317.4333Yes1 1/2
Teams NL EastWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1998 Atlanta1614.533—-Non/a
2019 Washington Nats1314.4811 1/2Yes2
1955 Brooklyn1215.4442 1/2Yes3
1975 Cincinnati1215.4442 1/2Yes3
Teams NL CentralWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
1957 Milwaukee1710.611—–Yesn/a
1971 Pittsburgh1611.5931Yes+1
1985 St. Louis1314.4814No2
2003 Cubs1116.4076Yes4
Teams NL OtherWLPCTGBAvailableWCGB
2016 Chicago (N)198.704—-Non/a
2001 Arizona1512.5564Yes—–
1977 Philadelphia1215.4447Yes3
2007 Colorado1119.3679 1/2Yes5 1/2

If you are interested in taking over the management of any of these teams contact me in comments.

No inflation? Not buying it

I affectionately call her The Kraken!

During the early part of 2020, when COVID restrictions were in full swing and everything fun had to arrive in an UberEats or Amazon delivery vehicle, I built a pirate ship. A big, frickin’ pirate ship. Like, adult sized, complete with cup holders for your adult beverages. Home Depot had a massive truck drop off all the lumber, and every weekend until the beginning of summer, there I was, building away on the ship. Luckily, as the summer and COVID dragged on, my kids had something to play on while the city shut down all the other playgrounds.

The lumber I purchased was fairly hefty: 4×4 posts, 5/4 decking board, 2×6 framing, and all of it is pressure treated. Recently I went to add a simple enclosure for my garden, and looked at the price for some 4x4s. And man, did they look expensive. Curious, I pulled up my receipts from the pirate ship project. And sure enough….4x4s had nearly doubled in price.

If 4×4 was a stock, it would have beat an awful lot of the market. I also looked at our Walmart receipts, and sure enough, food prices bumped up a bit too. Gas is more expensive as well.

So I’m super skeptical when I get told we have little to no inflation. In real prices, I don’t see it. Everything is more expensive, and a lot more than the 2% you would normally expect. Maybe that makes me dumber than an economist, but I’ll take my actual experience of buying things over some book knowledge that seems to have no place in reality. Given how high these prices really are, I’m worried that inflation is going to skyrocket once people start buying things again in large numbers. If ever there was a time to worry about inflation, now would be that time.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency.

Mandarin for Mandarins

China ratcheted things up a notch or two in Western Pacific on Friday, with the Taiwan defense ministry reporting that twenty Chinese military aircraft violated Taiwan’s air defense identification zone, including four nuclear-capable bombers and 10 fighter jets. Taiwan sent warnings and no confrontation was reported. This was the largest violation yet by China, which has made a habit of testing Taiwan’s air space.

This comes only hours after China hit the United Kingdom with sanctions in retribution for the UK daring to criticize China’s multitude of human rights depravities in the western province of Xinjiang.

Which comes as China disappears major Western retailers Nike, Adidas, Burberry and H&M in retaliation for the companies refusing to source cotton from Xinjiang, where the local Uighurs are enslaved on cotton farms.

Which comes just days after Chinese diplomats came to Alaska and mocked American strength to American Secretary of State Anthony Blinken’s face. Blinken took it, surprising no one.

Meanwhile, China’s military is trying to create biologically enhanced supersoldiers, experimenting with the gene-editing technology known as CRISPR.

So it seems a strange time for the U.S. military to worry about maternity outfits for pilots, weakening competencies for women soldiers, and providing “gender reassignment surgery” for military members. But then, the Biden Administration is making all kinds of strange decisions. The depressingly progressive military leadership seems so concerned about making safe spaces for wokesters they’ve forgotten their duty is to make the United States itself a safe space, and that’s done through actual physical strength and force.

It should be an interesting few years, in no small measure because China itself is facing a steep population decline, which could make its widely predicted global dominance a short-lived thing — and offer a shorter window for reclaiming Taiwan, for instance, than perhaps they previously expected. Seems the one-time one-child policy worked a little too well. Pity.

Well, we had an American Century. How bad could a Chinese Decade be?

Last of the Noemhecians

One of my favorite shows as a kid was the British 8 part mini series of James Fenimore Cooper’s classic tale The Last of the Mohicans which was shown on WGBH channel 2 as PBS’ Masterpiece Theatre series.

There were many classic moments in the eight part series but one came to mind this week when South Dakota governor Kristi Noem did an abrupt about face on a bill to protect women in women’s sports.

In episode 2 Hawkeye and the Mohegans having recused Major Heyward’s party consisting of the daughters of Col Munro, his batsman and a traveling Psalmist are hiding in a cave bedding down for the night. Heyward is venting to concerning the mistake he made in trusting Magua the Huron to a listening Hawkeye and suggests to him that his is foolish to trust the Mohegans Chingachgook and his son Uncas. This leads to this speech by Hawkeye that has always stuck with me. (emphasis mine)

Hawkeye: I’ve known Chingachgook since we were both young. I knew Uncas’ mother. I’ve known Uncas since the day he was born. Major Hayward I do not know you! If we had to fight back to back, it’s possible that you might run. Oh I don’t think you would, but you might. I’ve fought back to back with these Mohegans and they didn’t run!

Last of the Mohegans episode 2 1971

This had been the reason why I had supported Ted Cruz over Donald Trump in 2016. Both were saying all the right things but I had already seen that Ted Cruz wouldn’t run and didn’t know about Trump. Of course we figured out pretty quick that President Trump didn’t run from a fight either and I was happy to support him in 2020.

We still don’t know who the GOP nominee will be in 2024 but it’s imperative that both the nominee for President and Vice President are people who will not run when the left, or the media or the NCAA goes after them.

Kristi Noem has done us a great service just as Nikki Haley did by showing that when the chips were down and if we had to fight back to back, they would run. Noem’s handling of the COVID crisis in her state has been excellent and she deserves credit for it. Haley certainly did a fine job at the UN and she deserves credit for it too and in a different era that might be enough.

We are however now at a point where conservatives and conservatism are literally fighting for our lives and we can’t be looking for someone hoping to get JFK library awards for throwing us off the bus.

It’s just as well we learn this now before we invest time, effort and most importantly money on them.