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Apparently I wasn’t the only person who decided that Biden’s speech wasn’t worth their time

Virtual voters don’t show up in TV ratings

Actually had to turn down an offer to be on a radio panel the next day because I didn’t see it.

Glenn Reynolds in a NY Post article noted the difference in opinion on riots between white elites far away from the rioting and black residents of the areas where rioting took place. He ends his piece with this:

The people who have to deal with consequences will have to go somewhere else politically. And they will.

Until they do I’m not going to put a lot of credence in their critique of rioting in their neighborhoods. In a republic you get what you vote for (expect last time around nationally)

There was apparently more outrage in the media/left about NY losing a congressional seat to Texas by less than 100 people than Cuomo’s COVID policies that killed off thousands.

You would think that given NY is going to lose a congressional seat to Texas and thus an electoral vote liberals might finally get upset about Cuomo granny killing COVID policies but it must be remembered that NY will gerrymander their new district map to minimize the chances of the state’s Democrat caucus shrinking just as Texas will be sure to arrange things to make sure the new seat goes to the GOP so as far as the left is concerned while they hate the optics it’s pretty much a wash till election 2024.

I’ve religiously kept both the NBA and the NFL off my radio since they’ve been woke however lately I’ve been providing a ride home to a couple of co-workers who are sports fans an in deference to them I’ve allowed games on the radio while they’re in the car.

Because of this I had part of last night Redsox game vs the Texas Rangers on and was astounded to hear the broadcasters go on about how odd is was to see the Rangers stadium full and what a bad idea it was.

I was never so happy to turn off the radio once Sam got out of the car, because apparently the woke nonsense isn’t confined to the commissioner. On the plus side it made me feel happier about not listening to the games anymore.

DaWife was just showing me two boxes of oatmeal and noted that one has nine more carbs per serving than the other so she will now buy the one with less carbs

I opined that she should of course buy the other one because it’s a better deal as you get all those extra carbs for the same price.

The look she gave me suggested how miraculous it is that I survived long enough to be married 33 years.

Texas and Florida are proof that Coronavirus lockdowns and mask mandates are all about forced obedience rather than public health

I so long for a time when I no longer see everyone’s faces shrouded by a hideous mask.  It is so dehumanizing to me.  We were told that mask mandates were absolutely necessary for the safety of everyone.  There are a great many articles published that demonstrate that the science behind masking is nonexistence yet we are forced to wear a face diaper or be slapped with a fine.  Here in Massachusetts we have been forced to wear masks outdoors, at all times if we leave our homes, or face a $300 fine.  Thankfully that silliness ends on April 29th.  We will still be forced to wear masks if we want to enter any public establishment such as a store or restaurant. 

For the second year in a row the Boston Marathon was canceled along with so many other fun events.  Tomorrow restaurants and most other business will be allowed to open at 25 percent capacity instead of just the current 12 percent.  The few that remain will be happy for those few extra crumbs from Governor Charlie Baker.  On August 1st we may finally get our lives back to normal, if Emperor Baker thinks we have behaved ourselves enough.

Data from the few states that have fully relaxed all lockdown and mask restrictions poved that none of these restrictions were helpful in the slightest and should have been done away with a long time ago.  Governor Baker should read this Breitbart article.  If he did he we would see that there is no harm in lifting restrictions immediately.  The people would benefit so greatly economically and mentally because their full freedom would be restored.

According to the CDC’s April 23 data, Michigan reported 449.2 cases of the virus per 100,000, or 44,862 total, in the last seven days. Gov. Tom Wolf’s (D) Pennsylvania has reported 239.6 cases per 100,000 in the last seven days, or 30,678 total.

CDC data separates New York City from the rest of the state in its reporting of new virus case data. Even so, New York City alone has reported 208.1 new cases per 100,000 in the last seven days, or 17,475 cases total. The remainder of the state has reported 191.9 cases per 100,000, or 21,213 cases in the last seven days. Together, the state has reported 38,688 new cases in the last seven days.

All three blue states, which have mask mandates in place, are reporting a higher number of new cases per capita than both Texas and Florida, which remain open and have no mask mandates in place.

Texas reported 70.3 cases per 100,000 in the last seven days, or 20,374 total, while Florida has reported 195.5 cases per 100,000, or 41,993 total, in the same time frame.

This Mises Institute article contains very similar data.

Early last month, Texas governor Greg Abbott announced he would end the state’s mask mandate and allow most businesses to function at 100 percent capacity. The response from the corporate media and the Left was predictable. California governor Gavin Newsom declared the move “absolutely reckless.” Beto O’Rourke called the GOP a “cult of death.” Joe Biden called the move “Neanderthal thinking.”

Yet in recent weeks, these predictions about Texas’s fate have proven to be spectacularly wrong. Moreover, many of the states with the worst growth in covid cases—and the worst track records in overall death counts—have been states that have had some of the harshest lockdowns. 

In New Jersey, for example, where lockdowns have been long and harsh, case growth is nearly four times what it is in Texas. And then there are Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Rhode Island, Maine, and New York, all of which have new case growth rates of more than double what’s going on Texas.

Moreover, Florida’s covid-19 overall outbreak has been far less deadly than those in the states that embraced lockdowns long and hard. New Jersey, for example, has the worst covid death rate in the nation at 2,838 per million as of April 20. Right behind are New York and Massachusetts with total deaths per million at 2,672 and 2,537, respectively.

Florida, on the other hand, is twenty-eighth in the nation in terms of covid deaths, at 1,608. Texas has total deaths per million at 1,721.

This Federalist Article contains a wealth of information about just how unnecessary all of the lockdowns and mask mandates were because the panic over the Coronavirus was so overblown.

These irrational fears are manufactured. They’re instilled by folks like Anthony Fauci, who said just last week that “No, it’s still not OK,” when asked whether vaccinated or unvaccinated Americans should be eating and drinking inside at restaurants and bars. Infection counts are still “disturbingly high,” he said, again fueling the fire of illogical  COVID terror.

“Even after you’re vaccinated, social distancing, wearing masks are going to be essential,” White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki warned in February. Meanwhile, corporations and the federal government are teaming up to make you prove you’re not unclean with a “vaccine passport” so you don’t pose an existential threat to your fellow citizens, blue-state leaders and bureaucrats are double-masking even after they’re vaccinated and saying “it is possible” we’ll still be wearing face masks in 2022, and Biden’s COVID adviser is saying the pandemic in the United States is still a “Category 5 hurricane” even after millions of Americans have been inoculated

No Comment

Doctor McCoy:: Let me take this, Jim. [to the assembled Capellans] What Maab has said is true. Our customs are different. What the Klingon has said is unimportant, and we do not hear his words. [whispered aside to Kirk & Spock] I just called the Klingon a liar.

Star Trek Friday’s Child 1967

It was a quiet day at work last night so we were let out early so there was plenty of time to watch the Biden Administration presentation to congress if I so choose.

I choose not.

The reason is plain. There is no point. If I want to watch a marionette dance on the string I’ll go to the local puppet theatre. There isn’t a word that would have come out of Joe Biden mouth that he put there himself nor any word that a person can put any faith into.

Others are perfectly free to disagree and play this game.

I decline

DaTechGuy off DaRadio Livestream Spontaneous Podcast the Civil War you don’t want and Cui Bono

Today I have some free time so it’s time for another spontaneous livestream

You can watch here

Topics will include

  1. The Civil war that you don’t want (or why people don’t understand why this is a bad thing.
  2. The Cold Civil war and what it means
  3. Cui Bono from the Biden Administration
  4. Stalling stalling stalling
  5. Reaping meeting sowing on police protection for Democrat cities

It will all start around 9:40 AM EST hope to see you here

Stacy Abrams & USA Today Channels Yes Prime Minister

Matt Whitlock presents us evidence that USA Today is playing fast and loose with their own record of events.

You see despite MLB bragging how many minutes of games being streamed the decision to pull the All Star Game has not only proved embarrassing for them but has proved damaging to both Stacy Abrams in Georgia and to the Biden administration so it became necessary to change the record of what was said to deflect blame from Abrams, and the Biden Administration in general and Democrats in particular.

Not only did USA today retroactively edit Stacy Abrams published op-ed but after said op-ed was edited the media used the edited op-ed to claim that her position on the Georgia boycott and moving the the MLB All Star game was not .

“Twitter gave it an entire trending blurb, CITING the op-Ed she had edited after the MLB move to cement the narrative that the MLB move wasn’t her fault. That’s some Orwellian stuff,” Whitlock wrote on Saturday.

Furthermore they didn’t bother noting adding a disclaimer that the piece had been updated until days after they were called out on it.

If this all sounds familiar to you then you must be a fan of the TV series Yes Prime Minister when the PM and Sir Humphrey found it necessary for political reasons to redo the record to fend off a supposed leadership challenge. The scene and the reaction appears below:

Prime Minister James Hacker: [Cabinet Enters] Ah Gentlemen please be seated Now you’ve all have a copy of the agenda. Item one minutes of the last meeting.

Employment Secretary Dudley: Prime Minister excuse me a point of order, I see that my plans for defense establishment relocation is not on the agenda.

PM Hacker: That is correct Dudley yes.

Dudley: Well Why not?

PM Hacker: It’s all this leaking that’s been going on. It’s making a very damaging row in the press. I can’t allow the cabinet to seem divided.

Dudley: It is divided.

PM Hacker: Yes that’s why it mustn’t look it. It’s a very complex issue and I’ve decided to defer all further discussion to a later date.

Dudley: I can’t understand it you were in favor of it last time?

PM Hacker: No I wasn’t.

Dudley: Yes You were, and so was everyone else expect the Secretary of State for Defense.

PM Hacker: No they weren’t.

Dudley: Yes they were and you promised a further discussion.

PM Hacker: Ahem…

Sir Humphrey Appleby: I’m sorry to interrupt but I think not.

Dudley: What?

Sir Humphrey: There was no such promise, And the Prime Minister did not support the proposal because if he had it would have appeared in the minutes, and it doesn’t.

Dudley: Doesn’t it? Prime Minister why was my request for a further discussion and your reply not minuted?

PM Hacker: I ah…

Sir Humphrey: [interrupting] It is characteristic of all committee discussions and decisions that every member has a vivid recollection of them and that every member’s recollection of them differs violently from every other member’s recollection. Consequently, we accept the convention that the official decisions are those and only those which have been officially recorded in the minutes by the officials, from which it emerges with an elegant inevitability that any decision which has been officially reached will have been officially recorded in the minutes by the officials and any decision which is not recorded in the minutes has not been officially reached even if one or more members believe they can recollect it, so in this particular case, if the decision had been officially reached it would have been officially recorded in the minutes by the officials, and it isn’t, so it wasn’t.

PM Hacker: Told you so.

Yes Prime Minister Yes Prime Minister Man Overboard 1987:

Alas for USA today and the left unlike Sir Humphrey and PM Hacker we now live in an internet age when screen shots are routinely taken of such articles and that it takes but a single person to note a difference and communicate their discovery via DM/Tweet/Post or email for those who have taken said shot to compare and if their own screenshot doesn’t exist there is always the Wayback machine (at least until someone starts edition those results).

I’m sure the media and the pols they protect miss those days and it makes one wonder how many “official” archives have been so “corrected” over the years before the current scrutiny became the norm?

A sad but inspirational story about Catholic nuns

By Christopher Harper

It’s wonderful to have a local newspaper that offers news that comforts the soul rather than slants the news.

Since moving to central Pennsylvania, I have become a fan of the Williamsport Sun-Gazette, which operates a few miles from our home.

The Sun-Gazette has a staunchly conservative editorial policy, which I relish as a change from the claptrap of most news organizations that surrounded me in the Northeast Corridor. Moreover, the local reporting offers some great insights into the surrounding community. The newspaper is one of the oldest in the country. Once owned by a local family, the Sun-Gazette is part of Odgen Newspapers, a small media company based in Wheeling, West Virginia.

Recently, the newspaper focused on a virtually untold story about the deaths of many Catholic nuns throughout the region. See https://www.sungazette.com/news/religion/2021/04/how-many-of-us-will-be-left-catholic-nuns-face-loss-pain/

“These were women who held the hands of the dying and who raised the unwanted, who pushed chalk to slate to teach science and grammar and, through their own example, faith. And when the worst year was over, the toll on the Felician Sisters was almost too much to bear: 21 of their own, in four U.S. convents, who collectively served 1,413 years, all felled by the virus,” the story reported.

“On Good Friday [2020], Sister Mary Luiza Wawrzyniak became the sisters’ first casualty in Livonia, a blow that landed with stunning intensity for the women who’d known her for decades.

‘My heart just leaped,’ said Sister Nancy Marie Jamroz, 79, who had known Wawrzyniak since entering the convent and was one of her closest friends.’She was my little buddy.’

“Wawrzyniak’s teaching days were ended by multiple sclerosis, but she continued contributing any way she could, shuffling behind a wheelchair to work in the laundry room and remembering every birthday with a card.

“On Easter Sunday, it was Sister Celine Marie Lesinski, a teacher, organist, and librarian, and Sister Mary Estelle Printz, who put aside an early life working at Chrysler to take her vows. Then, Sister Thomas Marie Wadowski, who relished a game of canasta and telling of her second-grade class that won a contest to create a Campbell’s Soup commercial, and Sister Mary Patricia Pyszynski, who taught in 13 schools across Michigan in six decades as an educator….

“After the first week of the crisis claimed five sisters, the second week took five more.

“Sister Mary Clarence Borkoski, whose long ministry included work in a food pantry. Sister Rose Mary Wolak, whose two stints working in the Vatican brought brushes with St. John Paul II. Sister Mary Janice Zolkowski, who wrote a definitive 586-page history of the Felicians. Sister Mary Alice Ann Gradowski, who as a principal could be seen cheering, with fierce loyalty, in the bleachers at basketball games. And Sister Victoria Marie Indyk, who led mission trips to Haiti where she insisted students fill their luggage with clothes and medicine and toys going to the hemisphere’s neediest.

“The second wave haunted and taunted with erratic efficiency, and by the middle of November had robbed the Felicians of sisters in Buffalo, New York; Enfield, Connecticut; and here in Greensburg.

“Sister Mary Christinette Lojewski, the educator with a disarming smile. Sister Mary Seraphine Liskiewicz, whose faith persevered even as her health waned. Sister Mary Michele Mazur, the keen-eyed artist who gave succor to orphans. Sister Christine Marie Nizialek, who’d bounced back from losing an eye and receiving a new kidney but could not come back from this.”

The nuns mourned, consoled one another, and prayed. This disease had taken an enormous toll. But their faith persisted.

Thanks to the Sun-Gazette for a sad but inspirational story—a story that virtually no other media outlet has deigned to cover!

A Really Funny Biden Admin Thought

Some polling is out on the Biden Admin and it’s kinda meh.

I find it really funny to be so when you consider:

  1. A media that has spent the last 100 days propping it up.
  2. Tech giants that have suppressed contrary voices.
  3. And Polling who routinely bend polling to favor dems.

Yet despite all this the Biden admin polls: meh!

I wonder how bad the real numbers would be if they generated real numbers, but then again when you have an admin that doesn’t rely on actual votes to gain power you don’t have to worry about pols do you?

Report from Louisiana: Loose Thoughts

By:  Pat Austin

SHREVEPORT:  Random thoughts and observations today.

Help Wanted.  Have you noticed that nobody wants to work anymore? I mean, with this extended unemployment and the stimulus rollouts, the restaurants and shops around here are all begging for help. Almost everywhere you go there are help wanted signs. We went to a Mexican restaurant after church today and the first thing the hostess told us was “we are short of servers today – nobody wants to work…”.  It’s crazy.  I went to Bed, Bath, & Beyond later: also help wanted signs. They’re everywhere.  If you want a part-time job, this might be a really good time to find one. I’m thinking about it! I’m retiring from teaching in less than a month; a little side-hustle might not be a bad thing.

What? Retiring?!  Yes, after twenty-five years, I am done. As of May 28, I’ll be officially retired. Mentally, I’m already there. We took our end of course tests last week – six weeks early because the State was concerned about quarantines. So mentally, the students are done, too; they think, why bother? We took the test already.

To be honest, I’d love to have gone five more years and retire at 30 years; it is about a $300 a month pay cut for me to go now (thus, the side-hustle), but I can mentally no longer battle kids with cellphones, TikTok, terrible curriculum, and apathy. I. Just. Can’t. 

My husband has been retired from the police department for several years and he is bored senseless. I don’t think I’ll have that problem: I’m looking forward to time for writing, doing another book, a million and five home projects, working in the yard, and traveling. But, maybe I’ll tire of all that, too. He doesn’t really have many hobbies and I think it is important to keep busy. We will see. 

But, yeah: twenty-four more days of school. Do it.

Seacor Power Tragedy: President Donald Trump has donated 10K to the United Cajun Navy to help search and rescue efforts in the Seacor Power tragedy.

United Cajun Navy founder Todd Terrell confirmed Friday that the former president made a hefty donation toward the rescue efforts of the seven men who are still missing from the Seacor Power crew.

The U.S. Coast Guard suspended their search for the missing crew members on Monday at sunset. At that time, officials said they do not expect to find more survivors from the vessel.

Officials spent several days searching for the missing workers from the oil industry lift boat Seacor Power, which capsized on April 13 during a fierce storm in the Gulf of Mexico south of Port Fourchon. Six of the 19 workers on the boat were rescued within hours of the wreck; five more bodies were found in the water.

This has been a terrible tragedy and so devastating to watch and hear from these families. Heartbreaking.

Kudos to President Trump.  Thank you.

Y’all have a good week!

Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport, at Medium, and is the author of Cane River Bohemia: Cammie Henry and her Circle at Melrose Plantation. Follow her on Instagram @patbecker25 and Twitter @paustin110.

Powerline on Green Energy Unclear on the Goal

There is a rather excellent piece at the Powerline Blog about the reasons why Green energy is doomed to fail. The bottom line in his piece is land use and the infrastructure to bring the energy from where it is generated to the NIMBY folk who want the energy but not the infrastructure is dramatic to say the least.

When “green” advocates tabulate the costs of wind and solar energy, they generally don’t include the thousands of miles of transmission lines that are required to bring electricity from the rural areas that are stuck with “green” development to the urban areas where the electricity is used. But such transmission lines represent a huge economic and environmental issue:

Connecting lots of wind and solar to the grid also requires appropriating land for transmission projects. According to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, converting the domestic electric grid to run on renewables will require roughly doubling the amount of high-voltage transmission capacity in the U.S. At present, the U.S. has about 240,000 miles of high-voltage transmission. Therefore, renewables conversion means adding enough high-voltage transmission lines to circle the Earth about 10 times.

The piece and the report it cites is excellent however there is one glaring error that I would like to point out and it’s an error in terms of premise.

The premise of the piece is that green energy is “doomed to failure” however that is incorrect. Not because it won’t provide the energy needs it claims, it won’t but because the goal of green energy is not to provide energy but to provide cash, from the piece:

So why does the “green dream” persist? In part, because it is inflicted on children from elementary school on. But mostly because there is a great deal of money in it. This chart shows the volume of U.S. tax incentives per unit of energy produced for various energy sources:

“Green” energy holds political sway, which has made a relative handful of people (largely non-Americans and lobbyists) immensely wealthy, while impoverishing utility rate payers and taxpayers–that is to say, the rest of us. 

“Green” energy is all about the green that is all about the green that lobbyists can get from US taxpayers for their clients and the political kickbacks in terms of both contributions and jobs for the connected and their families in these industries all paid for by you.

If you remember that this is the actual goal, to grease the connected at the taxpayer expense rather than produce clean power for the public then Green energy not only hasn’t failed but it has succeeded beyond its wildest dreams.

To reign, divide. This is the goal of critical race theory

By John Ruberry

I’d like to add my thoughts to Christopher F. Rufo’s superb piece in City Journal that attacks critical race theory. First an explanation of what that is. In short, critical race theory is the belief that America is systematically racist. Yes, you’ve heard that term before, systemic racism. White Americans created this nation, according to critical race theory, primarily to perpetuate white supremacy and they are doing so today.

Wrong on so many counts. 

While many of the Founding Fathers were slave holders some were abolitionists. A Civil War–two of my ancestors fought for the Union by the way–was fought to end slavery. But since the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and the Fair Housing Act of 1968 became law, it’s hard to argue that America is systemically racist. Yes, there is still racism among Americans but most of us live, work, and interact with people of other races without incident–even better, many think nothing of it.

When I was a child intermarriage among the races was rare. While Americans still are much more likely to marry within their own race, in 1967, when the US Supreme Court ruled that laws in some states that banned inter-racial marriage as unconstitutional, only three percent of Americans married someone outside their race. By 2015 those numbers had risen to 15 percent.

There is much progress to be made–there should be no racism. 

If America is truly “rigged” or “fixed” for the white man, then why is our southern border being overwhelmed by migrants from Mexico and Central America? Why do immigrants from Asia or Africa continue to settle in the United States?

Critical race theory, which is an offshoot of Marxism, is being taught at our schools. While there is some pushback against this indoctrination but there needs to be more, especially since the Biden administration supports critical race theory. Opponents who speak out against this toxicity should be prepared to be called racist if they are white–or naive fools if they are not. The use of kneejerk false accusations against those with other ideas is one of the many weapons of the left.

One goal of the practicioners of critical race theory is to divide us into oppressors (white) and oppressed (minority). Divide and rule is an ancient tactic of totalitarians. The next step for these self-righteous ones is to divide people into even more groups, making rule by one person, or one idealogy, an easier task. Those other groups could be rural, urban, suburban, southern, western, and more.

Left-handers versus right-handers, anyone?

The use of such tactics ironically mirrors who the “woke” persistently vilifies, the colonizers.

Speaking of the genocide in Rwanda in the 1990s on NPR yesterday, former UN senior adviser Elizabeth Nyamayaro said, “And a lot of that also had to do with lots of colonial policies that – you know, I grew up in Zimbabwe, and we were colonized by Britain. And one of the devices that was used to control the massive population was to split us – you know, split us into different groups, give us different rights so that whilst we fought amongst ourselves, you know, those in power would continue to rule over all of us.”

Supposedly in the fifteen century, Louis XI of France said, “To reign, divide.” In the workplace I’ve had a few psychotic bosses who “managed” this way.

Is this the American we want to live in? Us versus them? You versus me?

Never forget, you are not automatically a racist if you oppose critical race theory. You simply are against that divisive poison.

John Ruberry regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.