The Saddest Words (and least Surprising) words I’ve read all year

“When pressed, none of the bishops I queried could report a single diocesan seminarian inspired to pursue priestly life by the current Pope. None took any pleasure in acknowledging this.”

Francis X. Maier in a research study done on

The 2nd quote from Fr. Peter M.J. Stravinskas who links Maier commenting on this quote isn’t much happier.

Again, this parallels my own experience from lectures and retreats I have given to numerous seminarians. In fact, in my spiritual direction of seminarians, I have also had the unenviable task of trying to convince them (and young priests as well) not to give up on the priesthood, so dispirited are many by Francis.

As Usual Fr. Z puts this is perspective:

Popes come and go.  There have been good Popes and bad Popes, important Popes and forgettable Popes.  Men pick them, not the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit’s role in their election is to make sure that the Pope isn’t a total disaster for the Church.  Some disaster, maybe.  Total disaster, never.  Moreover, generations of faithful Catholics lived and died without even knowing the Pope’s name.   In a lot of ways, in daily life, they just aren’t that important.

Pray for him.

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  1. Well like you say in the post, over the years there have been good Popes and bad Popes. The Church has survived them all. I think we just got spoiled that the two previous were both so impressive.

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