Report from Louisiana: My last four days of working for a living!

If you Google “What to do when I retire,” you’ll get lots of lists that include things like teach, garden, visit family, spend time with friends, mentor, buy a motorhome, and join a fitness group.

Excuse me, but I’m retiring, not moving into an assisted living facility.

My list looks a little different.

When my retirement from the classroom begins next week, literally the first thing I’m going to do is drive three hours to south Louisiana and sit in an historically restored Cajun cottage along Bayou Teche. My husband and I go there five times a year and it is our home away from home. I’m going to walk across the street to the grocery store, buy some fancy cheeses, some fresh veggies, and I’m going to spend seven days decompressing and uncoiling from twenty-five years of teaching tenth grade English.

More immediate things on my list include cleaning out closets, drawers, cabinets, and eliminating a whole lot of clutter. Get rid of those work clothes! Why do I have six Pyrex casserole dishes? Do I really need this antique waffle iron with the fraying cord? Those size three jeans in my closet? Yeah, they haven’t fit in fifteen years so it is time for them to go.

I am going to listen to podcasts. Got any suggestions? I listened to S-Town and loved that. So well done. I don’t really listen to podcasts, but I think I might try that while I start a walking regimen. My son listens to some podcast that sound far too much like Beavis and Butthead; I don’t want that. Something good. Help a girl out.

I am going to read that huge stack of books taking over my house; then, I’m going to put them in the Little Free Library on the corner.

Day drink. Why not have a cold beer at noon while I pull some weeds out of the flower bed? Why the hell not?

Stay up as late as I want to.

Finish my second book. I’m close. I need to get it off to my publisher so I can start on my third book.

Narrow down topic for third book.

Learn how to cook alligator. Not everyone can do this well.

Go to Monroeville, Alabama, home of my idol Harper Lee. See the inside of that courthouse.

Re-tile my bathroom. I have no idea how to do this and I think I need tools which I don’t currently own. Saws and things. I can do this. Right?

Spend days and days in the archives at the library doing research. I love this. This was the best part of writing my first book — the research! Love it!

Write. Write. Write.

Drive as much of the original alignment of Route 66 from east to west as possible.

Attend as many minor league baseball games in as many ballparks as I possibly can.

Find some way to move permanently to south Louisiana, to Cajun country, which has my heart and soul.

Brush up my French.

While this little list isn’t exhaustive, I think it is a lot more interesting than some of the suggestions for retirees that I’ve seen. Retirement has proven “boring” for my husband; when he retired six years ago he went back to school and got his BA and then his Masters degree, which was fabulous! But now he’s bored.

I can’t see myself ever getting bored. Maybe this is because I’m technically still working and the reality of retirement has not yet hit me. Maybe after a period of time, I will be restless and aimless.

I doubt it.

Pat Austin blogs at And So it Goes in Shreveport and at Medium; she is the author of Cane River Bohemia: Cammie Henry and her Circle at Melrose Plantation. Follow her on Instagram @patbecker25 and Twitter

Very Quick Thoughts, A Marian Feast, A Chosen Scare, the No Hitter Glut, Restaurants and a Prediction under the Fedora

Today at daily mass we celebrated the Feast of Mary Mother of the Church. Our Pastor informed us this is a very new feast that Pope Francis only instituted three years ago for the day after Pentecost. Given Her connection with the Holy Spirit it a good fit for the day after that celebration.

Just goes to show you that for all his shortcomings, on some thing Pope Francis gets it. Hey even the 62 Mets won 40 games.

Watched the latest episode of The Chosen that was released last night around (S2 EP 6). Other than the 1st episode of the series and episode 3 of season one it had the smallest direct biblical foundation of any of episodes I’ve seen.

I was very surprised that at the 2nd appearance of the possessed man all the hair of my arms stood up. There was no special makeup or special effect to make him seem possessed but something about that scene at that time really hit me.

I’ve recommended the show to others and recommend it to you but I’m holding back on financial backing until I see how they handle John Chapter 6.

While I haven’t been watching any baseball on the radio sports folks were talking about the glut of no hitters this year blaming it on batters swinging for the fences and MLB deciding what they want to do about it.

I don’t understand why they have to do anything about it, I’d worry more about long term fan retention from being woke than this type of thing. The only people who should be panicking are the insurance companies who backed the “throw a no hitter win free furniture” deals

On and for the record that seven inning no hitter should count, if it’s an official game it should be an official no-hitter

Is it just me or has a welcome side effect of the last year been some chain restaurants improving the quality of their food?

It seems to me A lot of such restaurants shrunk their menus during this time and seemed to focus more on quality. It’s been very noticeable.

Let’s hope that quality uptick is maintained as we open up.

Finally as you remember I’ve been predicting that in the end the fact that election 2020 was stolen in several states (and plenty of votes in others too) will come out before the next national election (2024) and likely even before then. I’d like to make a 2nd prediction.

When it does come out the same people who insisted that this was all bunk with change their narrative to say it was justified to stop Donald Trump and the media and even regular democrat voters will embrace this meme.

I’m hoping I’m wrong here but I don’t think so.

A much different type of diversity in journalism is needed than what Lori Lightfoot is looking for

By John Ruberry

Last week, Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, to mark the second anniversary of her inauguration, said that on that day she would only grant one-on-one interviews to black or brown journalists to protest the “overwhelmingly white” City Hall press corps. 

She was immediately attacked by journalists of all colors for this boneheaded move. And rather than backing down Lightfoot doubled down on her stupidity. A frog sitting in a polluted pond has more common sense she does.

Lightfoot wants more diversity among the members of the media who cover her. But the kind of diversity I have in mind is much different than what she envisions–but it is sorely needed. We need journalists who are regular people.

That’s a bold proposal, I know. But there are too many out-of-touch elitists telling us how they think the world is.

A leftist Democrat, Lightfoot is a special kind of awful for her to face such hostility from the local media, which, with the notable exception of John Kass of the Chicago Tribune, is overwhelmingly liberal. In the past two years Chicago’s murder rate has soared, it has been hit with two rounds of widespread looting and rioting, which that media has deemed instead “civil unrest,” and she hasn’t confronted Chicago’s millstone, the billions of unfunded public-worker pension obligations created largely by the indifference of longtime mayor Richard M. Daley. Her predecessor, Rahm Emanuel, at least made baby-step efforts to tackle the pension problem.

Of course Lightfoot will blame the COVID-19 pandemic for most of these problems. Her overbearing and pedantic press conferences on COVID probably lead most people to tune her out, which is a sound idea. And as I noted last year at Da Tech Guy, Lightfoot ordered the closing of Montrose Beach on a toasty August morning because the day before a large group of people gathered there despite her lockdown orders.

Wow! That will show ’em who is boss! The beach is closed! Go to your and stay there without your dinner! Grrr!! Grrr!

Later that night and into the following morning that second round of looting and rioting, which Chicago police officers, probably following orders from above, mostly just contained, not confronted. 

Let’s get back to that diversity crisis.

On this weekend’s Flannery Fired Up on Fox Chicago the host, Mike Flannery, a fair journalist by the way and a white fella like me, twice asked a panel gathered on Zoom consisting of a black journalism professor, an Hispanic alderman, and an African-American state legislator if a lack of newsroom diversity has prevented the acurrate reporting of a story. 

Here’s how Flannery phrased his query the second time, “Give me an example of a story that was poorly covered because white journalists were covering it instead black or Hispanic journalists.” 

The trio responded only with vagueness–although the professor did mention crime in a general sense. But none of them could cite a specific example of bias, or even poor coverage, to answer Flannery’s question.


The host said there needs to be more minorities in newsrooms. I agree. But let’s make the local media even more diverse. How about some conservative voices? Or perhaps some individuals who can bring what diversity advocates call “real life experience” into the conversation?

Let’s talk about those riots. I have a client, an Indian-American man, whose parents own a convenience store on the city’s West Side. He still helps out there once in a while. Twice last summer during the riots the store was emptied of all but debris. What about them? Oh, sure, the helicopter media will do an interview here and there with a merchant after rioting, oops, “civil unrest,” but reporters primarily focus mainly on the issues they see a more important, such as why the riots started in the first place. Yes, root causes shouldn’t be overlooked.

People are creatures of habit in many ways of course, including shopping. When my client’s family store re-opened, not all of their customers returned. Their pattern was disrupted. Restaurants in that area are facing the same problem. Grand re-openings cause a big splash–but will the journalism school alums who as adults have only worked jobs in the field have the instinct to follow up six months or a year later to see if normalcy really returned? The Tribune’s Kass, whose father was a grocer, knows better.

Let’s talk about the real life experiences within my family. After many years as a limousine driver Mrs. Marathon Pundit was laid off when the COVID lockdown began. How many journalists have a spouse who drives a limo? Too many journalists are married to other journalists–they’re an inbred lot. Real life experience anyone? We quickly ascertained the chances of a call back to her old job were bleak. So Mrs. Marathon Pundit decided to work as an Uber driver again. But this time there was a problem. There was an outstanding $200 parking ticket from 2005 that hadn’t been paid on a car that I usually drove that was registered to both of us. Now to become an Uber operator in Chicago a driver, among other things, must have a clean driving record and no outstanding parking tickets. 

The two prior times Mrs. Marathon Pundit was approved as an Uber driver that parking violation, which let me remind you was 16-years old, didn’t come up. Why is that? Also, in Chicago, there is–wait for it–no statute of limitations on parking tickets, which places that attack on society on the same level as murder and arson. 

Among the issues that Lori Lightfoot successfully ran on was a promise that she would do away with “draconian ‘anti-scofflaw’ laws” that prevent people from driving a cab or working as a rideshare driver, or even being employed by the city.

Of course if I was a City Hall reporter I’d ask Lightfoot, without bringing up my ancient parking ticket of course, “What about your vow in regards to what you called the ‘draconian anti-scofflaw laws’ on parking tickets as well as banning the used of the ‘boot” for parking violators?”

Followed up with, “Why is there no statute of limititions on parking fines in Chicago?” 

We paid that $200 ticket, even though I don’t recall parking my car where the City said I did all those years ago. A keypunch error–someone could have transposed a licence place digit–could be why we were cited. In Chicago, like many other places, the law is upside down in regards to parking violations. It’s up to the accused to prove themselves innocent.

Chicago–and every place–needs journalists who hammer public figures on issues such as parking tickets. And omnipresent red light cameras. Do you know that minorities in Chicago are hit harder by parking and traffic fines? Who says? Lori Lightfoot said so two years ago. “We can longer ignore the documented existence of racial disparities in Chicago’s fines, fees and collection practices,” then-candidate Lightfoot told voters. Instead, Lightfoot has doubled down on the fines. Since March Chicago drivers captured by traffic cameras going as little as six-miles-per hour over the posted speed limit face fines.

Of course such issues aren’t as meaty as the Holy Grail that all journalists strive for, breaking the next Watergate Scandal. But I can assure you that most Chicagoans care a heck of a lot more about being burdened by oppessive traffic and parking fines–as opposed to Lightfoot’s opinion that the City Hall’s media corps isn’t diverse enough for her.

Do I really have to go into detail about how most Chicagoans are abhored by rioting and looting?

Diversity isn’t a color. It’s a mindset.

John Ruberry, who has been working in sales for years, regularly blogs at Marathon Pundit.

I Don’t Blame China & Russia, I blame American Elites who are owned by them

There is one vital thing worth noting concerning our issues with Russia and China and it’s something that President Trump noted during his first term in office.

He noted that both China and Russia were acting in the interests of China and Russia and that he didn’t expect them to do otherwise, but the real issue was for the US acting in the interest of the US.

Now in fairness Russia acting for Russia while making sure that the two largescale invasions of Russia, one each during the last two centuries (Napoleon & Hitler) are not repeated often means acting to preserve the power of Putin in general and the oligarchs who support him in particular while crushing those who oppose him and China acting in the interest of China means not only making sure China is not simply a servant of foreign powers (see Japan circa the 1930’s & the various great powers in the 19th century) but primarily propping up the communist party state and apparatus while crushing any who might stand up for human rights.

But however you look at it both states are acting in their own perceived interest which is what having a state is all about.

However under the Biden administration the US is not about defending US interests or principles or people. It’s become about advancing the agenda of elites who are by and large being rewarded & supported by our foes and rivals.

Under Donald Trump this gravy train was stopped and the average American did better than he had done in decades.

Under this administration the average American is an afterthought at best and an obstacle to be pushed out of the way at worst

Again I don’t blame Russia, China or even Iran for working toward these result, I would expect them to do no less.

Alas there was a time when I expected more from those who supposedly serve America, I no longer do and until enough people get angry enough to do something about it these non-existent expectations will be met on a regular basis.

Unexpectedly of course

Watch China rig elections in Greenland in 2024

Lujavrite, GreenlandLujavrite, a dark agpaitic nepheline syenite.

Greenland, the really big island near the US and semi-autonomous region of the Kingdom of Denmark, stunned a lot of people when the Inuit Ataqatigiit political party overtook the Siumut party for a majority of the government seats. This is important because the Inuit Ataqatigiit party essentially campaigned on shutting down a Chinese and Australian backed rare earth mine in the Kvanefjeld region of southern Greenland. I’m calling it right now: watch the Chinese begin to manipulate the Greenland government in advance of the 2024 election.

Greenland’s government is particularly important due to mining for rare earth metals. Greenland sits on a large sheet of underground minerals known as the Ilimaussaq intrusive complex. This sheet has a number of rare earth metals and enough uranium to make it the 6th largest uranium mine in the world if it was mined. Exploring of the Ilimaussag complex has been done at the Kvanefjeld site, located in southern Greenland. The government formed by the Siumut party was happy to allow this exploration, as the mining would bring in job and revenue and potentially help Greenland become financially independent.

The local communities near Kvanjfeld weren’t so happy. Among the items mined for was Lujavrite, which contains uranium. The company performing the exploration, Greenland Minerals, wanted to process the uranium as well as the other rare earth metals. Locals were concerned about the environmental impacts, even more so when Greenland Minerals gained considerable Chinese funding due to a Chinese company purchasing stock worth at least 11% of the company in 2016.

Since the new government formed, stock prices of Greenland Mines plummeted over 40%. The new government is working with Bluejay Mining, which mines titanium at a different mine, and apparently had a pleasant meeting, likely a way to dissuade mining companies from moving investments elsewhere. Kvanjfeld was divisive because the company paid only lip service to environmental concerns and seemed to move ahead with uranium mining without working with locals in the area.

Greenland doesn’t have a lot of people, and the last election only registered about 26,000 total votes. To swing an election would take only changing a few thousand votes. If the Chinese lock up the minerals in Greenland, it’ll be a huge blow to Western countries access to rare earth metals. Combine that with China’s own rare earth mines and increasing investment in Africa, and you’ve got a rare earth monopoly in one country that has shown willingness to flex that muscle in the past.

Yes, that’s one of a few reasons Donald Trump offered to buy Greenland. It actually made, and still makes, a lot of sense. Maybe they can become a state along with Washington DC?

The Inuit Ataqatigiit party is unlikely to change their stance on uranium mining. Watch as China slowly invests more money and likely engages in cyber intrusion to penetrate and manipulate the Greenland government to its will over the next four years. Greenland is literally a neighbor to the United States, and we should be really concerned about the increasing Chinese investment there. By 2024, I don’t expect the Inuit Ataqatigiit to have anything resembling a majority government if China has their way about it.

This post represents the views of the author and not those of the Department of Defense, Department of the Navy, or any other government agency.

Disagreements Under the Fedora

I’m a fan of the Gatestone Institute but I have to disagree with this line in a piece about Hamas and the support they apparently have around the world as they launch rockets at Israel.

These Arabs evidently understand what the anti-Israel activists around the world fail to see — that Hamas has brought nothing but disaster and despair to the two million Palestinians living under its rule in the Gaza Strip

I don’t think the anti-Israel activists fail to see this, I think they don’t care, I think their goal is dead Jews and no amount of Arab suffering in the process is too little.

There is something missing in the premise in this article on the Silence of Chuck Schumer

One pro-Palestinian demonstrator launched a firework at bystanders, reportedly causing burns to a 55-year-old woman. Pro-Israel demonstrators were beaten in the street, and pro-Palestinian demonstrators spat at diners at a local steakhouse. Fox News added that a Jewish man was chased in a parking lot by pro-Palestinian demonstrators in a truck, flying Palestinian flags.

Yet Schumer has said nothing about the violence in his own state.

Ironically, Schumer has been voluble about other forms of bigotry, and other riots, celebrating the signing of a bill on anti-Asian hate crimes, and pushing for a bipartisan commission on the Capitol riot of January 6. But he has been silent about antisemitism in New York, and similar attacks in cities around the country, notably Los Angeles, where pro-Palestinian rioters attacked Jews.

Schumer not only understands that this is the base of his party and he can’t lead by attacking them, but he also understand that not only would the violent types he’s been condoning for a year would turn on him like a shot but he also understands that as a Jew he and his family would be targeted and killed with glee.

That’s why the left is easy on this violence because the only thing these folks hate more than us is an apostate.

On twitter yesterday I pointed out the left should be happy about these audits as they should prove how wrong we on the right are about the election and got this response from a lefty:

The number of falsehoods in this reply are considerable and I’ve presumed that our friends in the left know this to be the case but this piece at the American Mind suggests there is something else at play:

The same holds true for Democrats. When it comes to the legacy media, well-known technocrats, or leftist politicians, they will default to an assumption of truthfulness. Reporters can repeatedly report lies, Anthony Fauci can flip-flop constantly on health policy, and Andrew Cuomo can lie about sending elderly New Yorkers to their deaths, but they are all still trusted. Collecting the evidence and doing the work of finding and accepting the truth is much harder than simply trusting them, so people ignore the red flags and contradictions. Conservatives can safely claim that they had no part in these disasters, but progressives are forced to account for their misguided support of such people. It’s much easier to ignore the evidence and accuse the other side of being crackpots and bigots.  

To acknowledge reality is to acknowledge responsibility. As Prager said he now understands how so many Germans were willing to pretend the Nazi’s were not what they were.

I wish this was a surprise:

I have no idea why baseball executives think it is appropriate to celebrate an armed robber, drug addict, petty criminal, arrest resister and sometime porn performer, or why they think this is what their fans want to see. But I have no intention of patronizing a business that does something this clueless.

The reality is they’re not worried about John Hinderacker going to the park they’re afraid of it being burned down, particularly when the size of your police force continues to drop.

If I owned the Twins I’d move them.

Finally yesterday I went for breakfast with my wife. I had the check book with me and was writing out some water bills. Apparently this got the attention of someone at the next table and his wife who said about 15 minutes he wanted me to run for mayor.

It was very odd and slightly flattering and the look on my wife’s face was interesting but I think that in a city that voted for both Hillary and Biden in a deep blue state a public Trump fan like me is not likely to go anywhere when it comes to elective office.

Some Simple Facts of Life Vaccine Edition

The whole business of vaccines needs some non political clarifications.

Vaccines were one of the great advances in medicine. By this large populations were protected from diseases that ravaged mankind for millennia.

Since day one vaccines have come with side effects as all things do and for a small percentage of the population these side effects were serious (my now 71 year old brother spent time as a youth in an iron lung do to a reaction to one) and even death. But in an age of diseases that could decimate a population such a rick was considered worthwhile for a population as a whole.

Many of these risks have dropped not only because of vaccines but of improved sanitary conditions both for human living and in the production of food etc that decreases the likelihood of such diseases breaking out.

The Wuhan / Corona / Chinese virus is more related to a flu than diseases like Polio or Smallpox but for the right populations, (the old the obese and those with existing illnesses) is seemingly more deadly than the flu and for some (my wife included) may have side effects that cause trouble even after recovery.

The unexpected arrival of this disease (likely from a weapons lab) and it’s effects on the population required drastic action which is why the Trump Administration operated “Operation Warp Speed” to develop vaccines much faster than normal.

As part of the emergency some of the normal precautions and controls that might take place with a vaccine we relaxed in the emergency just as in the field hospital a doctor might act with sanitary standards that he would never tolerate in a hospital.

That these or any vaccines were developed in this record time is a real human accomplishment that both the Trump administration and the medical can pharmaceutical industry should rightly take pride in however because speed was of the essence it’s is likely that the number of side effects, the severity of said side effects and the number of people subject to them would be much higher.

Because of this increased risk (which will dissipate over time as research continues) and the fact that the primary risk is to those to whom the normal flu would put at risk I have no problem with those who decide to give the shot a miss nor do I have an issue with those who go for the jab. We’re all adults here, let’s act that way when people make their call.

Governor Charlie Baker is finally granting us serfs our freedom back

When an elected official, such as a governor, strips the freedom and rights away from his constituents he is behaving like a dictator or emperor rather that a public servant.  That is exactly the way Governor Baker of Massachusetts has behaved since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic.   He is far from alone.  About half governors of this country behaved the same.

When you strip the rights and freedoms away from any population they are no longer citizens.  They are now serfs.

When a large majority of the population meekly accepts the trampling of their rights and freedoms they are no longer worthy of the title of citizens, they are behaving exactly as serfs would behave and deserve that derisive label. 

I am quite ashamed by the lack of resistance put forward by the inhabitants of Massachusetts to the liberty and economy crushing lockdowns and mask mandates.  There was way too much blind and meek acceptance.  Thare was far too little questioning and far too little resistance.

On this past Monday Governor Baker announced that he is finally going to lift his disastrous Coronavirus restrictions, effective on May 29th.  It is far too late for all of the businesses that have closed due to Baker’s restrictions and all of those who have lost their jobs.  None of the restrictions were necessary to fight the virus outbreak.  Check out this article I did on the subject a couple weeks ago.

As you can see from this announcement by Governor Baker the statewide mask mandate will be replaced by a mask advisory.  I will no longer have to be worried about being fined $300 every time I leave my house without wearing a mask, which was what I did every time.

Baker said Monday that the current face covering order is rescinded as of May 29.

In line with CDC guidance, mon-vaccinated individuals are advised to continue wearing face masks and to continue distancing in most settings.

Fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to wear a face covering or social distance indoors or outdoors except for in certain situations.

There is  some bad news buried in this announcement.

Face coverings will still be required for all individuals on public and private transportation, including rideshares, livery, taxi, ferries, MBTA, Commuter Rail and transportation stations) healthcare facilities and providers, congregate care settings and health and rehabilitative day services.

Face coverings will also remain required indoors for staff and students of K-12 schools and early education providers.

It is child abuse to require children to wear masks while they are in school, especially when they are not necessary at all.  It has been proved that children are in far less danger from Coronavirus than any other age group.

All of the restrictions imposed by Governor Baker will be lifted in two weeks.  None of these restrictions helped in the slightest.  The restrictions were put in place at the beginning of the pandemic. Check out the charts contained in this link which show how the number of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths exploded after the restrictions were imposed. 

Governor Noem Meets Screwtape 30

Breitbart reports that the NCAA has caved on Transgender laws:

The NCAA made loud proclamations in April that it could pull events from states with limits on transgender athletes. Still, now the college sports governing body has caved and will allow tournaments in states including Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas despite their laws restricting trans athletes.

The NCAA sided with transgender athletes only last month, saying they may cancel events in states that aren’t “free of discrimination” against transgender athletes.

The NCAA Board of Governors made its announcement as more than two dozen states proposed, debated, and advanced legislation aimed at requiring state schools to ensure that athletes compete only in the category of their birth gender.

But now, only a month later, the NCAA announces that despite its saber-rattling in April, it will allow events in states that have already passed laws limiting transgender athletes to birth gender categories, Yahoo! Sports reported.

The biggest loses here isn’t the left but Governor Noam of South Dakota who threw away her National political future with the GOP base paying the Danegeld without earning the friendship of the Danes when holding out a few months more would have been a win.

If she had only read this bit from Screwtape 30:

Here’s the key quote:

Screwtape: For men usually feel that a strain could have been endured no longer at the very moment when it is ending or when they think it is ending.

In this as in the problem of cowardice the thing to avoid is the total commitment. Whatever he says make his inner resolution be not to bear whatever comes to him but to bear it for a ‘reasonable period’ and make the ‘reasonable period’ be shorter then the trial is likely to last. It need not be much shorter. In attacks on patients chastity or fortitude the fun is to s to make the man yield when, had he but known it, relief was almost in sight.

Had she but known she would not have blinked. Still it’s good to know if she would have run or not before we fight back to back. Cue Hawkeye:

So Much for Employers Requiring Vaccines

This is a game changer:

The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has put employers on notice that should they attempt to require employees to receive injections of experimental COVID-19 gene-therapy vaccines a resulting adverse reaction will be considered “work-related” for which the employer may be held liable.

OSHA released its new guidance on April 20 under a “Frequently Asked Questions” section of its website having to do with COVID-19 safety compliance.

The question asks whether an employer who mandates employees receive these experimental COVID-19 shots is required to record any adverse events as a result of these injections. Such recording requirements of serious work-related injuries and illness may not only leave an employer vulnerable to worker’s compensation claims, but such incidents could also impact the employer’s safety record.

Of course the Biden Administration being the Biden Administration they might change the rules but if this hold then risk adverse employers will run from any “No vaccine no work” policy like the plague.

Unexpectedly of course