The $64,000 in NY

There is a lot of verbiage going on about the mass firing of healthcare workers in NY State and the emergency declaration by the governor to mitigate the problem she has just created, but I think this paragraph makes the best point.

One question everyone should ask themselves is why approximately 70,000 healthcare workers and an as yet unknown number of emergency services providers may walk off the job rather than get vaccinated.

Think about the personal and professional costs this decision means for these folks. When you do it screams “caution” louder than anything else I can think of .

I think the lawsuits from patients who will get substandard care to to lack of staff or unqualified staff are going to be really something.

One thought on “The $64,000 in NY

  1. This is a great point. My understanding is that many of these medical professionals have already had covid and recovered. The risks of getting the vaccine once you’ve developed natural immunity are dire, and they know this. But even without natural immunity, these vaccines carry dangerous risks. The VAERS numbers are truly shocking.

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