Where I disagree with Donald Trump’s Letter to the WSJ

You can read President Trump’s letter to the WSJ here. It’s pretty good but I do take issue with one sentence in it:

Well actually, the election was rigged, which you, unfortunately, still haven’t figured out.

I am increasingly of the opinion that our friends in the media and the left do in fact understand that the election was rigged and stolen but because they approve of the steal do not acknowledge it.

I think that eventually we will reach the point where the media/left openly boasts of said steal and declares it was in the best interest of the nation.

Unexpectedly of course

4 thoughts on “Where I disagree with Donald Trump’s Letter to the WSJ

  1. only a complete MORON would listen to Don the Orange Con lies..buffoon the sooner he rolls over and chokes on his fries and coke the better….Useless POS human being who detests the ordinary Joes who vote for him

    1. Donald Trump’s presidency was not only one of the most successful in in history in terms of keeping promises but in terms of lifting up the standard of living of working people.

      The contrast to the Obama years in this respect was striking but pales to the contrast to the Biden administration who has brought the concept of a failed president to levels not dreamed since the Carter years

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